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Another Gaseous Fact




Some people can actually produce that much energy in a lot less time than that!  You'd think India would have the most such gas, given all the curry and highly spicy foods that they eat.


Just sayin....

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      If you trust in the lord, he will save your dress from tacos. Since fundies think he watches every detail of their lives and all.

    • dawn9476


      Joy posted a video of Gideon's birthday. Shows dinner at the big house the night before. They gave him a fire house play set. Went to a trampoline place. Looks like pretty much their group had the place to themselves but still. No one was wearing masks. Michelle had one on at first but was about to take it off.


    • artdecades


      1 hour ago, Exposedknees said:

      The mask thing is heinous but I'm setting the spreader event aside for a sec- because Texas🙄.

      Tacos are delicious and affordable and it looks like they spent a ton on flowers and video. Also they're children getting married-🤔 I don't think the taco choice(or pizza, or burgers) is weird. I think Claire's parents get points for a sit down meal. If she ruins that modest dress- who cares?

      I think a lot of us would care if our dress was ruined and that’s why we made those comments

    • Mama Mia


      10 hours ago, WiseGirl said:

      Me too. And the little research I've done into him (okay I didn't do any) they could have a successful YouTube channel with gardening, his furniture making, home repairs, cooking, country life etc. It would be popular among the fundies, be different from all the othe Duggar & Bates stuff and possibly more successful because it would actually have content. Plus they could control what they release for public consumption. Imagine if they did this and were way more successful at the social media game than JinJer. I think Jeremy's head would explode....wait, wait we've posted all the IG ready pictures, had a podcast, ... why aren't we as popular? Big hint Jer, because you are boring.

      Anyway I think someone said he has an irrigation business or is inheriting one? Good for her to actually have a husband that can support her and not rely on JB or be another "minister" wannabe. 

      Clearly I'm spending too much time thinking about this...and I dislike Jeremy.

      If she has to have a family member as MOH I'm throwing Jessa in there as a wild card or maybe Abbie because I don't think JB would allow Jill.

      While I agree that Jana seems to have the most potential for a successful home lifestyle media career - she also has always seemed the most uncomfortable with the camera of any of the older daughters - by far.  There’s  absolutely nothing wrong with that - I just can’t see her wanting to have a full-time job of being a “personality”.  Maybe a nice physical and on-line Homegoods / gardening store with a weekly video - but more than that seems out of her comfort zone. 

      For that reason I could also see her preferring a somewhat smaller wedding (well, small by Duggar standards) she seems like a perfectionist who likes to be in control and a huge affair would probably make her really  anxious if it didn’t go exactly right - 

      For Bridesmaids - I think she’ll either have all three of the original fab 4 sister moms - or none of them. The mom as MOH seems trending in their circle, so maybe that. Abbie and Laura for sure.  With a big family like that it would be really hard to pick and choose.

      My completely idle speculation prediction — she marries this guy, they build a house on the family property, open a garden/home repair  shop with some associated media ( utilizing her siblings for labor and on-screen helpers ). 3-5 kids. 


    • NVM. I just saw the US Weekly article


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