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Good thoughts requested for a cat who don't know how good they have it...




I got very little sleep last night because two of my cats (very indoor cats) got out yesterday afternoon.  They are brothers from the same litter and inseparable BFF.

Having been a cat mommy for many years I knew they would be nearby and we did all the usual things - put something with my scent on the deck, called for them, had doors open so they could come home, wet food...the works.  We called for them, but during the day nothing.  Not uncommon - so a walk around at night I got a screaming response from one of them and had no idea where it was coming from.  It was not a happy answer...

We have some concrete stairs on the side of the garage with a crack in the cement...he got in and couldn't get out.

After 3 of us trying to dig him out for 2.5 hours we had to sledge hammer part of the stairs after determining where we could without hurting him or causing a collapse.  Mr. Me wanted to tie a tow rope and pull the stairs over but the way he was positioned in there was too risky.

On the last hammer (and at midnight taking a sledgehammer to concrete...just glad the neighbors like my husband) he shot out and ran inside.  He was jammed on there and lost a patch of fur on each side, but no blood, no injuries or abrasions.  He's scared to death and very clingy last night and today - but physically okay.  

His brother wasn't with him - Mr. Me is home today with a couple of the kids to find him...taking the prodigal son out on a harness to see if he can find his brother.  I know he's nearby - just praying he's okay and just hiding/freaked out and not thinking of worst case scenarios at this point.  

Asking for good thoughts for the prodigal son still lost out there...he's just a little marshmallow and has to be so scared.  Whole family, human and fur, are freaked out until he comes home.



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14 minutes ago, Grimalkin said:

     I would love to hear the story of his homecoming, and reuniting with Griffen his brother.

There's part of it. :)

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