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Signs of Spring

Maggie Mae



In some places, people know it's spring by the calendar. In other places, the sun warms up, the snow goes away, flowers and animals show up. People plant things in their yards. 

In my current location, the official signs of spring include the longer days and warmer temperatures. But it's never really official until the motorcycles come out. The winter beaters get parked on the lawn, and the nice sports cars start appearing on the roads. People put away the fat tire bikes and take out their road bikes. The roads start to close for dubious "construction" projects, which often appear to include closing roads during rush hour to take lunch. 

And in 3-4 weeks, it will be summer. It will get warmer. Construction projects will ramp up. All of the unlicensed vehicles will disappear off the road. The roads heading out of town will be packed every Friday at 3 p.m. with shiny trucks towing boats and SUVs carrying children. RVs will drive slowly and everyone will complain. There will be several fatal collisions and people will wonder why. Salmon will once again fill freezers and have to pretend to care about the minutia of fishing in the hopes that someone will give me some free fish. 

The local online newspaper which may or may not still be available in print will publish a series of letters arguing about bikes (not motorcycles) on the road. Comments will be heated and I will lose faith in people for the millionth time. 

Then it will fall and we will be excited for snow. 

But for now, I can't wait to be done with the ice and (lack of) snow. Spring means biking. Spring means happy people. Spring means summer is coming and with that all of the outdoor fun of summer. Lounging in the yard reading books and drinking beer. Long bike rides with the sun beating down. Wearing shorts and tank tops while running outside! People who care about their vehicles and drive a tiny bit better! 

So excited. 

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