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Everything Sucks : A Poem

Maggie Mae



Okay, so it's not really a poem. But here is a list of everything that sucks right now. No particular order of importance. 

Things that are OK. 

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It seems like you're pretty depressed- badly enough to be having executive function issues. You might want to talk to a doctor about that- antidepressants don't have to be a life sentence (mine will be, but I've never NOT been depressed), loads of people only need a little boost to get over a hump. If you're anti-pharmaceutical help, I know there's loads of people here on FJ who've offered an ear to anyone having a terrible time of it. And strange as it may sound, that may help- sometimes when I'm in a rut, all I really need is someone to present my accomplishments to, like my cat does with dead stuff.

RE weight/exercise: no idea about your gym, so obviously YMMV, but my gym has a couple different levels of spin class and the "fun/beginner" level one is honestly pretty accessible. You'd re-acclimate pretty quickly, it's not like you're an actual beginner, and starting to do something about that might help you feel better about everything else. It's also a fabulous excuse to reach out to people- most people don't see "hey, can I come to spin with you this week" as a burden, so you could start re-establishing old friendships in a low-key way.

That probably all sounds like a tremendous amount of work that's impossible and won't help anyway. But that's sad brain talking. You can't trust sad brain, it's trying to fucking kill you.

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Amen!  Good to write it out, huh?  I hope things get better.  Sometimes I turn off the news, in all forms.  I've made a big effort to not read the comments!!!!!   Seriously, WTF is wrong with those people?  I just stopped, I look very rarely.  I take a look at my real life and the real people I interact with and go from that.  So not like the comments section.  Thankfully!  

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Strength and hugs. You are not alone, though I understand completely the feeling.

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    • Giraffe


      13 minutes ago, Father Son Holy Goat said:


      This is when we need the TLC cameras! 

      Duggars Behind Bars: A Very Special Episode

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    • Father Son Holy Goat


      I can understand not buying a new dress for a postpartum party but it’s a shame. Her hair would look great with that shade of blue. 

    • indianabones


      On 8/5/2022 at 8:50 AM, HereticHick said:

      Why do we think its real?

      No one has ever created a fake baby registry for a Duggar or a Bates (unlike the fake wedding registries that have popped up). And according to Duggar Data, the due dates associated with their registries have always been accurate.

    • Father Son Holy Goat


      On 8/12/2022 at 9:03 PM, patsymae said:

      Anna is totally going to lose her shit the first time she shows up as an ordinary visitor.

      Her experience in prisons is coming in as part of a religious group that doesn't have to wait in line, is escorted to a room where they get to mingle with prisoners who are sitting around in chairs and talking, and in general being treated by both staff and inmates with a certain degree of deference, or at least politeness.

      Reality is going to be a big shock. I wonder if she'll even want to go back.


      13 hours ago, Four is Enough said:

      Anna will have to suck it up and be wanded like the rest of the visitors. 

      She'll go back, though, because she, as a Christian woman in a covenant marriage, must support her spouse utterly. She "knows" he's completely innocent and she will stand by him. I think that even if he started spouting the truth about what he did and what he watched and how he enjoyed it, she would still be standing there listening and looking at him with that adoring expression.

      What I don't know is: Is she stupid or is she stubborn? Or is it a mix of both?

      This is when we need the TLC cameras! 

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    • Father Son Holy Goat


      On 8/12/2022 at 12:57 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      What’s sad is that I could easily see JB cutting off contact between Jill and Jenny because of their rift. 

      I think he already has.

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