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Batman vs. Superman



So I see these previews of the new movie, Batman vs. Superman, and I get to thinking, why the hell are two superheroes, working on the same side of good vs. evil, fighting each other?  This is how evil wins, by getting good to fight against and destroy good.  Reduce the good and evil builds up.  What a horrible message this is for society and forums (or is that fora?) everywhere.

Just sayin...

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wait, they still make movies? I thought that limited attention spans no longer allowed for that. :shifty-kitty:

Sometimes you do end up with situations where even the most delicious apple can turn bad and when that happens it is wise to remove it from the other delicious apples so they too don't go rotten (or lemons, as was the case in my kitchen recently).

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Alright, I'm going to go full comic book nerd here. Batman and Superman have had more "Odd Couple" type friendship for years. For decades it's been a thing of "Superman get out of control because of some factor,and he's way too powerful. Batman has to be the one to take him down because he's so smart." Lather, rinse, repeat. Batman #612 has a beautiful  fight between them. I'm not really excited for this movie. Zack Snyder is a hack. Watchmen was an abomination, and Man of Steel was dreck. 

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    • Grace


      I admit I know absolutely nothing about pottery but....it seems like she's actually pretty good at it! She's improved a bunch since she started at any rate

    • Black Aliss


      1 hour ago, browngrl said:

      I also wonder what drove them to leave Georgia. Even if they were appalled that America elected a black president, surely their lives would have been more comfortable in America on their farm surrounded by family.

      It seemed to come right on the heels of the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage. Kressant was on some expat forum the very next day asking about emigration to Paraguay.  Kress, sweetie, there are worse things that two adults who love each other having sexy time and/or getting married. 

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    • Lynn18


      3 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I went to a wedding in 2019 and took home an almost identical succulent. It was dead in two weeks. I am a plant serial killer. 

      Why does Pa Spivey look like Col. Sanders? 


      I think he looks like Billy Bob Thornton playing Col. Sanders. Tsk.

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    • indianabones


      32 minutes ago, baldricks_turnip said:

      Or she could even end up like a woman I used to read about (perhaps here?) who had been deep into fundiedom, had maybe a dozen children and an abusive husband, then broke away, became an atheist and vocally critical of fundamentalism and its abuse of women and children.

      Sounds like Vyckie Garrison.

      I think Sierra has been drifting away from fundamentalism for the past few years, especially after Mark stopped preaching and she was no longer the pastor's wife.

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    • indianabones


      One of my local food trucks! Too bad I'm a vegetarian.

      I'm going to miss the food truck scene here so much when I move in a few months.

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