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Randumb Thoughts

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Technological Advances

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It has been nearly 50 years since the original Star Trek series began with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  There's been all sorts of incredible progress made since then, including this internet thing that they said would never catch on!

But have we really come that far in 50 years?  I mean, come on, no transporter beams?


As long you you know the proper coordinates, this should not be a problem!!!  Okay, transporting yourself into a cement wall because your coordinates were just a fraction off could be a problem, sure.  Seventeen degrees south puts you where you want to be, but 17 degrees north puts you in the fast lane of a major highway?  That's a risk that some of us would still take.

And how about that replicator?  Name what you want to eat or drink and :Bang2:, there it is!


Not having to cook for hours, better than just microwaving something!

Seems like we still have some work to go, but at least we don't have phasers yet!  That would just be too dangerous!

Just sayin...

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  • Posts

    • FiveAcres


      27 minutes ago, ignorantobserver said:

      It absolutely is common sense and the families who don't do it tend to have massive problems independently from their fundamentalist beliefs. I would say there are two main "schools of thought" - the "Amish" model, practiced by families like the Bontragers or Maxwells, where children, while not highly educated, are still prepared for farmwork or a trade ; this model seems somewhat sustainable. And the "Mendicant order" model where entire families rely on the charity of their congregation and disguise it as a ministry (think Rodrigues, Shrader), in these two cases, the parents very obviously suffer from some kind of disorder and are unable to plan for their kids' future. This lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term, and I think it won't even see a second generation because this kind of life is just too hard on the children.

      I am not quite sure about the Duggars, when they started filming, they seemed to be close to the second model, but if they actually make good investments and try to get their sons settled in a business (even if it's just used cars), that would put them closer to the first model.

      Unfortunately, a lot of these families, even those who purport to be "Amish" model, seem to produce young men who have a bad case of "you are not the boss of me." This makes it very hard to find apprenticeships in trade or interact well with people outside of the fundy mindset. If I hire someone to cut my lawn, and he seems to view it as an opportunity to preach to me, he won't be back for a return engagement. And the mendicant ones are all tapping the same resource pool, so that will be a problem in the long term. "Taking in each other's washing" doesn't really work as a long range business plan. 

    • AmazonGrace


      Gwen jumps around a little, this is a repeat from thread 9. Previously we've been on thread 8.

      We learn that WeighDown works for a maximum of two weeks (that's when most people have to start eating something) and that anorexic people get so wrapped up in their thoughts of thinness that they stop functioning socially. Everyone gets mad at them for not eating but they shut it out.




      You feel so sky-high with God and so sky-high with mankind, you do not even care if someone yells at you or is mean to you—it would not burst your new bubble of focus and hope. The Zone of only eating when hungry and stopping at full gives you spiritual hope and boundless physical energy.


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    • clueliss


      I suspect she’s been Netflixing Get Organized and got inspired.  Only this time she didn’t scream what she’d been watching unlike the Marie Kondo inspired toy purge.

      Also, it sounded like they had Asher sharing with Brooks until moving all three older boys into one room.  They moved the two girls from a small room to a larger room due to closet space needs.  Brooks will now be sharing with Merrick who will sleep in a (wait for it) pack and play until he’s older then Brooks will move to the upper bunk which currently doesn’t have a mattres.

    • HereticHick


      Claire met her Duggar beau at Big Sandy? Oh good. That worked out so well for Anna Kellar. 🙄

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    • mango_fandango


      The “activistmommyisafraud” comment is spot on!

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