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FJ Colorists Unite

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Ship - from Lost Ocean

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So here's a ship I did from Lost Ocean.  My usual Cra-Z Art colored pencils (72 count) (because twistables has a horrible selection of blue).  If you look REALLY closely you'll see that I'm not in the lines sometimes in the small places.  Which became more or less an artistic choice.  


I posted the skull that was on the opposite page in the new coloring club.  


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  • Posts

    • SweetJuly


      On ‎12‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 2:52 AM, AliceInFundyland said:

      Yeah. The more I learn about the "usefulness" of castor oil. I think that I too would thoroughly opt for an enema.

      The idea of inducing gastric upset with the impending baby sounds hideous.

      Is there any particular reason that enemas have fallen out of favor? (other than it is something being stuck up your butt)

      Here in Belgium they still routinely offer enemas. I decided to go for one. I know it's normal to defecate when giving birth, but I get easily embarrassed and thought it would help me be less inhibited when pushing.

      The thing is... when labour starts, it's not uncommon that it all comes out already anyway. Sorry if it's too much information, but the cramps I experience on the first days of my period often cause diarrhea. The same thing happened when I went into labour, and I have since then heard that my experience is not unusual.

      Once I got to the hospital, I didn't think I really needed an enema anymore, but as mentioned above, figured I should anyway just for my own peace of mind. It didn't have any effect at all since my bowels were already empty, and once it came to pushing I was so preoccupied with the pain and the effort that I wouldn't have noticed if I had produced a turd the size of Joshley.

    • AmazonGrace


    • FilleMondaine


      6 hours ago, Marian the Librarian said:

      Bumping to report a rare unicorn Botkinette sighting - Anna-Sofia, on Lucas' TRex Arms Instagram story.

      Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.05.58 PM.png

      I feel like "older sister" is maybe an insult? Like one of your maiden aunts chaperoning you?

      ORRRRRRR, maybe she is anxious to meet some well-off business person so that she can escape and establish independence in her own household.

    • FilleMondaine


      So, I read the Allure article about accessible Mormons and how beautiful they are. It...made me very uncomfortable because it was so glowing. There was a teeny tiny bit of lip service regarding problematic beliefs. Maybe the intersection of "wellness" and "no alcohol and no caffeine" makes the lifestyle attractive and accessible.

      This being the realm of snark, I was super interested to see what Allure would write because after firing the amazing Linda Wells, they hired someone with little experience and little evidence that she had a distinct and interesting point of view. I expected a decline in quality. I wasn't wrong.

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    • Palimpsest


      7 hours ago, Autumn Kern said:

      Luckier than some? Yes. Lucky? No. 

      I agree.  Luckier than some in that your parents acknowledged their mistakes and the bad advice given by the church.  Not lucky.

      Nice to see you here again.  I've been wondering how you are doing.  You must have graduated by now and perhaps have started writing your autobiography.  I look forward to reading it some day. :)

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