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Black Mirror Episodes Ranked from Worst to Best 19-11

Maggie Mae


If you don't know about Black Mirror yet (and you are into TV shows that make you feel depressed about the future, bleak about technology, and occasionally just meh about humanity) then get yourself to Netflix ASAP. If you DO know about Black Mirror and haven't seen it, congratulations! You might still have hope for the future! 

That being said, some episodes are better than others. I'm here to try and rank them according to my rather arbitrary standards. SPOILERS. (Also, this is really difficult, as I REALLY like almost all of the episodes, but for different reasons/in different ways.) 

19. "The Entire History of You" (Season 1, Episode 3)



This episode resonated with a lot of people. Just not me. It's actually the only episode I never finished. It's also the only episode I've started watching over 5 times. The technology is frightening before they even get into how it could be misused (if that's what happens.) The idea of an implant that records everything I do? No thank you. I don't need to replay awkward moments on a screen, I do that in my head too much as it is. I believe that my biggest complaint about this episode, thought, is that I just didn't find it entertaining. The characters and their drama weren't interesting to me. I need a real conflict. 

18. "Playtest" (Season 3, Episode 2)




I enjoyed this one. The one and only time I watched it. It was scary and draining and then just utterly pointless and somewhat devastating. I didn't find the "twist" ending to be all that original. It comes it at number 18 because it rarely comes up when talking about Black Mirror, and I had completely forgotten about it until I looked up the list of episodes.  I don't know if it was just too good or I'm a wimp but I found it scary enough that I don't want to ever rewatch it. 

17. "Metalhead" (Season 4, Episode 5) 



I wanted to like this one, especially after reading a large amount of comments of whiny people who hate black & white. I thought the monochrome made sense (and kept it from being OTT with the gore). But the story felt incomplete and lacked depth. It was a very well done episode and it was entertaining. It just lacked any sort of explanation for the collapse of civilization, where the dogs came from, or even if civilization is collapsed, really. Is it just an Amazon warehouse that Bella is trying to break into? Do the dogs work for someone? 

Visually it was interesting and it was basically an action film with not a lot of depth. 

16. "Men Against Fire" (Season 3, Episode 5)



I should probably swap this one with "Playtest", but that sounds like work. This is a story of genocide and propaganda. The thing is, we don't need the technology in the episode to convince soldiers to kill civilians. This is also not a new concept in science fiction. Many, many, many works have been written about dehumanizing people so that soldiers can fight the unending wars and a select few people can profit. Maybe it was too close to modern day, maybe it just seemed like heavy handed social commentary on war, but this episode just didn't do it for me. 

15. "The Waldo Moment." (Season 2, Episode 3.) 



This is one of the least popular episodes. The first time I watched it, I couldn't quite see why it got so much hate.  

Tried to watch it again and it just didn't hold up. The idea of a cartoon character winning a popular election hits a little too close but is also unrealistic at the same time. Perhaps it's because I'm American, but the commentary on populist politics was just uncomfortable. Maybe if they had made this episode a bit more fun to watch? Make the comedian actually funny? Explain why he's depressed? I just didn't really feel a connection with the main character & Waldo doesn't seem to be something that could be popular both in the UK and the USA. The future is weird.


14." Hated in the Nation" (Season 3, Episode 6)



I've finally reached the point in this pointless exercise of ranking episodes from a somewhat popular TV show where it's more difficult to think about what I didn't like. This was an excellent episode and I feel bad that it's so far down the list. Yes, it was about 15 minutes too long and somewhat predictable. It was still better than a lot of tv shows that I watch. 

This episode touched on very real issues - colony collapse and social media harassment.  Of course humans found a solution to the colony collapse - instead of saving the bees, we just made drones that looked like bees. Pretty cool idea. Not sure what the antagonist was trying to do with all of the murders, though. He obviously was trying to prove a point, but I guess the real question is why? And what did he hope the outcome would be? Or is he just a neckbeardy guy who was angry and wanted to kill people and didn't really have a reason but thought this would make him sympathetic? I do not know.  

13."Crocodile" (Season 4, Episode 3) 



I love the setting of Crocodile. Obviously filmed in Iceland, this was a basic slasher horror story in a beautiful setting, with a pretty white woman knocking down minorities (and a white male) left and right. The idea of a world with no lies is not new. The idea of constant surveillance is not new.  It was emotionally draining to watch and I probably won't watch it again. The only reason I marked this one higher than Hated in the Nation is because I love Iceland and thought it was visually spectacular. The "twist" at the end was kind of dumb, although I'd like to see how pets process images. My guess is that the guinea pig probably wouldn't be very good evidence, but I'm not a guinea pig expert. 

12. "The National Anthem" (Season 1, Episode 1) 



This was the first episode I ever watched. I had NO idea what I was going into. I had only hear that Black Mirror was highly popular, dark, and from the UK. It was also on Netflix. Watching this episode was fun, entertaining, and the social commentary was on point. When it ended and I moved on to the next episode, I was confused. I thought it was going to be an ongoing show about UK politics, and the characters I'd invested in. I was disappointed. 

That being said, I will never watch this episode again and when I tell people about Black MIrror, I tell them to skip this one. Mostly because I don't want people to judge me on this one episode. Furthermore, it's hard to explain to someone in a professional environment water cooler moment why the show is awesome but please skip the first one and/or never mention it again. Also, no I can't tell you why. Let's talk about Game of Thrones some more. 

11. "White Bear" (Season 2, Episode 2) 



I loved this episode the first time I watched it. It was interesting, the social commentary was good. I am an advocate for prison reform and I can get on my soap box about prisons with very little notice or preparation. I can also be judgemental about the US and the cultural need for revenge and hate vs reform and compassion. Sometimes the murderer is a victim as well. There are terrible people out there with no remorse over killing, but sometimes it's a defense mechanism and sometimes it's survival, and sometimes it's just bad situations. Sometimes criminals convicted of crimes are innocent. We'd have fewer prisons if we could engineer a change in our culture that values education over "jobs." It's also the "make money fast and spend it on dumb shit" culture - but I digress. The idea of doing something like this to a prisoner is torture - or is it? If she can't remember, is it torture? Do they do this until she finally dies of exhaustion? Does she get a break? This theme ties in to the season 4 episode "Black Museum." 

However, this episode wasn't that interesting on the rewatch. The twist actually took me by surprise the first time. On rewatch the flaws of the episode bring it down a bit, as it's harder to be sympathetic to someone who murdered a child. Or filmed why the child was murdered. I wish they would have gotten more into Victoria's motives. Was she brainwashed by the boyfriend? Did she enjoy the torture? Did she need money or stability? I am a person who likes to know motives, which is probably why I'm so fascinated and frustrated by unsolved mysteries. 


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I started watching this over the summer. It was something Netflix recommended for me, I guess as in, hey, you watch f'd up shit. Here - watch this!

After watching The National Anthem, I was left with my mouth hanging open and walked around for a bit just repeating - "THE HELL WAS THAT? - over and over. So then of course, I settled in to watch more episodes, because well, I'm me...

I'm only two seasons in, but so far the only two I really didn't like were The Waldo Moment and Fifteen Million Merits. Both just didn't hold my interest. I need to keep going with the show, which should hopefully get easier once we update our other tv to be able to get Netflix. Watching on my phone is a pain in the butt.

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I thought the first three episodes of Season 3 were amazing, uncomfortable and some of the best things out there, but the season quickly fell off from there. I mean, people were gushing about San Junipero, and I just couldn't get through it. Never finished Hated in the Nation and haven't even started Season 4. I liked Season 1 and can't remember anything specific about Season 2 (so  it obviously made no real impression on me). Playtest was probably my favorite episode, probably because Wyatt Russell is total eye candy.

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  • Posts

    • TatiFish9


      On 1/16/2019 at 10:17 PM, Vivi_music said:

       But I can't seem to remember seeing Jana and Jill often together since Jill moved out. I know Jill isn't on the show anymore but from what we see on social media, she is not being shunned from her family completly. She is seen with her younger siblings often, she posted about visiting Jessa for play dates with the cousins and she was at the TTH for the ugly Christmas sweater thing. But her and Jana together? I can't seem to recall. 

      @luv2laugh "I've always been surprised that Jana, who was known as the "BFF of Jill", is frequently hanging out with Jessa, Jinger, and Anna but I can't remember her being pictured with Jill other than at family events."


      This has been of particular interest to me. Jana was seen face timing Jill while the Dillards were in SCA. So I dont think it was a pairing thing. I am thinking there was a general interest to keep in touch ( at least on Jana's part). I suspect either Jill started giving the cold shoulder[ she said to Joy it was okay to put hub and kids first. It did not mattet what others said] or Jana changing her opinion of Jill based on things she saw of the Dillards. Laura says Jana is sassy but classy. That is a side of Jana the public has rarely seen. I could see her calling Jill out without regret.

    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      3 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      Not the standard fundie 'marry young and pop them out every year' life plan.  But then perhaps when you are a very, very privileged fundie the normal rules and expectations don't apply to you.

      I'm no expert, but I think that there isn't a single "standard fundie" playbook. Some fundamentalists are Quiverfull. ("As many children as God gives us.") Some aren't. Some are Calvinist, or uber-Calvinist. (All children are born full of sin. "Vipers in diapers.") Some believe that children aren't responsible for their sins until they reach the "age of accountability", which can vary depending on the belief system. Some have stay at home daughters and some don't. There are lots of other variations that I can't think of right now. On FJ, we do talk about the Quiverfull, SAHD fundies more often, but they aren't the whole picture.

      I have a habit of thinking of things in analogies, and the analogy I came up with for fundie variations is pizza. At most pizza places, you can order from the menu of set recipes (say a meat lover's pizza or a super supreme pizza), or you can make your own combo from the menu. You can even order a particular recipe, but vary it a little. (Like a veggie lover's pizza with no mushrooms, or a supreme combo with extra bell peppers.) It's still all pizza.

      So, some fundies may stick to a particular recipe (IBLP association, homeschooling, Quiverfull, and an IFB church), or they may create their system à la carte. They may vary their recipes, but they're still fundies. They have a fundamentalist approach to their beliefs and to life. Whether they're Protestant fundamentalists, Catholic fundamentalists, Calvinist fundamentalists, Baptist fundamentalists, or LDS fundamentalists.  

      Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. :my_blush: And I wasn't trying to rant at you, or lecture you, @Red Hair, Black Dress. You just gave me a nice platform to dive off of. :my_smile:

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    • TatiFish9

      Posted (edited)

      Seems like Lawson got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. If so, I am so glad Jana is the one to slap it out. This seems like agency on her part.

      Outside of general fundiness and all that comes with it, I don't have a problem with Lawson or his antics. I just think opportunism that rides on the coattails of a blantant lie is uncool.

      I do think something is going on with him and the Duggars. I wonder if Jana is a foil. It could be anything as minor as him working musically with the younger Duggar girls or him possibly looking to court someone close (proximity) to the Duggars. I dunno. All I know is when the rumors were out (again) about him and Jana, the most I thought it could be was unrequited interest on his end. Because I am one of the ones who kinda buys into him and Jinger in a "failed" gettingtoknow-ship. Even if he is now into Jana , I could not see her settling for it. If waiting for that very special one is what she's doing, it is difficult to believe she would give into her sister's sorta ex (from her perspective). That may not inspire *sisterly affection*😉.But who knows. Stranger things have occurred with both these families. 

      Also, there is a part of me that thinks (and hopes) Jana created this account of her own volition with the encouragment of her sisters. Maybe they are helping her break free of some of those Gen2A Fundie chastity beliefs holding her back from finding her true self and inevitably a mate. Because let's be honest, that is usually end game with them. And I don't think it is a stretch to say that.



      Edited by TatiFish9
    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, MamaJunebug said:

      ”I’d rather flunk my Wasserman Test / Than read a poem by Edgar A. Guest.” 

      — Dorothy Parker

      Cackling out loud here.

      Of course, old VF snarkers will recall that Edgar A. Guest was one of Dougie's favorite poets, right up there with Rudyard Kipling.


      • Haha 2
    • CyborgKin


      I had to update my location because flavoured sarcasm is too good not to share around.

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