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In a fairytale world

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two a penny, hot cross buns

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Umm so apparently I made 6kg( 13 pounds) of Easter bread. :shock:
I say Easter bread because I got bored of shaping boring buns and decided bunnies are Easter too, and are a sign of integration. Originally I had planned to make two small bunnies. But you know how it goes Mr and Mrs Easter bunny get together and have 7 children or something like that. And the rest of the dough made 38 hot cross buns.

The Easter Rabbit family: (photo alert)


Mr Bunny before rising and after baking...

56f4d14c6263a_AviaryPhoto_13103357895368  56f4d1514ebc9_AviaryPhoto_13103358120162

Mrs Boobalicious Bunny (not my name... Apparently the ears look like boobies). To be honest she deserves a place in the shit I fucked up I think.



And the unbaked baby rabbits (because the baked photos are bad)





Dough A


Dough B -apple, Dough B - currant/zest, Dough A


Dough C


After two hours of baking(I'm meaning oven time) I ended up with:

Bread A – 2kg

1 boobalicious bunny

12 buns


Bread B – 1.2kg

14 buns, even ration apple:currant/zest


Bread C – 2.8kg

12 buns

7 lil bunnies

1 large bunny


And now I'm going to go to bed. At least it's crappy weather out, so I won't be missing much. I shouldn't drink coffee when I'm tired:sleeping-sleeping:

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I'm overcome with admiration! I've just baked a large bakewell and a large lemon meringue, and I'm exhausted!  (Temperature of about 90F doesn't help...)

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I think they are all lovely. It looks like you put a lot of love in them.

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They look beautiful and I think the bunny ones are really cute. You have inspired me to make hot cross buns for Easter. It's not happening this year, but maybe next year.

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    • Howl


      Thanks for that reminder. I had forgotten about the first "private" ceremony!  These people! 

    • Audrey2


      Sadly, when you follow the courtship method of marriage and when  you can't even have really private conversations with each other prior to marriage, without being in eyesight of an accountability partner or copying Mom and Dad on your texts, these Fundies are marrying virtual strangers. Sadly, they really do have to "fake it till you make it", as they really don't know their spouse on their wedding day. Even if they think they do, many people have at least a slightly different personal persona than their public persona.

      I think for several Fundies, once they take their "best friend" home and unwrap them, they discover they don't really know their spouse at all. For many, I do think they need to "love their spouse like they mean it" because they are stuck with that person.

    • clese


      So I just listened to gary preach..as he has blocked me from his fb page.

      It sounded like there were 5 other people in the church. This includes mrs ghaw, little hawkins, and the two other preachers.

      Gary rambled on and it was hard to know what he was talking about. He didnt mention someone he knew that wasnt *all there.....sigh...and how he loved to hear him sing even though he coukdnt hold a tune in a barrel.  Newsflash gary..when you and the mrs sung at the beginning my left ear blocked and my right eardrum tried to follow along..

      Also...did he say he was a bit of a *jew.. when selling things?????????

      I know one thing ..I did a lot of sighing during this ...whatever it was...and inadvertantly put my fingers to my temples and head shaking.

      Oh, I remember now I * think the service was about bringing fun back into the church. I..think..

    • Italiangirl


      @socalrules I guess something between "fake 'till you make it" and we'll, you know real men don't show much emotion, that is for weak women and also action is more important than words, etc etc etc 

      Is such great advice that they feel compelled to post it on their blog. I guess they think is the norm for everyone? How sad! It reminds me of a combined wedding somehow, like pretend so she is happy and everyone will think how great you are or something like that. All very depressing 

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    • socalrules


      So it’s really about how to fake loving your wife? Is that what they think is hot love? 

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