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    • @nelliebelle1197 gather your sheep, girl! I'm posting something! You deserve kudos for your Dear Leader skillz. Your flock mobilizes quickly after your barnyard holler and they do exactly as you say! Impressive. Such good little sheep. :)  

      Anyways, I just read this: "I loved and still love my husband, but watching the man who had been rather vain end up in diapers, urinating on himself, pooping his pants...it was a blessing when his suffering ended." - @feministxtian  from the last thread.

      I mean, I can't be the only one here with critical thinking skillz, right?? Did no one else read this and think What The Actual Fuck? Maybe send this woman a kind little PM gently suggesting that perhaps this kind of stuff should be kept private? Do y'all realize this forum is public?

      And no, this woman isn't really anonymous - she has a photo of her husband as the header of her profile.

      I guess I'll be the *that* person and give her a little heads-up, since none of y'all (who claim to be "sisters" here) refuse to help her.

      You're grieving. I get that. People grieve in all sorts of ways. I get that, too. But if you think this kind of public declaration is 'honoring' your husband's memory, I'm here to tell you that it's not. I understand the need to vent, to talk it out, to express your myriad of emotions.

      But a public internet forum is NOT one of them. Trust me. Your husband, if he was as 'vain' as you say he is, would be freaking mortified that you shared his most private moments of dying with strangers. I mean, how would you feel if the roles were reversed and it was HIM telling the worldwidenet YOUR incontinence problems while dying? yeah, yeah, I'm such a terrible person for saying this, etc, etc....but none of your so-called sisters here have told you. Shame on them.

      I'm sorry for your loss. I hope your grief lessens over time. But before posting anything on the www, just keep in mind that the internet is forever. Some things are TMI and best shared with your family, very close friends, or a therapist - privately.  


    • purjolok84


      @dripcurl It's more attention seeking behaviour; it's just really blatant on this occasion. How does Raquel benefit from anyone's opinion anyway? I doubt she'd take on criticism regarding her writing, and anything else will be mean comments and/or gushing compliments.


      I think my thoughts about Raquel's poetry should stay as thoughts.


      Edit to say: if it's just one word to affix to her poetry it may be simpler to do, but still ...



    • Mama Mia


      26 minutes ago, Melissa1977 said:

      How can it be possible, with the enormous cities you have? Or do residential areas/suburbs count as rural?

      It’s not. Over 90% of the LAND is considered rural, but only 19% of the PEOPLE live in rural areas.
      According to the census. 


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    • Melissa1977


      On 1/22/2020 at 11:14 AM, Gobsmacked said:

      Does Pa Keller have health problems?

      I seem to recall something about it.

      But I wonder if he kept most of the food for himself, à la Rodrigues. They were very poor and the girls were skinny. (*speculation)

    • Melissa1977


      7 hours ago, FleeJanaFree said:

      According to my Women' Shelter, 90% of Americans technically live in rural areas. 90%!!!!!

      How can it be possible, with the enormous cities you have? Or do residential areas/suburbs count as rural?

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