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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Three: Yup, More Twins

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We start off with a picture of Eddie on a toddler tablet. There are five toddler skills in Sims 4, four of which can be learnt using the tablet; Communication, Imagination, Movement and Thinking (the other being Potty). I know Imagination and Thinking seem incongruous with a fundie family, but they apply to all toddlers, so... they lead to faster gains in the appropriate child skill, i.e. communication leads to child social, imagination to child creativity, movement to child motor and thinking to child mental. Babies get a trait when they age into toddlers, which again are toddler-specific. I make all the fundie toddlers Independent so they can teach themselves skills (and prefer to do so) rather than have Nicole help.

(Apologies for the stink cloud. Toddlers lose Hygiene very fast. It's not a poopy diaper).


Nicole's going into labour again! I think Edward (the dad) was at work at this point... he didn't go into Pre-Parental Panic until a while after he'd come home. Yeah, you missed the boat buddy.


As I said before, I always age up Sims 4 babies quickly as their crying is irritating. This is little Elliot...


... and his twin sister, Evelyn! (That's Eliza in the back. The lighting's very bright in that area).


Not long later, Eddie and Elijah aged up. Here's Elijah; Eddie is wearing the same outfit, but in blue.


Here's the one of Eddie.


With The Sims 4 Parenthood (a pack), Children can get phases. By far the most common I've had is Be a Bear. It's exactly as it sounds. The child turns into a colourful, fruit-themed bear, with five choices. Eliza went for pineapple the first time round.


I decided to create another fundie family, primarily for fellowshipping purposes. This is Becky Markham; Emily decides to say hi. (Eliza looking daft in her bear costume in the back).


Kiddie get-together in the girls' room. Only one missing is Elijah.


Eddie, Evelyn and Elliot eating in the living room. 


That's all for now!

Next part will be the eldest Bancroft twins (Madison and Michael) at college. 



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  • Posts

    • danvillebelle


      Gregg and Sono Harris were the homeschool "pioneers" in the 80's - long before DPIART or the duck biologist figured out they could make money fleecing the homeschool community. But they definitely benefited from the foundation they laid.  

      Far as I can tell, Paul is Tedd Tripp's son. 

    • clueliss


      You would also want to keep receipts, contracts etc until AFTER the event in case something goes wrong.  

    • Liza

      Posted (edited)

      Lori is ranting again about virginity and her fan girls are, of course, all virgins (or were).  This is in stark contrast to the reality that even amongst the most religious Christians, well over 80% have had premarital sex.   Lori and her fangirls seem to think that sex is the biggest gift you can give a man. I beg to differ.  There are so many gifts:  lets see:  well, love, compassion, honesty, mutual respect … I could go on and on.  What makes it work?  Helping one another, being there for the other through good and bad, respecting the other’s views/ideas even when they are not the same.  I guess I could write an essay about this BUT, the biggest gift is definitely not, imo, virginity.  Marriage is not an exchange.  It is give and take and that will depend on the time. 

      It seems to me that fundamentalists oversimplify everything.  They seem to need to put everything into a neat little box.  But you can’t.  Life is not like that. 


      Edited by Liza
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    • danvillebelle


      Random thoughts:

      I grew up with a piano teacher mother, and I took piano (from other people) from ages 6-15.  She did not EVER try to teach me, nor did she ever even try to help me or listen to me practice, because everyone in the music teaching world knows full well YOU DON'T TEACH MUSIC TO YOUR OWN KIDS BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK.  If she hates it so fucking much, she DOESN'T HAVE TO DO IT.  UGH.

      She thinks by posting all this negative stuff about parenting that she somehow seems more real or genuine.  She isn't getting that it makes her look petty, impatient, vain, and selfish to the extreme.  She also doesn't seem to get that the internet is forever  and all her negativity is there for the kids to see when they're grown.

      I see right through to the core of what she's doing, and it can be summed up in two words: BOOK DEAL.  The dead giveaway was her mentioning watching her posts to see if they are popular or bomb.  It's all about the numbers to her.  She wants a book deal so she can keep living her faux perfect curated instagram life and outsource even more child care duties.


    • allthegoodnamesrgone

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, CarrotCake said:

      If you look at the second picture you see that not even half of the box is filled so I don't think they will fill the entire box.


      Yeah, that doesn't look like it is that full to me, the wedding is in 2.5 weeks most things should be paid for by now. But usually stuff is in stages, deposits, if you have a long engagement you might make payments here and there, and you want to track that so you know how much you've paid on flowers, photographer, cake, church, reception hall, various rentals, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes/suits.

      Edited by allthegoodnamesrgone