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FJ Colorists Unite

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Christmas Ornaments



I follow Johanna Basford on Facebook, and she posted these free downloadables!  You can find them here https://www.johannabasford.com/blog/; I would love to see what other FJ colorists come up with! As always, I used my Prismacolor scholar pencils.  I also decided to cut out the ornaments and hang them on my wall as some decoration. :) Ho ho ho






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Cutting them out is a great idea.  I should make some of those for my husband this year.  They always have an office door decorating contest and every. single. year.  he put up a tiny piece of white paper with the words "bah humbug" written on it.

Something like this would at least dress up his door a little bit and the entire office would probably faint from not seeing his little bah humbug sign.

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On 9/25/2017 at 9:39 PM, Curious said:

Cutting them out is a great idea.  I should make some of those for my husband this year.  They always have an office door decorating contest and every. single. year.  he put up a tiny piece of white paper with the words "bah humbug" written on it.

Something like this would at least dress up his door a little bit and the entire office would probably faint from not seeing his little bah humbug sign.

hahaha that's amazing. Joanna is also doing a special Halloween downloadable this year, though it isn't released for a while. I'm dying to see it!

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49 minutes ago, nomoxian said:

@CuriousOr maybe colour in a picture of the Grinch!

That's actually a good idea.  I am going to tuck that away for use at Christmas :)

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    • MamaJunebug


      It’s BRADRICK! all over again as BOTKIN!! (2 exclamation points for being v2.0)

      What young man searching for answers would be impressed by Geoff? One of his 3 (?) married sons has done pulled up and gone. His beautiful daughters’ ovaries are doing nothing to produce geoffly grandchildren because of Geoff and his wife looks way older than her years. 

      Why would a young man take encouragement, much less direction, from that? 

    • Howl


      3 hours ago, Sops2 said:

      She looks very happy. -Still wearing matching polos!!!

      And both buttoned up all the way! 


      • I Agree 1
    • Columbia


      I was wondering when we’d hear from him about this. Geoff was never one to let a good crisis go to waste, as evidenced by his Y2K book. 
      I’m curious why the need to start a new brand. Why not just develop this into Western Conservatory somehow, instead of getting a brand new website? Frankly it just looks like yet another halfhearted project to be forgotten. Shouldn’t you still be working on your plan to develop South Sudan, Geoff?

    • thoughtful


      The first service in Maine was indoors - maybe it rained yesterday, or Gary couldn't get together a team to put up the tent while he filmed. This church seems prettier than most they grift from - those windows help:



      The pastor announces the hymn The Fight is On, and jokes how, when he was in Bible school, that was always the hymn sung at Wednesday night service when there was a wedding scheduled for the weekend. Ha ha ha.

      They belt it out, a capella. I've never heard this one before - it really has a college football fight song to it. There's a recording of it played on piano, at the link above, if anyone wants to be amused. Rah rah rah - go team! Fight sin!

      After collection, he gives them a choice of hymns to do next, and a woman calls out "Let's do 'em both." So they do, a capella, then the Hawkinses come up to sing I'm Gonna Die on the Battlefield at the piano. I fast-forwarded through it all. I have my limits when it comes to enduring (or endearing, as Gary says) torture.

      Gary has actually brought his Bible up, and set it on the piano before they sang. Good job, Gar. Jacob still has to bring him a bottle of water. Ah, well.

      This is a yelling church, and everything Gary says gets "c'mon, preacher!" and "I like that!" "oooooh," grunting, and even whistling responses, which adds to the feeling they're watching sports or having sex. The pastor acts like he's hearing the best comedy act ever, slapping his knee and looking around to see who else loved that last punch line.

      Gary rambles before and after announcing 2 Timothy 4:1-7. He says his theme is "fightin' the good fight" this time, but we've heard his thoughts on these verses many times; anything new or especially bizarre is below.

      He tells us that Jacob has some knives, and Gary asks him why he's bringing a knife to a gunfight. Let's hope the latter is just metaphorical.

      "You see what's goin' on and our freedoms 'n' all those different kinds o' things, they're being taken away from ussss. And they was fought, for our, from our forefathers."

      "We got a bunch o' sissies in our pulpits today! We got a bunch o' sissies, hanging back 'n' jus' settin' back and jus' lettin' things go. Paul didn't, 'n' ah'm gonna tell ya raht now, what I wanna know about Paul er he wasn't no sissy. Now ah did hear a preacher trah to put him down to bein' a sissy one tahm, but ah'm gonna tell ya raht now, ah have studied the Bahble, and he ain't no, he ain't no sissy, and a sissy ain't gonna set in jail for the cause of Christ AMEN!"

      Matthew 16:18-20 Peter is the rock. My first thought was that next would either be "if the building ain't the church, burn it down" or "my Catholic stalker."

      It was the former, with the added ornamental trills: "I've heard this thing so much through the pandemic, it's about making me - and I know it's making God puke amen" and "ah told 'em to burn the stinkin' thing down, amen? Ah'm jus' mad enough to do it. If you're mad enough to act stupid, ah'm mad enough to tell you off."

      "Mad enough," all three times, may have been "man enough" - hard to tell. Either way, Gary is being an ass, so does it matter?

      Gary gets heated up, takes his phone out of his jacket pocket (taking no chances with what he really values) and gives the jacket a toss to the piano, without even looking:



      Gary, you're a fuckin' Fred Astaire.

      He tells us to check his Facebook if we want to know how nasty he is, and tells us how he insulted his cousin, who claimed that it was OK to stay home, because she and her daddy were having church every day. "So if ya talk about church, you're havin' church, amen? 'N' ah said why in the world are you runnin' your mouth? You don't even go to church when there is church!"

      He says something too garbled to understand (30:00 if anyone wants to give it a try), but clearly negative, about preacher's wives, because he follows it with "because they think they're better'n somebody else."

      Even the few times he's missed church since the pandemic started was killing him.

      The healing preachers on TV have all disappeared. He mocks Kenneth Copeland for a while.

      After one of Gary's especially loud screams of "THE CHURCH!" the pastor puts his finger in his ear and rubs at it - I think that one hurt, Gar.



      Isaiah 40:8 - The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

      "This boook is alahv! It ain't a dead boook, it ain't a book that you, uh, it ain't a fairy-tale book with some stuff that somebody made up - this is THE BOOK!"

      Fizzions 5:22-33 Gary on marriage - great.

      He says his boy "fell in love, fell in somethin', ah ain't tell ya, haven't figured out what it is yet. He'll figure it out real soon, now."

      He retells the story about Becky telling him he was in the "wrong prayer closet" when he told her they were going on the road to preach, and how, when he met her "she was an NIVer." Gary pauses after the latter, and the congregation goes completely silent, as if he'd said she was a murderer.

      He told her she was wrong, and she "got over it, amen" - they all chuckle, including Becky.

      Proverbs 22:6 -  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

      I shall resume after teaching, but I bet Gary will tell us to vote for Trump and whip our children - I'd prefer it the other way around, Gary.

      As Douglas MacArthur once said . . .




    • 48 minutes ago, RFsurvivor said:

      I mean just look at the pictures from their daycamp on Facebook. They are following little to none of the guidelines. No masks anywhere. I doubt they are sanitizing a giant inflatable slide when it should be. I see groups larger than recommended. They normally split up into ages and gender groups so they are increasing exposure by not keeping family units together. Social distancing does not seem to exist. 

      I mean, how much do you have to hate people to risk them? They have elderly and immunocompromised people... 

      But I'm sure those that have been diagnosed are being treated as sinners - it's their fault - which I'm sure is part of the testing reluctance.

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