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FJ Colorists Unite

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Last Christmas Picture



Finished my first coloring book. I have a new one coming on Wednesday along with 50 new colored pencils, which is a big upgrade for me :) Looking forward to staring my new book and sharing it with you all. 


I included an In Progress shot of the baubles for funsies.



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You finished one whole book?  Wow I am impressed.  I have not come close (and my husband points out I have PLENTY of books!).  That's an accomplishment all on it's own.   It's almost time to start Christmas coloring again :)

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    • indianabones


      I got at least two of them. No side affects.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      49 minutes ago, front hugs > duggs said:

      Side note, since Abbie loveeeees appropriating Jewish and/or Israeli culture: the Hebrew word for carrot is the slang for red head. Kind of sounds like "gezzer" where the g sounds is like in 'get'.

      Why is it relevant that Simon is 13 and in Jewish tradition he becomes a man? Because he very much does not live in Jewish tradition by, I dunno, believing in Jesus.

      Because her parents are messianic. She obviously decided to not be messianic as an adult but I wonder how she would take it if any of her kids decided they would not follow her faith as adults. I have a feeling she wouldn’t be very understanding. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      7 minutes ago, browngrl said:

      That's got to piss off Katie. That girl wants him pop the question very badly.

      Then she should’ve dated an older man like her sisters. That’s why hey were able to marry so young. Travis is a little younger than Katie and his parents probably expect him to finish college. Of course they can marry during college. But it would make things harder. But Travis comes from a well off family so maybe they would pay for a live in nanny or something.

    • browngrl


      On 11/26/2020 at 1:30 PM, raayx01 said:

      Travis Clark's (Katie Bates boyfriend) sister Kayla got engaged to Cameron Manaraze

      That's got to piss off Katie. That girl wants him pop the question very badly.

    • That baby's hair is a bit reddish gold. She has reddish undertones to her hair so it wouldn't surprise me if he did have reddish hair.  

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