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FJ Colorists Unite

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Last Christmas Picture



Finished my first coloring book. I have a new one coming on Wednesday along with 50 new colored pencils, which is a big upgrade for me :) Looking forward to staring my new book and sharing it with you all. 


I included an In Progress shot of the baubles for funsies.



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You finished one whole book?  Wow I am impressed.  I have not come close (and my husband points out I have PLENTY of books!).  That's an accomplishment all on it's own.   It's almost time to start Christmas coloring again :)

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  • Posts

    • Satan'sFortress


      On 1/26/2021 at 8:11 PM, Not that josh's mom said:

      I learned that you shouldn't try to make divinity if the humidity was high. Always trust my grandma.

      My grandmother said to cut brownies with a plastic knife. I've always done so.  We just don't question these things.

    • libgirl2


      On 1/26/2021 at 12:01 PM, Knight of Ni said:

      I tried making divinity before and it was a complete disaster.  But if you ever want something that's the consistency of sheetrock mud hit me up.

      My mom couldn't bake, but she made a great divinity. 

      23 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

      @Not that josh's mom,  I was just going to say that!  It's better to not make any candy on humid days, but divinity is definitely in that category.  

      I think my mom learned how to make growing up in the DR, but I could be wrong. The one thing she did learn from there that they use all the time is Dominican merengue, which they call suspiro. She used to make it for me as a child and feed it to me as a treat.  

      • Love 1
    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, libgirl2 said:

      I am paraphrasing but I recently read a book by a Baptist pastor, MAGA Seduction, he talked about how yes he finds abortion abhorent but both sides NEED that issue. It is a voting "carrot" dangled in front of the masses. 

      It just astounds me that the 100% anti-abortion crowd are the very same people who love, not accept or tolerate, but love guns and capital punishment. The mental gymnastics this takes must bring on vertigo. Remember the Duggars and how they’ve been shown to let their children, at the time, handle firearms? The Republicans are good, abortion and guns, brown people and socialism. So much hate for a pro life crowd.

    • AussieKrissy


      11 minutes ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      It’s a homemade American candy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divinity_(confectionery)

      It came up as a pun on Jeremy’s academic program.

      It sounds yummy. Is it popular? Or do people have a love hate relationship with it?

    • moreorlessnu


      I tried to make divinity once and was not successful despite whipping my Kitchen-Aid mixer into a frenzy (and I knew not to attempt it on a humid day).  Someone told me about their relative who used to make wonderful divinity whipping it by hand with a whisk.

      I am not worthy.

      • I Agree 1

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