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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Boo hiss to crackly audio.

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So the audio is still fairly crackly in Sims 3. It's not all the time, but it's enough that it's irritating. Sims 2 and 4 are fine. My audio drivers seem to be up-to-date. So, for now, I won't be playing the Taylor family. I managed to get Bethany and Christopher to age into Children. But for now I'll be focusing on the Bancrofts and the Smiths.

Sucks, but it happens sometimes. And 2 out of 3 games isn't bad. :D 

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  • Posts

    • VelociRapture


      16 hours ago, Iamtheway said:

      I think I might be a bit fundie. Like atheist, socialist fundie. Or I might just be stubborn and smallminded ...

      Their life seems exhausting. 

      Hmm... I think it depends. Are you:

      - Of the opinion that your views are the only valid ones?

      - Willing to use legislation as a way to force your views onto other people who may or may not agree with you?

      I think both those need to have a Yes answer in order for me to personally classify anyone as a Fundie. Or at least the second one needs to be a yes - but I feel like that first one is kind of always a Yes if the second one is.

      Additionally, I think there are other aspects to consider too. I mentioned before that advocating for your right to live a healthy and full life is different in my opinion than someone who just wants to force others to think and/or act like they do. So to use your Atheist example:

      Someone who believes Atheism is what’s best for them personally or is best for humanity in general isn’t necessarily a Fundie. Someone who believes Atheism is best for humanity AND is willing to force that view onto others by supporting legislation that outlaws all religion is a Fundie though. Or, when it concerns hormonal birth control, personally being opposed to it is different than advocating for all hormonal birth control to be outlawed because you think using it is wrong.

      To explain further, there are US politicians on both sides of the aisle who hold firm personal beliefs about certain issues. I’ll use Senator Tim Kaine and Mike Pence (current Vice President... ugh...) as examples.* Both men are religious - Kaine is a practicing Catholic and Pence is a former Catholic who switched to Evangelicalism:

      - During the last election, Kaine spoke about his time as Governor of Virginia and how the people of the state voted to keep the Death Penalty as an option for very serious crimes. He explained that his faith has led him to believe the Death Penalty is wrong, but he had to put his personal beliefs aside in order to best serve the people of his state. 

      - Compare him to Mike Pence, who is personally and professionally opposed to abortion, LGBTQ rights, and all things fun in the world. I don’t know the stats for Indiana, but he supported anti-abortion legislation that was Draconian at best while he was Governor there (one measure he signed in 2016 was ruled unconstitutional last month and was overturned) and he has been vocally supportive of Conversion Therapy** - the use of extreme psychological or spiritual interventions to “turn someone straight.”

      Tim Kaine is not a Fundie (at least on the Death Penalty issue) because he tried not to allow his personal opposition influence his ability to do his job. Mike Pence, however, is a Fundie because his personal beliefs influence every aspect of his life, including how he performs his job. 

      I guess if I were to put it really basically, I think Fundies are people of any belief who want to remove the right of choice from others and they’re willing to use whatever means they can to accomplish that. Holding a belief (extreme or not) isn’t enough by itself in my opinion to classify anyone as a Fundie. You have to be willing to take action to force others to act and believe as you do a well. 

      I’m sorry this is so long (you get a cookie if you made it this far!), but I hope this helped explain my thoughts a bit more fully. :) 

      *These were just the first two politicians I thought of. There are very likely Liberals classified as Fundie about some issues and there are very likely Conservatives who wouldn’t be classified as Fundies as well. 

      **The use of Conversion Therapy on minors is currently banned by 11 states in the US, including mine (it was finally banned here a little over a year ago.) I know someone who was put through this by his parents when he was younger - I believe it was off and on for five years starting when he was in High School. He no longer has contact with his parents and is doing much better now, but it left a lot of damage. Conversion Therapy is a sick abuse of power and can be particularly harmful for LGBTQ+ teens and children.  

    • AnnaRuk09


      @QuiverFullofBooks Yep, you’re right. I wonder how long she’s had that in her bio? Kinda shocked but I guess not really. She definitely comes from a conservative branch of Christianity, but it’s not quite at the same level as the Duggars. When I was younger and was around highly conservative friends and families, having simple physical preferences for a spouse wasn’t necessarily wrong, but they’d probably find it odd or even inappropriate/worldly to post that stuff on social media. 


    • Someone Out There


      10 hours ago, Don'tlikekoolaid said:

      missionary he wants to be a professional student.  There is more than a few of them out there wasting thousands of other peoples money.  Grow up asshole and be a responsible father

      For some reason this reminds me that I once had a co-worker tell me that there were a number of ladies from Western Australia funded their PhD habits by spending a few weeks in Kalgoorlie (A mining town in Western Australia) in the worlds oldest profession (I'm paraphrasing here because I'm not sure on the exact wording).   I should add that I can't see Derek engaging in similar activities, not that he would get the same amount of money for it as those ladies anyway.

    • Curious


      22 hours ago, Koala said:

      The theme?  Tricking yourself into being kind to your husband. 

      Lori- You shouldn't have to trick yourself into being kind to your spouse.  That should be your default.  Why would you marry someone who you wanted to change (as you said you wanted to change Ken)?  You encourage other women to marry even if they haven't developed feelings for their potential spouse.  

      Earlier this week, my husband let something fall through the cracks and it was BAD for ME!!!  Like really bad.  Emergency bad (I'm fine).  When I finally was able to get hold of him and tell him what was going on and found out that it was something he should have done but forgot I was LIVID.  SO SO SO mad.

      So what did I do you might ask?  When he apologized I said it was ok.  When he asked if I needed him to come home I said nope nothing you can do and I'm fine now.   Then I talked to a couple friends and told them how incredibly mad I was.

      Once I took a pain pill and felt better I stopped being mad.  I knew it was an accident. By the time he got home, I was able to joke about it with him.   I'm sure he has an idea I wasn't happy because he knows me, but I didn't treat him badly for making a mistake.   I have a feeling that isn't how it would have gone down in Lori and Ken's house.

    • SapphireSlytherin


      Beans on toast is one of DH's favoUrite meals. Luckily, we can get Heinz Beanz here at some stores (but they cost almost $3/can!!!). :)  

      Don't get me wrong - I like your bacon, but I grew up on streaky bacon, so YOUR bacon is ham to me. :) 

      The Full English "argument" is one DH and I have frequently. haha