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Baby Thor

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A Thor Kitty Christmas

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The tree lasted 3 days. 3. The Girl was home that morning & said she heard the crash down the hallway. She ran into the living room to find the tree & table both on their sides, the tree leaning precariously on the couch. Thor was freaked out enough to not try his move again but he's still horribly curious and I know he's going to go after the gifts. During tree clean up we found a bunch of his stashed toys.... he guarded them well. 

I made bath bombs the other day & thought I baracaded them well enough to dry.....apparently not. He did some strength & QA testing for me during the night. 

He helped me get my gifts wrapped this evening. Ribbon really is his speciality. He's also partial to carefully adding appropriate pre-wrinkles to tissue paper. Totally the helpfullest helper that ever helped.




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He just LOVES helping his mama!!! The problem is communication between kitty and mama...but...that's why we don't have a tree...death & destruction would see it ruined in probably just hours. 

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Our Sonny decided he needed to protect us from the shiny ribbon on one gift under the tree. He subdued it, ate it, and barfed it up for all to see. 

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  • Posts

    • PennySycamore


      @HideousGreenShirt, I accidentally gave your post a WTF reaction when I'd meant to give it the LOL reaction.  I got busy and didn't realize till now.  

    • SuperSluth

      Posted (edited)

      22 hours ago, sparrow said:

      I saw that a couple people on here referenced the parents being encouraged by doctors NOT to adopt Huxley... after his MRI / CT results were reviewed. Am trying to wrap my head around this. What could a doctor have seen that would cause them to discourage adoption? Wouldn’t the doctors WANT to see the child adopted? Particularly if he had special needs.  Or, better yet, wouldn’t the doctor’s role be to just present the medical facts and not  to offer their opinions on the child’s worthiness to be an addition to the family. It just seems like a weird overstepping of bounds to me. Am I wrong? 

      I think doctors that do this type of consulting give the cold hard truth when it comes to medical issues... otherwise parents come back saying "you didnt notice XYZ in my baby that I just bought".

      And I do remember that adoption story of the couple who went to Ukraine for a white baby... they were super-worried about fetal alcohol syndrome.

      Edited by SuperSluth
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      17 minutes ago, FaithAndReason said:

      In other news, "we" might have a little Natty Jr a year from now! 

      I’m expecting him to be born with a full head of helmet hair. 

    • Curious


      3 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      And I don't know the laws where she lives, but I don't think that renters can refuse to pay their full rent because they fixed up things around the house. I don't think they can just announce they are refusing to pay the full rent and expect to not be evicted. 

      This varies by state. There are ways renters can do this, but it involves things like notice to the landlord and it's not like if you just decide to "improve" your rental (like say you decide to repaint) you can't just deduct that from the rent like it's a "gift" to the landlord.

      3 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      What she doesn't really seem to touch on in her story is that if the government had pulled away all those "hand outs" she doesn't seem to like she wouldn't have been able to travel around finding free books to resell because she wouldn't have even had a house. She needed hand outs to get herself to where she could be self sufficient. She couldn't have done it all on her own. She keeps talking about how she speaks the truth and it hurts people's feelings. Well that is the truth and it probably hurts her feelings. Lucinda Pennington didn't do it on her own.

      During my adventures yesterday I ran across this: https://wcmcaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Newsletter-spring-2010.pdf

      I can't figure out how to link the right page, but scroll down to page 5/8 and there is a story about how Lucinda and her husband pulled themselves out of debt and got to be self-sufficient.   It sounds like Lucinda worked hard, which good for her.  No snark at all!  She didn't do it *all* on her own though, as you mention @formergothardite.

      In fact, it sounds like she used the social safety net programs exactly the way they were meant to be used (as a hand up not a handout) and shows why we need programs to help people.   I'd much rather my tax dollars went to programs to help people than some of the other things they are used for.

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    • 1 hour ago, Cat Damon said:

      Please let me know how this works out for you 😂

      I'm always optimistic and that jaw line is worth a try 😂😂🥰🥰

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