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Oh but you've overlooked just one item




Sometimes I overwork myself. Like that time I failed to read my course guide until today, and just found out I didn't even need to do half the 120 exercises that I did. In fact I don't even need to know over half the stuff I rediscovered. The sad part is: the really interesting stuff that is useful is the stuff not needed - what is up with that? How to change your text color from black to red? yeah - that is what I apparently needed to learn :pb_rollseyes:, oops, I learned that years ago. :sigh: At least I should nail that exam though! :banana-dance: If people don't, it is a worry. Not joking here!

If only all the rest of my upcoming exams were like that. Wait maybe they are, I should probably read their course guides (I hate doing that.) Why write shit in your own textbook if you don't want to teach it to your students for whom you authored that textbook? Seriously, why?!?

I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking other stuff at the moment too... :my_angel: I'm just going to start digging my hole that I won't want to come out of after I discover what though. :shrug:

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Here, let me get you a bigger shovel!


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    • waltraute


      As to why the Holt's did not make a police report, I belive they had been told a report was made by JB and Michelle. And it was.To JB's pedophile police friend. It was documented somewhere in the police records, wasn't it? 

      As to the rest of the Holt's actions I have no idea what they were thinking. I'm just glad Bobye is standing up for the hard truth now.  

      13 minutes ago, nokidsmom said:

      I do wonder if Bobye realizes now that it could have been her own daughter sitting in that courtroom instead of Anna and she would have been responsible.

      I'm almost certain this is going through her head now. 

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      1 minute ago, FiveAcres said:

      was it generally known on the forums that the Holts were the family church contacts to whom ma and pa Duggar reached out?


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    • FiveAcres


      I wonder if the Holts were found by the FBI, or if they volunteered their information when Josh was arraigned for possession of CSAM. I mean, prior to the arraignment, was it generally known on the forums that the Holts were the family church contacts to whom ma and pa Duggar reached out? (I also wonder, when the information came through that the torrent files had been downloaded at a business owned by the Duggars if there wasn't someone on the CP task force thinking "We finally got the little f******."  I can't believe that there wasn't speculation from members of the task force whether Josh had been successfully rehabbed.) 

      I have read that Justin of I Pray You Put This Journal Away reached out to the FBI to volunteer information and was told "Thanks, but we think we have enough." 

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    • nokidsmom

      Posted (edited)

      28 minutes ago, Lovebug said:

      @nokidsmom FYI, I was not attacking you personally and I apologize if it came off that way. Just an observation my friend. ♥️ 😘

      And that is a great question! I wonder if anyone knows how far it could have gone if they did report? The Duggars are slimy bastards who seem to have a fair amount of weight to throw around their immediate community and within their church. I can’t imagine it would have gone far? Perhaps they did report something and it was quickly squashed? I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

      @LovebugNo worries, I felt what you posted was a genuine observation.💗   And it is a valid question of why they decided to try to match up their daughter again after what they knew about him.  I guess they just looked up to the Duggars so much that they just accepted that the situation was as they (the Duggars) told them and that effective steps were taken.   But they could have done that and still decide to take the road of "abundance of caution" when it came to their daughter and nixed Josh as a suitor.   I do wonder if Bobye realizes now that it could have been her own daughter sitting in that courtroom instead of Anna and she would have been responsible.

      That JB had a lot of influence and power in his church and in his local area makes it very plausible he would have squelched anything coming out of any report.  Something tells me that it wouldn't have been JB's first rodeo doing that even back then.  Possibly he told them not to report or else.  And you may be right, the Holts might have made a report either within their church or LE but nothing came of it.  One thing I noticed was that was the "clergy privilege" issue raised around Bobye's testimony*.   Possibly that was why nothing did come of any report, formal or informal.

      Edited by nokidsmom
      * Correction: believe it was Bobye's testimony not JB's
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    • EmCatlyn


      2 hours ago, Anne Of Gray Gables said:

      I don't understand why he wants to appear to be a member of the legal team though. He knows when he steps out of the courtroom carrying the defense attorney's boxes the film crews will right there. It's just not a good look.

      Aside from David, has any member of Anna's family been seen in or around the courthouse? Parents, siblings? 

      I don’t know much about David, but here in the South it is not uncommon for men to help others carry things even if they are on opposing sides of an issue or even strangers.   I doubt his congregation will see more than that.

      The only family member that has seemed to have been there for Anna all along has been “Uncle Eric,” the Santa Claus-looking guy.  He was sitting with her before Derrick joined her.  (I believe Uncle Eric is Jim Bob’s uncle.)

      Regarding siblings being there “for Jill” if she has to speak, I think the timing is tricky (she may not be called as a witness) and also she may not want/need anyone except Derrick.  She may feel more comfortable speaking without a half-dozen siblings present.

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