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Buffy's Commentary

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Another reason to be glad I wasn't a member of the Donner party...



I've spent a lot of time lately being grateful I wasn't a member of the Donner party.  In my attempts to embrace stoicism I've been trying to truncate my self pity by thinking of how any given situation could be worse.  And freezing cold, in isolation with other people not of my choosing, and dining on the aforementioned other people is always worse than whatever I'm complaining about.

I won't even eat licorice...do you think I'm going to have some person for lunch?  Honestly, Heinz wouldn't even start bottling ketchup for another 30 years.  I'm not relying on some strangers homemade ketchup recipe.  I'm not an animal, ffs.

So as bad as all the frostbite and cannibalism was, the real tragedy wasn't in the struggle against death and the proof that starvation and survival instinct will override societies most deeply held taboos.

It was the hair.

There is just no excuse for that.






Doesn't Margaret Reed look a lot like character actor William Shallart?  






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Posted (edited)

My family used to travel over Donner Pass about once a year, on our way to or from a visit with my mom's family. So, I've considered the Donner party a few times over the years. But, I must say I never once considered their hairstyles! :pb_lol: 

Trust you to give me a new perspective, @HerNameIsBuffy:pb_biggrin:

Edited by WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?
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In college when students would run for SGA they’d make up a “party” name. Some friends and I considered running as the Donner Party. But we were too lazy and afraid we’d accidentally win.

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The Roman from Ipanema


I don't think those hairdos were very efficient in keeping warm.

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Posted (edited)

I've worked at the Philly Folk Fest a few times.  The name of the name of the volunteer food tent is called. "The Alfred G. Packer Memorial food tent. I wonder if I still have the photo.

I've been through Donner Pass on the train.  I'm wondering now what was in that 'burger' I ate in the dining car.

Edited by onekidanddone

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The ringlet hairstyle reminds me of the hairstyles of the children featured in 'Chelsea Instagram' on QF of Snark. Those poor kiddies and their traction alopecia! Let's hope they don't also have to eat 'long pig' and homemade ketchup.

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Posted (edited)

One year in college, over Spring Break,  a bunch of my friends and I got snowed in at another friend’s house by accident during a freak blizzard. There were about six of us, plus her parents and sister, and her mother hadn’t planned on feeding that many people for that long.

Toward the end of the weekend, our meals started getting a bit creative, and the guys started making jokes about the Donner Party. I was nominated as first to be eaten, as I was the smallest. I’m still not amused. 

Edited by Lillymuffin

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I just had to google the Donner Party to make head or tail of this post. At first I thought it was just a random selection of sentences, that made no sense...

NOW I get it! 

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    • Thorns


      3 hours ago, Ivycoveredtower said:

      be ready for cuteness overload. 

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      I thought Henry was Sam for a moment (ok, for an embarrasing long moment, while I tried to make sense of the photo, caption and why Jill posted something coherent on Jessa' account... Blaming a warm night with bad sleep.)

    • Jencendiary


      4 hours ago, Black Aliss said:

      probably those amber beads that are reported to ease teething pain. Ya, it sounds like witchcraft to me, too, but the fundies are all over that one.

      They're also Dangerous AF.


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    • Marly

      Posted (edited)

      I can't take a screenshot because I can only find the post on instragram on my phone, but Jessa got a reaction to the pictures of Spurgeon on the mower, someone saying: "don't you think he should be out of diapers by now?".
      To which she responded: "My philosophy is that if they aren't able to do the whole thing from pulling their pants down and getting themselves on the toilet, to pulling their pants back up and washing their hands, then they aren't ready. Otherwhise it feels like it's actually the parent who's potty training and doing all the work *smiley* Lol! I've been around kids, and I'm aware of the signs of readiness. My 2 1/2 yr old is getting close, but not quite there, so we're not rushing it". 
      Especially after reading all the potty train stories here, I'm glad she's not rushing it!

      What was the person who made that 'shouldn't he be out of diapers by now' remark even thinking? Not your place to judge, Lady. Out of all the things you could snark on Jessa for, I think that, especially considering the whole previous discussion about potty training we've had here, this is not a topic to judge her on like that. If she were to have eleventy kids and have the older ones parent and potty train the youngest, then yes, that would be something to snark on, as we do with for example Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates, but that is a whole different case than judging her (and Spurgeon) for Spurgeon not being potty trained yet. 

      Edited by Marly
    • wendy-sparkles


      Isn't Jeremy's church called something like Grace Church? I think that is a point probably against? the name Grace, it would be a little odd for them to share a name, and not really Jinger and Jeremy's style.

    • NoJulius


      My guesses:
      Gracia  / Gloria / Fides

      You know, anyone can do an ordinary name like Grace. But the Voulos are much more sophisticated than the average Fundie.

      Might happen that I share my birthday (next week) with a Duggar. But I really DON'T CARE about it ;)