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Flowers in the Attic: "Holidays" Part 1

Maggie Mae


Holidays: Part 1 

This chapter opens with two paragraphs of "symbolic" text about the amaryllis. Much like winter, Christmas and Thanksgiving are coming. They've been in the attic for 100 days. I feel claustrophobic just thinking about that. They don't even have a tv yet, much less the internet (not invented for civilian use as of the writing of this novel, nor when it takes place.) They also do not have video games. I mean, I could probably survive 100 days in an attic with relatively little fuss if you gave me electricity, wi-fi, food, water, a shower, and a place to work out. Hell, I'd probably use at least 30 of those days on a single game of Civilization. Add in The Sims v whatever, maybe WoW and reddit/FJ? I'm set. Also, please don't make me share space with my creepy neckbeard brother and some obnoxious twins who hate everything. 

Bella Swan and her handsome brother Edward  Cathy and her "handsome" brother Christopher explain Thanksgiving to the twins in a very 80s way, that's to say, offensive. Cathy sets a table because their terrible mother made a promise (much like the Pilgrims did to the Native Americans, probably) to not murder  come to dinner with Thanksgiving food. She's late. Lots of excuses are given. The food is cold. Cathy and Chris love it anyway. The twins complain. These twins complain about everything. I'm almost rooting for the arsenic at this point. Give them some character other than "picky eaters" and "complainers." Has VC Andrews met a 4 year old? They are terrible but not all the time. Sometimes they fall asleep. Sometimes they fart on you and laugh about it and then you laugh because it's hilarious when they laugh. Sometimes they do cartwheels and hurt themselves or fill the vacuum with shampoo. 

Cathy congratulates herself on setting a table like a good proper housewife and describes the china, which I find quite boring. I suppose if she was real and lived, Cathy would be old enough to be my grandmother, so fair enough that her biggest thrill right now is a china pattern. She is complimented by her mother about the table setting, so she feels bad for mother and all the terrible awful problems she had sneaking away from her nice meal to feed her four children whom she locked in an attic. Poor mother, she has it so hard, she's just not smart enough to realize that she could, in fact, take her children and move to california or new york or back to Pennsylvania. 



Good-golly day! We sure did complicate her life, all right!


It's not your fault, Cathy. 

The twins don't know what gravy is, and Chris says something about Eskimos loving cold food, which is absurdly weird and offensive. Also that Eskimos are Indians which is also not true. And Indians are a part of Thanksgiving Day traditions, which I guess is true but also Native Americans aren't super cool with that. But whatever, this book is old. Neckbeard continues to lecture his family about "Indians" and how they "trekked over from Asia, and some liked ice and snow so much they stayed on, while others had better sense, and moved on down." Now, we often joke about people staying in the arctic, but the thing is, they had it really good. The winters are harsh, but the summers are mild and full of berry picking and bear hunting and whale hunting and caribou hunting. Food is plentiful in the far north, or it was.  We've got so much fish in our streams that we can fish while bears fish. It's not the hellscape that people make it out to be. I can see why native americans made it their home. We don't have very many natural disasters to worry about, other than volcanos and earthquakes. But whatever, Chris is a judgemental asshole rapist, what can you expect? Also he is shoving food into his mouth and being very gross about it. Closing his eyes and whatnot. 

The twins won't because the food is cold and lumpy. Also they are 4. 

Cathy goes to clear the table and she's super excited when her brother decides to help. He even kisses her on the cheeks. 


And boy, if good food could do that for a man, I was all for learning gourmet cooking.

He's your 15 year old brother, not a man. And thanksgiving dinner is not gourmet. Any idiot can set their house on fire deep frying a turkey. 

After Turkey Day, the twins get sick with a cold. Cathy is over dramatic about it. Maybe I'm harsh. She's, what, 12? 12 year olds are dramatic. She's mad because she can't get a minute with her mom without the grandmother hanging about. The thermometer read 103.6 and the "mother" want to take them to a doctor/hospital. Grandmother disagrees, saying that children run high fevers. True, but you should do something. IV fluids, alcohol bath, aspirin, something. Christopher believes it's a flu virus, not a cold. Not that there is a huge difference in the treatment of the two afflictions. 

They survive but are not as rambunctious. It's 19 days of being sick, as well. Right in the middle of holiday season, so I'm certain the mother was out at functions, doing the party circuit. Cathy wants her to sneak them out. Instead Mother brings them vitamins. Cathy points out that they  need to get out of that house. 

Chris yells at her for  yelling at the mother. Because he's a giant turd. 

Apparently he's been given a polaroid camera and a watch for his birthday. Two things he probably doesn't need as he's trapped in an attic where time doesn't matter. 

That's it for this entry! 





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I had this great mental image of Chris playing WoW and not caring that they were trapped in an attic because he had to get all 10 character slots to level 110. (Or whatever level it is now, I haven't played in awhile). Then, instead of falling in love with him, Cathy is utterly repelled by her slothlike brother and swears off all men.

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I am having way too much fun reading these recaps. I just snorted, very loudly, while trying to hold back a laugh, because I'm at work. I didn't see any gopher heads popping up over the cubicles to discover the source of the rude noise I made though, so I may be in the clear.

I took these books SO SERIOUSLY when I was young and waited breathlessly for each new installment. Between the first three books and My Sweet Audrina - damn!

Of course now I'm waiting breathlessly for each new recap... :pb_biggrin:

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Again, TeamCarrie.  What kind of monster puts pecans in cranberry sauce which should be clear jellied with no lumps or bumps.  And gravy was invented to ruin food.

And the mother knows the older kids are sunbathing naked and her only admonition is to keep it from the grandmother.  This is a woman who knows children result from incest.  Was this foreshadowing that they were never getting out?  So it didn't matter if Cathy got pregnant since none of them would make it out?

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wild little fox


Thank you for your recaps. I find them an entertaining distraction and you're saving me from having to read them again. 😂

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Maggie Mae


15 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

 And gravy was invented to ruin food.

Gravy was invented to make almost rotting food edible. It's gross, and it's one of those things that crappy restaurants do to make their food "better." 

15 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

And the mother knows the older kids are sunbathing naked and her only admonition is to keep it from the grandmother. 

I would so like to read what is happening in the rest of the house while Cathy suffers in the attic. Like, what is Corrine thinking? What is the Grandmother thinking? What do they talk about? What do they do all day? How do they explain the accordion music? If Grandfather (is his name Maxwell?) really bedbound, then what is he going to do if they disobey him? 

15 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

This is a woman who knows children result from incest.  Was this foreshadowing that they were never getting out?  So it didn't matter if Cathy got pregnant since none of them would make it out?

I was trying to pay attention to when the arsenic donuts started to show up but I forgot. I wonder when Grandmother and Mommy Dearest decided to start poisoning the kids. Did they discuss it? 

2 hours ago, wild little fox said:

Thank you for your recaps. I find them an entertaining distraction and you're saving me from having to read them again. 😂

Thanks! I started this project over a year ago, and Buffy just got back and saw them for the first time! Makes me want to write more, with all these compliments going to my head. 

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30 minutes ago, Maggie Mae said:

(is his name Maxwell?)

Malcom.  But there are shades of Stevehova so I can see where you'd think Maxwell.

30 minutes ago, Maggie Mae said:

I would so like to read what is happening in the rest of the house while Cathy suffers in the attic.

This would be fun to write - a fanwank of what we think went on when the door was locked.  I'm happy to write up what I think was going on if you're interested.

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    • Pecansforeveryone


      If I have a pet fundie, it would be Sounds Like Reign. They are pretty mellow and not overtly hateful in to their videos. I am not giving their beliefs a pass, I am just glad not all fundies are Jill Rodriguez. 

    • ViolaSebastian


      Wait, she's going to work for free for this drama company for a year, but they're charging HER for tuition? What a scam. 

    • Mama Mia


      But...but... if we don’t shame women for using canned food for easy meals, how can we make them feel like the worthless, lazy, trash they are ? They surely aren’t being good girls ! Why aren’t they working harder to please their husbands ? 

      I really don’t get how people can claim to hate the misogyny of the fundamentalists - and then pull the exact. same. shit. 



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      26 minutes ago, delphinium65 said:

      I wouldn't see a problem with hiring a housekeeper if one is needed/finances allow.  Lori should just quit being such a hypocritical bitch about how other people manage their households.  

      I absolutely agree, and wish I could afford a housekeeper myself! BUT, I'm not going around telling people who are barely scraping by that they should stay home and take care of their house, either. Lori knows nothing of kindness, there's something very wrong with her. I'm kind of glad she went all super-Christian, because who knows what sort of terror she would have wrought if she wasn't afraid of hell! She tried to kick her own pet cat. Hard enough to severely injure or kill it, if she hadn't missed and hurt herself instead. I'd bet there are some serial killers who'd be ashamed of something like that, but she brags about it.

      I think she knows all about the "(Einkorn) bread of idleness" though. That's making tiny infants sleep through the night so she can get her sleep, taking naps during the day while the nanny holds the baby, spending months in Door County on vacation every year, making one huge slimy salad to last the week so she doesn't have to actually cook if she doesn't feel like it - even if her children desperately want something else to eat, and spending hours and hours every day doing "research" on the internet while her husband works and the housekeeper cleans around her.

      She's so hypocritical!

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      NY used to have a law that you couldn't buy beer before noon on Sunday, but I believe that's been rescinded.  Beer and wine coolers(but not wine itself, despite many legislative attempts)can be sold in grocery stores, and I think I read that beer is specifically prohibited to be sold in liquor stores.  Weird.