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The Dunkels - Chapter 14



Keeping Up With The Dunkels - Chapter 14: Dunkels Double Date




Back at the Miceli's, Hobart brought his doctor friend home for dinner again one night, and one of Adalyn's sisters just happened to be visiting to help with the baby.



Wow! Aimee Joy and Christian seemed to be hitting it off! "What do you think about an ice cream sundae reception?" she asked him.



"Huh? That's crazy."

Hmm... maybe not.



Uh oh... is there trouble at Adam and Mehrissa's new house?



Nope! Apparently when you adopt a pet, the police are nice enough to bring it over. Er... sure. Why question it? Adam and Mehrissa's boys had been begging for a pet for ages, and their parents finally decided to get them a little puppy named Bear. Aww!



With Mehrissa expecting another (hopefully) tiny blessing, it sure was going to be a full house soon! She wore her hot pink maternity pajamas, hoping God might take the hint.



Not long after Aimee Joy was introduced to Hobart's doctor friend Christian Cwik, Anna Grace started talking to another young man from church, Waylon Menon. She was a little worried when he expressed his admiration for women who kept in shape - that wasn't her at all! But it COULD be her! 



After Waylon left, Anna Grace jumped right on that treadmill. She got off to a rocky start, but she purposed to work out every single day, determined to win Waylon's affections, and soon she was physically fit!



"Wow, I can tell you're a young lady with a heart for the Lord, who also LOVES to lift!" Waylon exclaimed, impressed, and promptly went to talk to her brother to see if he could start a group text.



*To the tune of Butterfly Kisses* "I know the cake looks funny, Daddy... but I sure tried!

Oh... wait... my daddy's dead. And he wasn't my real daddy, anyway. Oh well."




Guess what? Christian and Aimee Grace Joy (I am seriously surprised I don't mess up these names more often, folks) may have gotten off on the wrong foot (seriously, ladies, enough with the ice cream sundaes), but soon they were getting along just fine. In fact, little adopted brother Alexander was only too happy to chaperone as they started an OFFICIAL COURTSHIP!



Aimee Joy was thrilled that her educated and employed suitor took her out on nice dates (don't worry, the chaperones are right there at the next table). She didn't mind at all that he had a gay brother in the city. What was one gay brother?! They were totally in sync on everything. They even discussed the sort of house they would move to if, Lord willing, they got married!



Anna Grace wasn't far behind her twin sister. Her dates with Waylon were a little more low key, but she didn't mind at all. She was more than happy to show off her homemaking skills by impressing him with the most complicated meal any of her sisters had ever made: spaghetti and meatballs.



Both sisters were totally sure they had found the men they were going to marry! FINALLY!!! Being single in your mid-20s is such a trial, ya'll!



Back in the Big Scary City... Abigail was still fuming about the way Gilbert had treated her. She decided she was finally going to take the plunge and try online dating.



Her first date was with a firefighter in a trench coat. She thought that was kind of weird, and she'd had bad luck with guys in trench coats - plus, all she could keep thinking about was how mad she was at Gilbert. But she decided to give trench coat man 3.0 a shot anyway.



Sadly he turned out to be totally meh. All he could talk about was himself, and Abigail found herself far more interested in the basketball game on TV than him. She didn't even like sports!



A couple weeks later, she had another date lined up with a guy named Neil. This guy seemed much more promising. He looked normal, didn't wear a trench coat, and didn't try to jump into bed with her on the first date (which is a good thing, since Abigail is still trying to get over her fundie upbringing and hasn't had the best of luck with dudes and, er, hasn't even kissed a guy yet. Shh...)




Abigail and Neil planned to meet up for another date the following week. When he texted her to let her know he was outside, she asked him to come in, because she was going to be about another five minutes getting ready. But when he walked in the door, he was dressed like THAT.

"Um, hey Neil, what's up with the outfit?" she asked with a light laugh, trying not to show her alarm. "Are you in a play tonight or something?"

"What? Nope, 'course not. I'm taking you out on a date. This is just how I dress. Haha! I know it may seem weird, but I'm part of a plant-worshiping group and we have to dress like this to do our rituals. It's not a big deal, we just have sexual intercourse with plants to gain their leafy powers for ourselves. I was hoping you'd come to tonight's meeting with me."



Abigail kindly asked him to leave.

"Fuck you, Gilbert!" she thought to herself, as Neil walked out the door. Some misdirected anger there, I think, but okay.



Things were going much better back at the Dunkel homestead. The twins' suitors coordinated between themselves to do a... double proposal! Oh my gosh! How sweet and how neat! 



Aimee Joy and Anna Grace were absolutely ecstatic. This time they both say, "YES!" Looks like there's a double wedding in the (VERY NEAR) future!



NIKE! Don't worry, Cara was alone in the privacy of her beige bedroom as she celebrated her third pregnancy. #Blessed!



Adam and Mehrissa's boys were growing up. So far little Bryson was the only one with Mama's colouring.



Bear grew up too! Good dog.



Addyson liked to escape the Dunkel homestead now and then to visit her cousins' house, where there were only six people and a dog.



Happy Birthday, Braydon! Time for a haircut, I think, little buddy.



Much better!



Just as Mehrissa put Bryson down for his afternoon nap, she went into labour for the fifth time. This labour was the fastest yet, and they didn't even have a chance to call the midwife! Thankfully that baby just slid right out of her, a mere 10 pounds even, and she was back on her feet making tater tot casserole that very same night! Meet...



Brody Dunkel! Yep. It's another boy. Sorry Mehrissa - maybe next time! I mean, look on the bright side. There will definitely be a next time.



Adalyn was soooooo enjoying being a mommy. It was the most precious thing ever! As she watched her little David grow into a toddler, all she could think of was how much he looked like his daddy. Where was Hobart, anyway?



Out schmoozing, it seems. Look, the man is a DOCTOR, he has to make connections in the community. He can't be expected to sit around at home with his wife and kid all day. How else is he supposed to provide for them? And yes, he's at a disreputable establishment with GAMBLING, but that's where the work luncheon was held. He can't help that, can he?



Okay, I know this looks bad, but Dr. Amanda [mumbled last name] is European, okay? It would be the height of rudeness not to greet her with a kiss!



But it seems Hobart tried to do a little more than greet her, if you know what I mean. To her credit, she was having none of it. "Are you crazy, Hobart?" she exclaimed. "I know you're married! We're standing outside your own house, for God's sake! I'm out of here."

Hobart could only hope that this little 'misunderstanding' wouldn't get spread around town by his colleague...



Meanwhile, inside the house, Adalyn was about to welcome their second precious blessing! "Hobart! Hobart?! Where are you?!" she called. 



Oh well. Adalyn was sure he'd be along to welcome his newborn daughter Daisy to the world eventually.



A few days later, Abigail was surprised to see Hobart out and about downtown, and at the sort of establishment fundies usually steered clear of. "Hobart? What're you doing here?" she asked. "Didn't Adalyn just have a baby?"



Hobart laughed her off and told her he was there for a 'work event', but she watched in consternation as he sat down to play poker with some strange women, who seemed more than a little interested in how much money a doctor of his calibre made.



Guess who? While Abigail was out and about and worrying about her brother-in-law, her "ex-boyfriend" Gilbert showed up outside her house AGAIN. Good thing she wasn't there to see him, because there might have been a throw down, and not in a sexy way.


So long for now! Hope you enjoyed today's update. Check back soon for... a Dunkel Double Wedding! And so much more. Maybe a Dunkel restraining order, too (take a hint, Gilbert)!

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Posted (edited)

I hope Aimee Joy's boy took her to the nice Olive Garden!*

Rock on Abigail, I know, surprising isn't it, sometimes you don't marry the first male who looks your way! Who knew?

Double proposal...blerg. :my_sick: Although really, twins, so, sort of just one person. 

It's fine Hobart she will forgive you. What else can she do?

* I am an Australian so I know exactly nothing about Olive Garden, they might be the height of sophistication for all I know. 

Edited by Myfanwy

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Maggie Mae


1 hour ago, Myfanwy said:

* I am an Australian so I know exactly nothing about Olive Garden, they might be the height of sophistication for all I know. 

Any place that offers unlimited anything tends to not be height of sophistication. 


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Clueliss - I thought I read the 'nice' Olive Garden on here somewhere, it must have been on a JRod thread. Kinda proves it is ordinary. 

1 hour ago, Maggie Mae said:

Any place that offers unlimited anything tends to not be height of sophistication. 


Ha! True. unlimited anything is not really a thing here, except for the 10 remaining Sizzlers in the country everywhere else is all  pay all the time. Not that that makes them classy in anyway!

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4 hours ago, Queen said:

Will you continue with sharing the lives of the Dunkels with us, @singsingsing? ;) 

Yes! I keep thinking about them, then getting caught up in other things. :( But I will definitely be returning to the Dunkels before long. Way too many shenanigans going on to give up on them now.

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I saw that Dunkels and internet got backburnered for sanity. Just wanted to pop over and tell you that I hope things are going okay and you're doing well. And that I love your writing and think you're a talented storyteller. It's only a little driven by the fact the Dunkels are a fantastic little escape from my own world's craziness and I hope you're back soon. (No pressure!)


Gilbert the stalker (numba one Dunkel fan for life)

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Haha, thank you Gilbert. :D I'm back on the internet (that's one habit I'll never kick, I'm afraid) but just procrastinating on the Dunkels. Don't worry about pressuring me, the more people pressure me the more I'll remember it and get back to it, lol.

I'm actually going to try to get Chapter 15 up tomorrow (there are some serious shenanigans going on with these people), but I'm also typing up a list of all the kids and grandkids because it's starting to get confusin.

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2 hours ago, singsingsing said:

I'm actually going to try to get Chapter 15 up tomorrow (there are some serious shenanigans going on with these people), but I'm also typing up a list of all the kids and grandkids because it's starting to get confusin.

I might have added them to the official FJ lists :my_blush:

Wilbur (deceased) and Cathy Dunkel

  1. Adam and Mehrissa (and a puppy named Bear)
    1. Benjamin
    2. Braxton
    3. Braydon
    4. Bryson
    5. Brody
  2. Abigail
  3. Anna Grace (twin set 1) and Waylon Menon
  4. Aimee Joy (twin set 1) and Christian Cwik
  5. Andrew and Cara
    1. Charity
    2. Chloe
  6. Avalee (twin set 2)
  7. Adalyn (twin set 2) and Hobart Miceli
    1. David
    2. Daisy
  8. Abel 
  9. Asher
  10. Aliviah
  11. Alizah
  12. Aaron
  13. Alexander (adopted)
  14. Addyson (adopted)
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    • On 10/23/2020 at 10:17 AM, NotQuiteMotY said:

      Don't a lot of people do that? I bought some fiber equipment this year for my hobbies and suspect that while I like those activities the use will be sporadic.

      Oh for sure, but there are degrees. Some people learn to knit, make one hat and call it good. Some people by a bunch of yarn, knit everyone they know a hat for Christmas and then keep a drawer full of yarn for later when they want to knit again and never do. Then there are the ones who learn to knit, convert the guest bedroom into a knitting room and put up a wall of those cube shelves full of fancy expensive yarn and and buy shirts that say "Knit happens" and start an Etsy shop and then a few months later they're done with knitting. 

    • Grace

      Posted (edited)

      13 hours ago, HideousGreenShirt said:

      How much does Invisalign cost on average? 

      Sierra posted a story about taking her kids to the dentist and how she needs quite a bit of work done ($) so she can start Invisalign ($) soon. She was on her way to pottery class ($) after getting lunch ($). 

      Their family finances are inexplicable. 

      I wonder if she's going to get a sponsorship and have the rates greatly reduced or comped for naming the dentist/orthodontist she uses in her social media. I would totally get invisalign if the dentist was going to comp it just for me to talk about it online. ha.

      I just went back and watched her post....lady, you don't need to brush your teeth 3 times a day...you have grown a zillion babies and they have sucked all the nutrients out of your body....you need vitamins or something.  

      Edited by Grace
    • Melissa1977


      4 hours ago, ignorantobserver said:

      If they had the money, why not build an actual house made of materials that will last, even if it looks a little more humble ?

      I'm sure they had a better home before. With better I mean an average quality house, actually built by builders. But she wanted an enormous house with a low budget, and the weird McMansion is the result of that.

      I know the house is unsafe. But when I think about quiverful families living in normal-sized houses, I start to sweat. At least Braggie's children have room to move! Shupes, Andersons, Duggars years ago, they all turn normal houses in jails and firetraps, due to the excess of beds in each room and no privacy.never.ever.

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    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      Horrible decision, and I'm guessing the root cause has to do with man bun.  I'd just guess he's outright or borderline at least emotionally abusive. There's something about this situation that just isn't right. 

      Based on previous comments on Reddit, I'm confused as to whether they have an actual RV or are pulling a trailer.  At some point in the past, there was criticism over their vehicle being underpowered to pull their trailer. 

      Hope everything is safe for the sake of all those children. 

      Edited by Howl
    • Tangy Bee


      Sounds like a really bad decision right now. But fundies like to prove worldly people wrong. Food, gas, and RV maintenance will be top priority. I wonder if it's equipped with a washer and dryer. If not, then laundromats wil be a regular pit stop.

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