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Looking For a Clue

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I Love Her, I Hate her

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Don't get me wrong.  I actually do love my sister.  Except when I do not.  And she has made it really really hard to love her in the last (doing the math here)  3.5 years.  (no really last 'contact' was June 2014 in a cryptic 'stand down, I'm alive' Facebook post - oh and this was in the period when I was getting Mom diagnosed with dementia and dealing with drive-offs and actually needed to talk to her).  

And yesterday was her birthday.  And Facebook likes to remind me of this because her birthdays are turned on (for the record, mine is not because I don't always react well to 'everybody' screaming happy birthday at me for days) - even though her last post was June 2014.  

I assume she is alive.  That assumption is based on statements I receive (no, really) regarding her storage unit when the payments are late.  My means of communicating with her is via facebook messages that indicate no receipt but trust me they are getting through somehow (I care not how) because a few months ago the storage unit threatened to sell her stuff and I communicated that to her and for a month or so no notice.  In the mail today - yup, another notice about late payment.  So I just sent another message and the lovely I miss you pangs have reverted back instantaneously to I hate you.  

My suspicion based on a limited about of internet research/stalking is that she's having financial issues and hiding from creditors (because that is always a great way to deal with issues).  And I cannot help her if she doesn't want to be helped (as indicated by her hiding from everyone).  

I did not wish her a public happy birthday yesterday because in the past that has resulted in friends of hers, some dating back to high school coming out of the woodwork and then I have to go through this whole weird explanation of I have zero clue what is going on or where she is.  Which always feels so sad and stupid.  I'll also admit to not attending certain family functions (mainly on the paternal side) because my uncle is going to ask about her and really I want him to leave it (and about half dozen other subjects) alone but he won't.  (and really dude, you are my father's brother and you know how he was so whey the hell are you of all people expecting me to know or figure out or get through to my sister who is acting the same way he did)??

The positive news of the morning from the same batch of mail is that the Recovering State of Brownbacistan has renewed Mom's Medicaid for another year.  

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    • formergothardite


      Did she forget she literally just wrote this last week? 

      I see no mention of Memorial Day or God or anyone but herself. 

    • EyesOpen


      Omg that’s something else. He sounds like he was the one getting the prenatal care! He’s setting up her appointments and crap? I set all my appointments, told my husband where to meet me if he wanted to or could and the doctors told me what was going on... It’s like he was taking a child to the doctors! Ew!

    • teachergirl


      Okay, should I comment on Martha's IG? First, girl needs a lesson on spelling and plurals. Next, they DO realize women have been fighting and dying in combat since the Revolutionary War right?

    • AussieKrissy

      Posted (edited)

      16 hours ago, bal maiden said:

      You do realize that posts on this forum are public, right? No need even to lurk to read it! 

      The bridesmaids’ expressions during the foot washing say it all 😂

      Oh can someone please post it again? I was so grossed out by the feet thing that’s all I saw. Wasn’t it one of those 24 hour Instagram things. 

      Also someone needs to make that pic their new avatar. It might make people heave more than my one does. 

      Edit. Saw the reddit link to pics. Didn’t look all that hard again. Got sick 🤢 had to close the pic. 

      Still stand by the avatar. Wish it was a better pic of jessa blessa she was not keen on it from what I can see 

      Edited by AussieKrissy
      Oops should read all before commenting
    • EmainMacha


      Oh my Lord Adam Waller sounds like a bundle of nerves. Going through a twin pregnancy and having to support your husband through his increasing anxieties must have been awful for Valerie.

      Also Adam's extensive research into all things conception and birth related appeared to have skipped the bit were identical twins have to be same sex (apart from 2 documented cases I think). Why were they thinking of names for a boy/girl combination?!

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