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Totally Not A Blog

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A Theory Too Far (+ CAT PHOTOS)

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+Since Free Jinger is a snark site I feel that it's okay for me to extend the snark to my not-a-blog, although my snark topic has nothing to do with FJ or religion. In fact, it's about a different kind of fundamentalism altogether.

Let's talk about Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire theory channels on YouTube.

I am an avid reader of the books. Back in the day I was a fan of the show as well, but that's been waning since season 4 and I only continue watching because aspects of the show apart from the script and story are amazing (incredible performances, cinematography, costumes and scenery), plus of course it's my only taste of The Winds of Winter (apart from the sample chapters).

I discovered early on that I don't really fit in with the ASOIAF fandom, because I don't theorise. Theorising is a major part of the fandom for the books and the show. I will only consider theories with strong textual evidence and even then the only two major theories I've ever bought into were R+L=J (the most famous theory, about Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen being Jon Snow's parents) and Gravedigger (The Hound is alive and living as a monk in the Quiet Isles).
There are some minor theories that I think are highly probable, such as the man in Oldtown who steals the key to the Citadel being Jaqen H'Ghar and minor theories that are all but confirmed like Ser Robert Strong's identity. The show has given the answer to all but one of those two theories.
Basically, it takes a lot to convince me and the evidence must be based in the text, or something Martin has said (but text is always the most convincing since George is only human and has made mistakes that his editors and proof readers later corrected). Using one of your theories to prove another of your theories is never going to fly with me, but that's exactly what so many theorists do.

I subscribe to many Game of Thrones and ASOIAF theory channels on YouTube. One of these channels is run by a guy called Preston Jacobs who has a bit of a bum rap in the fandom for coming up with outrageous theories.
Well, the people who criticise him should see some of the smaller channels I've found, because they are so completely out there that it's insane at times.

One has become my favourite just based on the sheer intensity with which they push their theories, and because they honestly believe they're helping to 'bring clarity' to the show and books.

I want to be clear that I have nothing against the channel or the people running it, I just find their work to be outlandish and at times comically so.
For example, they've made a five part series (with each part being roughly 30 minutes) arguing that Catelyn Stark is literally the worst character in the series. Not Ramsay Bolton, who hunts girls for sport and then rapes and flays them (sometimes alive, sometimes dead depending on how good their sport was) and systematically tortured and broke down Theon, not Euron Greyjoy who cuts the tongues out of his crewmen, raped his younger brothers, tortures and mutilates people on a regular basis.
Not Littlefinger, who is responsible for starting the War of the Five Kings, framed Sansa and Tyrion for the death of Joffery, pushed Lysa Arryn out the Moon Door and then blamed Marillion the singer, who eventually died for his supposed crime, and is arguably plotting to murder Sweetrobin, who is a seven-year-old boy. There are so many horrible people, but they sincerely believe that Cat Stark is the worst of them all because she's selfish and treats Jon poorly and is totally plotting with Maester Luwin and has Southron ambitions.

They once scoffed at me in the comments for thinking Val the Wildling was just that - Val the Wildling, rather than a highborn maid from Dorne. It made my day that they replied to me!
They're definitely my favourite theory channel, I watch everything they put out. Their biggest flaw (apart from assuming they're making things clearer for their viewers) is using their arguments as evidence to prop up other arguments. For example, if they had a theory about Joffery's wedding pie being made with ravens instead of pigeon, and they had another video about the importance of ravens to the story, they would use the video about the pigeon pie being made from ravens as evidence of the importance of ravens to the story, even though it's a theory rather than a fact.
If they scaled back on the whole 'we're bringing clarity' thing and used only canon sources instead of their own theories as the basis for other theories I think they'd be quite a successful small channel. I think they stretch way too far when creating arguments, but I can't deny that their videos are interesting. I feel bad for Preston getting so much negative press in the community when other people with smaller channels are guilty of way more out there theories.

People who consider themselves GoT/ASOIAF theorists tend to fit into one of two categories: Those who see symbolism in everything and take it too far and those who take things literally and take the literalism too far.
Sometimes things ARE literal. Sometimes things ARE symbolic. It's just when people become fundamentalists about it that things fall apart.

As promised: CAT PHOTOS






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Not a GoT theorist of any sort.  Oh - and I'm here for the cat porn.

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8 hours ago, clueliss said:

Not a GoT theorist of any sort.  Oh - and I'm here for the cat porn.

Aren't we all here for cat porn though? I need to take more photos. The box one killed me with adorableness.

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I won't lie, I came here just for adorable cat pictures.  

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Oh such a floofy kitty and those sweet paws. Bad day instantly made a bit brighter by kitties. 

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13 hours ago, JabberJabber said:

Oh such a floofy kitty and those sweet paws. Bad day instantly made a bit brighter by kitties. 

My husband and I always talk about how he's the floofiest cat we've ever seen. They really do make my day. I miss having my golden oldie with me (we decided it was best to let her stay with my parents rather than have a blind and deaf 18-year-old cat learn to navigate a new space), but I visit her all the time.

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I'm a bit late to the cat porn party.

I'll buy into R+L=J as I cannot imagine a man with such personal honor as Ned Stark conceiving a bastard child.  People read so much into every little detail, I agree. Sometimes it's just flavor text.

Martin is playing with his other projects instead of finishing the series and that's his prerogative. I'm wondering if he won't pull a Robert Jordan and die on us leaving someone else to peek at the notes and finish it already. 

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Maggie Mae


I came for the cats but stayed for the GoT chat. 

I never considered R+L=J to be "a theory" as it seemed pretty much spelled out in the book. Even more so with the Gravedigger and Frey Pies. I was pretty surprised when I found out that some people didn't think that the Gravedigger is the Hound. It's right there in the text! However, I don't agree with the Cleganebowl theorists as I think it was just the end of his story. In the books, anyway. I could be wrong. 

Ashara Dayne threw me for a bit of a loop with R+L, but I'm confident that Jon is the son of Ice and Fire. 

There's a lot happening in these books. I think it's human nature to speculate and try to guess what will happen.  Since they aren't finished, everything is foreshadowing! Sarrella is Allerras! Here's another secret Targaryen! Oh wait, if you read the history book it appears that Tyrion is a Targ! That's why he likes dragons! 

The only character who seems to escape rabid hate and/or a secret identity is Sam. But then again there is the Maester Grand Conspiracy. 

I'd be interested in this small video channel. 

1 hour ago, Khan said:

Martin is playing with his other projects instead of finishing the series and that's his prerogative. I'm wondering if he won't pull a Robert Jordan and die on us leaving someone else to peek at the notes and finish it already. 

I believe that he has stated that in the event of his death, his wife is to destroy all unfinished work.  No one will be ghost writing ASOIAF. :(

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      I haven't finished The GOT series yet and though I really enjoyed themI can't seem to get back to them. I don't know what's wrong with me. This is probably my favorite genre too.

       Your kitties are adorable the ginger cat 'making biscuits' on your arm melts my heart.

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      RC JR only and ever refers to his sins of personal weakness -- Ashley Madison and driving drunk -- when he talks about his scandals. Those are handy for a variety of reasons. They are relatable -- most of us have at least been tempted in the direction of lust or booze. They also allow you draw a bright line by saying you are now faithfully married and sober. 

      He never mentions being defrocked in 2006 for bullying, lying, ignoring his denomination's own doctrine, and fleecing his congregation. He never mentions that while he is whining for money, his parents' ministry (from which he resigned after his arrest) is still paying him more than a living wage for doing nothing much. (Or at least they were paying last year; maybe they've pulled the plug.) He doesn't mention that his grown children, the people who've known him best close up, are estranged from him and Lisa.

      I know that evangelicals love a good redemption story, but he doesn't even tell a good one. No juicy details, no advice -- besides "Jesus" -- for learning to deal with life without booze after all those years, or for rebuilding relationships with people you've hurt.

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      2 hours ago, Banyan said:

      I’m sure if I ran across James MacDonald or Mark Driscoll my own mind wouldn’t immediately turn to ways they have been used in the kingdom.

      "All the other guys do it, too!!!" 

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      Wow, what a beautiful girl Jenni is! The only person I've ever seen adolescence agree with - she looks really at ease in her skin, which tbh I never thought she did as a child. She's always come over as quite unhappy and awkward to me.

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      On 8/1/2020 at 5:04 PM, SassyPants said:



      On 8/3/2020 at 7:27 AM, SassyPants said:

      I agree the show needs to go. It’s about nothing. However, if JB is actually receiving all of the money and doles it out as he sees fit, and of course we can only speculate and talk about what some (Derick) have said about this, then I think JB and Michelle should be working on the show in some capacity. I don’t want to see any minor kids though. They need to stop exploiting minors to make ends meet. I’m sure they are familiar with the adage, ‘if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them.” People of their politically ilk love that one.

      I agree also the show must go.

      Is it weird I still have the post of when you said the show must go before the wedding of Jessa and Ben. I saved it.....

      Then I was like NEVER EVER - I need to see the wedding....

      Now I am like cancel the damn show.


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      12 hours ago, lilith said:

      Abby came pretty soon after Susannah I think

      Abby was born 14 months after Susannah. 

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