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Everything Sucks : A Poem

Maggie Mae



Okay, so it's not really a poem. But here is a list of everything that sucks right now. No particular order of importance. 

Things that are OK. 

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It seems like you're pretty depressed- badly enough to be having executive function issues. You might want to talk to a doctor about that- antidepressants don't have to be a life sentence (mine will be, but I've never NOT been depressed), loads of people only need a little boost to get over a hump. If you're anti-pharmaceutical help, I know there's loads of people here on FJ who've offered an ear to anyone having a terrible time of it. And strange as it may sound, that may help- sometimes when I'm in a rut, all I really need is someone to present my accomplishments to, like my cat does with dead stuff.

RE weight/exercise: no idea about your gym, so obviously YMMV, but my gym has a couple different levels of spin class and the "fun/beginner" level one is honestly pretty accessible. You'd re-acclimate pretty quickly, it's not like you're an actual beginner, and starting to do something about that might help you feel better about everything else. It's also a fabulous excuse to reach out to people- most people don't see "hey, can I come to spin with you this week" as a burden, so you could start re-establishing old friendships in a low-key way.

That probably all sounds like a tremendous amount of work that's impossible and won't help anyway. But that's sad brain talking. You can't trust sad brain, it's trying to fucking kill you.

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Amen!  Good to write it out, huh?  I hope things get better.  Sometimes I turn off the news, in all forms.  I've made a big effort to not read the comments!!!!!   Seriously, WTF is wrong with those people?  I just stopped, I look very rarely.  I take a look at my real life and the real people I interact with and go from that.  So not like the comments section.  Thankfully!  

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Strength and hugs. You are not alone, though I understand completely the feeling.

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    • Angelface


      3 hours ago, CanadianMamam said:

      I think I am right about JD being a groomsmen because he and Abbie are at the rehearsal (Esther's SIL had a video in her story and you can see them) while Joy is not and is sightseeing 

      Joy is watching Willow, Layla and possibly Bella Duggar whilst they are spinning around per Carlin’s Instagram stories, so she is at the rehearsal dinner. 

    • postscript


      On 10/15/2021 at 12:30 AM, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      Courtney Rogers:  Candace or Cassidy or Campbell


      I would say Candace is too close to Charis. However, she’s already got a Callie and a Callena, a Case and a Cash, a Cade and a Caydie. Oh, never mind.

      Cassidy is a good possibility for her. I’m surprised she hasn’t already used Cassie. 

    • Dandruff


      1 hour ago, Jana814 said:

      I think you are right. Although John-David was Josh’s best man. But Josh wasn’t for John-David. John said in the special after the first scandal that he no longer respected Josh & I’m sure his respect for him has gone further down since. 

      I suspect John-David and many others had lost respect for Josh a long time before but were expected to treat him as their responsible older brother for the show.  Once the Ashley Madison news broke, and the original show was discontinued, I believe it became OK for them to say what they thought of him.

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    • Lady Dondarrion


      Cherin gender and name have been revealed:


      It's a GIRL!


      Finley Marie

    • CTRLZero


      In the footsteps of Dan Grider.  Really, I was on a pub crawl, but was thinking of y'all as I passed this infamous building in Nashville.  ☺️ 






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