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A girl never forgets her first...





Gotta run - there is a Meowth out there just waiting for me to find him and become his Poke-mom.

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I'm reminded of an episode of Star Trek: TNG where the ship is infected by a game which connects to the pleasure center of the brain.

Not entirely sure why . . . . . . . . 

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    • onekidanddone


      28 minutes ago, formergothardite said:

      This is why I think Jim Bob will encourage Josh to not take a plea deal. If he admits guilt then who will want to listen to them give advice on parenting or how to live the most godly life ever? So much for lectures on discernment because a predator was in their home and they apparently didn’t notice

      I feel anyone willing to spend money listening to JB and Jchell speak after molestation came to light are still go to continue to listen if Josh goes to jail.  Cultists gonna cult

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    • libgirl2


      2 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

      I thought Ben was employed as a preacher? I also think that DD and Jill are no longer in the Duggar fold. I believe  they parted ways with the pay out. 

      I thought it was only part time. I could be wrong though. If he is full time than add him to the list. 

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      4 minutes ago, Galbin said:

      When was this aired? Is it recent?

      The video was posted on Youtube by 60 Minutes Australia in Aug 2020 and has around 900,000 views.
      I'll put it in a spoiler but please understand that this is the worst of the worst (I'm crying). Whoever supports Josh should be forced to watch the documentary of what he downloaded.


      TRIGGER WARNING: 60 Minutes Australia documentary:



      Edited by luv2laugh
    • Marionette


      9 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I have a strong feeling that Josh has never had many friends. Sure his parents swept everything under the rug but fundies still gossip. So they all know what happened in the past and I’m sure they steer clear of Josh even if they are close friends of JB and Michelle. In a family that huge, it’s probably easy for fundie friends to ignore one of their 19 children. 

      This. Also keep in mind that Josh & Anna lived in DC for a small period of time, so they weren’t around when families like the Rebers began crossing paths with the Duggars.

      And because there are so. many. Duggars, sometimes the Duggar kids make friends with certain families that run in the same circles— while those families might not necessarily be good friends with the entire Duggar family (if that makes sense). So, yes, Lemuel had some Duggars as groomsmen, but I don’t ever remember the entire Reber family being close friends with the entire Duggar family. The Rebers got invited to the larger Duggar events that generally anyone who has a connection is invited to, and they attended the same church. Their daughter Hannah might be friends with Joy since Joy is around the same age and married into the Forsyth family. Maybe the parents are close with JB & M, somehow...Though I don’t really see them inviting each other over for dinner or really interacting one-on-one outside of large gatherings or church. 

    • SassyPants


      1 minute ago, libgirl2 said:

      I don't think Ben is earning money on his own. I would change it to Austin and Derrick. 

      I thought Ben was employed as a preacher? I also think that DD and Jill are no longer in the Duggar fold. I believe  they parted ways with the pay out. 

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