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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Smiths Part One: Third Time Lucky

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Yeah, I was always going to, let's be honest... :pb_lol:

This fundie couple is Edward and Nicole Smith. They live in Oasis Springs. I used the freerealestate cheat to blag them a big house. Yes, that IS a TV, but they ONLY use it for educational purposes.


You know what's coming.... time to test the bed!


Sims 4 is different in that you don't hear a chime, you take a pregnancy test instead. Sadly, that first act of sweet fellowship did not result in a pregnancy.


I then tried again a few hours later, nope, no pregnancy. Just before they went to bed, they decided to try for a third time...


Dirty and stinky, but jubilation! The Lord has seen fit to open Nicole's womb! (This, obviously, explains the post title).

In this game, you get a little bump right away. You also get to keep your normal clothes, so thankfully Nicole gets to stay nice and modest during her pregnancies. Nicole is somewhat of a musician, and decides to build some violin and piano skills while she can.


They decide to set up a small playroom. I also figured that bright yellow clothing against such yellow hair was a bit much, so changed her clothing to pink. 


Nicole decides to keep a Bible journal. I think she was upset here, but I forget precisely why. Maybe just thinking about the Lord and His goodness gets her emotional.


Edward decides that Fishing would be a good idea. He clearly finds it rather dull, so decides to search for a few motivational Bible verses.


It seems like very little time before.... TWINS! Despite the masculine colour of the second crib, they are both girls. Eliza is in the pink crib and Emily in the blue. You can add Lot Traits in Sims 4. The traits for this lot are On a Ley Line (increases chance of twins), Chef's Kitchen (helps with Cooking) and Sunny Aspect, which can give an Energised or Inspired moodlet.


Sims 4 offers mothers the chance to Breastfeed their babies for the first time. Nicole knows that this is the Godly way to do things. 


Edward originally had a Politics job, but decided he had more of a businessman bent to him and so joined that track. Here he is going to his first day. It's a relatively boring photo but Edward doesn't feature much in this post.


I always Age Up Sims 4 babies ASAP as they tend to be harder to care for than Sims 3 ones as they cry more. Here are the girls, Eliza in pink and Emily in blue.


Nicole knows to start the kids with the Bible early. She gets out a kid's Bible story and reads it to Eliza.


Is that Edward.... DANCING?!?!?! Maybe we can have this family believe that some dancing in the privacy of your own home if it's honouring to God. IDK, fundies have weird logic.


The couple get Very Flirty in order to create a good atmosphere to conceive Blessing #3. I find men's portraits for Very Flirty to look a tad weird. 


Looks like it was successful!


Uh oh... looks like Eliza's being a tad naughty. No corporal punishment in The Sims so Nicole's going to have to rely on a firm telling off.


Nicole decided to take the twins to the Spice Festival over in San Myshuno. In typical fundie style she left them alone while she went to sample some of the curry on offer. To close off this post, here are the girls hugging... and Emily creating some of her own street art.



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I am normally a complete lurker and rarely post as i don't feel like i have much to add but i just wanted to say i really enjoy your sims blogs and thanks for sharing! I recently bought sims 4 and tried my own fundie family but didn't quite have the patience for it!

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    • Thorns


      3 hours ago, Ivycoveredtower said:

      be ready for cuteness overload. 

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      I thought Henry was Sam for a moment (ok, for an embarrasing long moment, while I tried to make sense of the photo, caption and why Jill posted something coherent on Jessa' account... Blaming a warm night with bad sleep.)

    • Jencendiary


      4 hours ago, Black Aliss said:

      probably those amber beads that are reported to ease teething pain. Ya, it sounds like witchcraft to me, too, but the fundies are all over that one.

      They're also Dangerous AF.


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    • Marly

      Posted (edited)

      I can't take a screenshot because I can only find the post on instragram on my phone, but Jessa got a reaction to the pictures of Spurgeon on the mower, someone saying: "don't you think he should be out of diapers by now?".
      To which she responded: "My philosophy is that if they aren't able to do the whole thing from pulling their pants down and getting themselves on the toilet, to pulling their pants back up and washing their hands, then they aren't ready. Otherwhise it feels like it's actually the parent who's potty training and doing all the work *smiley* Lol! I've been around kids, and I'm aware of the signs of readiness. My 2 1/2 yr old is getting close, but not quite there, so we're not rushing it". 
      Especially after reading all the potty train stories here, I'm glad she's not rushing it!

      What was the person who made that 'shouldn't he be out of diapers by now' remark even thinking? Not your place to judge, Lady. Out of all the things you could snark on Jessa for, I think that, especially considering the whole previous discussion about potty training we've had here, this is not a topic to judge her on like that. If she were to have eleventy kids and have the older ones parent and potty train the youngest, then yes, that would be something to snark on, as we do with for example Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates, but that is a whole different case than judging her (and Spurgeon) for Spurgeon not being potty trained yet. 

      Edited by Marly
    • wendy-sparkles


      Isn't Jeremy's church called something like Grace Church? I think that is a point probably against? the name Grace, it would be a little odd for them to share a name, and not really Jinger and Jeremy's style.

    • NoJulius


      My guesses:
      Gracia  / Gloria / Fides

      You know, anyone can do an ordinary name like Grace. But the Voulos are much more sophisticated than the average Fundie.

      Might happen that I share my birthday (next week) with a Duggar. But I really DON'T CARE about it ;)