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Randumb Thoughts

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Technological Advances

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It has been nearly 50 years since the original Star Trek series began with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  There's been all sorts of incredible progress made since then, including this internet thing that they said would never catch on!

But have we really come that far in 50 years?  I mean, come on, no transporter beams?


As long you you know the proper coordinates, this should not be a problem!!!  Okay, transporting yourself into a cement wall because your coordinates were just a fraction off could be a problem, sure.  Seventeen degrees south puts you where you want to be, but 17 degrees north puts you in the fast lane of a major highway?  That's a risk that some of us would still take.

And how about that replicator?  Name what you want to eat or drink and :Bang2:, there it is!


Not having to cook for hours, better than just microwaving something!

Seems like we still have some work to go, but at least we don't have phasers yet!  That would just be too dangerous!

Just sayin...

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    • Sabine

      Posted (edited)

      they actually all look very relaxed, happy and future orientated.  If you don't know who they are you would think simply  they are a young modern couple with children very average, very normal.  And that is quite nice to think about Jill Duggar, not fundy royalty but modern, average, normal, young. 

      Edited by Sabine
      y instead of e, words inserting themselves sneakily
    • Themanda Duggar


      I’m excited about this, and what it could represent for their family.  In my fantasy world, once Sam starts school, so will Jill.

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    • Idlewild


      This isn’t on her instagram? I wonder why not. I hope it is dawning on her that they deserve a future with choices rather than selling cars, fixing up JB’s properties & performing in the family circus. 

      Jill has been showing videos of the boys playing with friends- maybe she realises socialisation is good for them. One thing is for sure - DD won’t want them going to the big house to be educated by Ben.

    • AmazonGrace


      I think the foundation of her entire religion is being skinny. Jesus and the Bible are incidental. 

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    • bal maiden


      This is great. This is fucking great. I would so love to be privy to JB and Michelle’s heads exploding over this. 

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