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Baby Thor

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Not A baby, mama

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Dis mornin I sat on my mama while she looked at the big light box. She was very warms & gave me nice pets. When the Princess & that dog thing come from outside their fur is cool & schmells different.  My fur is poofy but it itches sometimes.  Mama gived me a hooman bath. I didn't like it but I stopped being itchy. 

I'm going to play wif my sparkly ball. 

T. Winchestor III


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Gosh, Thor's gotten so big!  I just think about how very tiny and vulnerable he was when you first rescued him and his sibling(s).  Thank you for taking him into your home and into your heart!

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Its totally the way he's sitting :my_biggrin: he's maybe 6 lbs. He looks all buff bc of his winter fuzz but he's just a little chubster.  But he is a far cry from the jelly bean he was a year ago. 

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  • Posts

    • JermajestyDuggar


      9 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

      No! No more Bloomin' Onions! Bloomin' Onions lead to babies!

      (Yes, I know Priscilla just delivered Peter, so isn't due to be pregnant again for two years, according to her typical spacing.)

      Peter did arrive about 5 months ahead of schedule though. Hopefully she goes back to her longer spacing with the next. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      24 minutes ago, indianabones said:


      I posted this to my Instagram story (hoping some family members would see it and have an "Aha!" moment about white silence) and the Morton, who apparently is following me now, responded with 😢.

      Words fail me...

      (Don't worry, they also sent me the MLM sales pitch. Blocking them.)

      Vomit. Making money off of pyramid schemes is hard. Being a racist makes it even harder. 

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    • Audrey2


      6 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I wonder if they had a Bloomin’ Onion. 

      No! No more Bloomin' Onions! Bloomin' Onions lead to babies!

      (Yes, I know Priscilla just delivered Peter, so isn't due to be pregnant again for two years, according to her typical spacing.)

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    • Marmion


      3 hours ago, byzant said:

      because this has already been explained by a lovCommission#Criticism added to add @Marmion)- who you mocked for having a accredited qualification related to their job not your two unaccredited  'degrees' -being pretty pieces of paper provided by businesses you paid for them- no one here is making a legal case. That is done in court

      Oh she did , did she ?   You see , I had not even been reading her replies , as I hadn't wanted to get into a personal spat with her , and create stress for us both .  However , for the record , no I don't believe that I received my degree from a diploma mill . Both my degree in paralegal studies , and medical transcription was from Stratford Career Institute  https://www.scitraining.com/about-stratford-career-institute ,  using materials written by qualified lawyers , and nurses .  Her accreditation , on the other hand was from the Higher Learning Commission  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higher_Learning_Commission#Criticism .  So her credentials might not be any more valid than that of my sister , whom has training in among other things pastoral counseling , from a Bible college , affiliated with the Church of God , Anderson , Ind.  I don't know what all my sister studied as part of such training , besides the various " humors " , which she uses to categorize everyone's personality .  { https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humorism , https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_temperaments }  ( According to my sister , who out of curiosity I asked , I seem to her to be a melancholic , by the way .  And , just for fun , if anyone is curious as to what your "humor" supposedly is , you can take this test here https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/O4TS/ )  And speaking of accreditation , many home education programs , which we here at FreeJinger like to call the " school of the dining room table " , would constitute unaccredited diploma mills .  One such example might arguably be said to be A.C.E. , which on the topic of this thread , was what Hephzibah House used .  { https://www.patheos.com/blogs/leavingfundamentalism/2017/03/21/iowa-state-bill-allow-unaccredited-fundamentalist-curriculum/  ,  https://brucegerencser.net/2015/08/the-anatomy-of-an-unaccredited-christian-school/ }  So graduates from such a program might not have any more than a diploma issued by the HSLDA , or whomever else, and filled out by the family member whom oversaw the instruction .  https://responsiblehomeschooling.org/how-to-obtain-a-homeschool-diploma/  Anyway , I can only hope that any of my prospectful employers , or clients , will accept my qualifications as being valid , in spite of my lack of formal classroom instruction .  My high school diploma is from what is now known as Penn Foster  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penn_Foster_High_School , and I know that they are a well established , and accredited correspondence school .  Out of my siblings , I am actually the only one to graduate from such a high school distance learning program , the rest , including my sister , and my foster brother / cousin , whom is currently trying to enlist in the U.S. Army , we'll see if they will accept his HSLDA made diploma , were both homeschooled using Accelerated Christian Education curriculum .  So , in conclusion , yes credentials are important , but not all home study courses are diploma mill scams .  And I feel that I have received the best education that a stay at home son , without a driver' license , could have , under the circumstances , at home .  

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    • Naga Viper


      6 hours ago, FluffySnowball said:

      Anyways, the happy couple did not hesitate to remind us that it’s time for them to celebrate yet another monthiversary and posted about it on Instagram. They held up a rather badly made sign spelling out the number 100, but at first, it rather looked like some sort of prison to me, with bars and all. 

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      Seriously, though—who in the hell counts the months for eight-plus years?

      Prisoners. Prisoners do that.


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