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    • nelliebelle1197


      8 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      It can't be posted enough. White Chicks nailed the look of these two. Heck, Mrs. Midwest has the same look. 

      Do these right kind of christian blogs all watch the same youtube video to achieve this vanilla look? 

      Actually they copied White Chicks.

    • browngrl


      5 hours ago, Paperplate said:

      that drab aesthetic

      I am decidedly not a fundie but I have just decorated my home in a way that I think Josie Balka and Charlotte Brandyberry (among other fundies) would heartily approve of. It is all shades of grey (I think the grey I've used for the living room is the same shade of grey Whitney Bates chose). The only pops of colour are muted orange (like Campbell Morton seems to like) or muted mustard/rust (as Charlotte seems to like). I have a sofa that looks a bit like Charlotte's too.  It is a very monochrome decor scheme. Well I don't care if the fundies share my decor sensibilities! I love the drab colours - so soothing, so calming.  😀

    • feministxtian


      Even within a city that has public transportation, it isn't terribly time efficient. To get from my house to the doctor's office (about the furthest I drive) by car is 15 minutes. Bus? Over an hour. For my son to get to school, it's a 15-20 minute drive. Bus? pushing 2 hours. 

      I drive. You will pry my steering wheel out of my cold, dead hands. I've been a victim of a stupid driver and here in Sin City we have them in spades (hence the high insurance rates). Sorry, I will drive to do what I need to do. Don't like it? Too bad, so sad buttercup. 

      I've had my license almost 40 years now and have had exactly ONE accident that was my fault...in 1981. Got my first speeding ticket in over 20 years a few months ago. 

      Don't shit on all drivers...

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    • QuiverFullofBooks


      On 1/22/2020 at 12:29 PM, medimus said:

      This is off topic, but I found it a bit silly that the American version of world's strictest parents continued to call it that when all the families they sent kids to were American. The UK and Australian versions sent kids all around the world. It is completely irrelevant, but just bugs me a little.😅

      You know that the US baseball championship is called the World Series?

    • ManyGoats


      3 hours ago, SpecialAgentCookieCrisp said:

      And good Lord, lots of baby making happening there as you can see in the announcements. 

      I think that's how a lot of cults grow their membership.

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