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Batman vs. Superman

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So I see these previews of the new movie, Batman vs. Superman, and I get to thinking, why the hell are two superheroes, working on the same side of good vs. evil, fighting each other?  This is how evil wins, by getting good to fight against and destroy good.  Reduce the good and evil builds up.  What a horrible message this is for society and forums (or is that fora?) everywhere.

Just sayin...

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Posted (edited)

wait, they still make movies? I thought that limited attention spans no longer allowed for that. :shifty-kitty:

Sometimes you do end up with situations where even the most delicious apple can turn bad and when that happens it is wise to remove it from the other delicious apples so they too don't go rotten (or lemons, as was the case in my kitchen recently).

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Alright, I'm going to go full comic book nerd here. Batman and Superman have had more "Odd Couple" type friendship for years. For decades it's been a thing of "Superman get out of control because of some factor,and he's way too powerful. Batman has to be the one to take him down because he's so smart." Lather, rinse, repeat. Batman #612 has a beautiful  fight between them. I'm not really excited for this movie. Zack Snyder is a hack. Watchmen was an abomination, and Man of Steel was dreck. 

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  • Posts

    • ophelia


      On 11/27/2020 at 8:28 PM, indianabones said:

      I also think she's probably dating Jeremiah over Jedediah, simply because Jer is so much better looking 😆

      Holy Batman Jeremiah is an actually quite good looking Duggar son. I had to google him, because I can't keep all these young male adults/teenagers apart anymore, but he looks kind of cute. Not only compared to his brothers.

    • just_ordinary


      1 hour ago, baldricks_turnip said:

      Has that arisen because of the pandemic or was it a cultural practice prior?

      Definitely pandemic. Before it was only seen in terms of discretion (doctors office, bank, post office, at the check out so no one sees your pin..) or in terms of safety (train tracks, heat..). It translates to Please, hold your distance.
      I definitely still have to remind myself to take my mask and often have to stop myself from shaking hands. It’s a strange thing, because on one hand it hurts because it reminds me of normality but on the other hand I am glad. I am not willing to accept the current situation as the new normal. It’s not and at one point it will go back. I am not giving up on that. 
      Shaking hands is an interesting phenomenon in terms of cultural practice. It’s often seen as outdated and stiff but also extremely polite and well mannered. To me it feels as if new business acquaintances don’t get to the same level without it. The new department director is going to forget about you much faster if you just look at each other with a mask. The “new” methods never took on. The bow seemed to far away from our culture and the elbow check quickly became something mid-40+ year olds used and felt so hip and young- it never was accepted by the younger ones and then got dropped by the older ones quickly. Maybe it has also to with us in general. I don’t think our society is hip and funny or deferential. Sadly digital is just not a complete substitute. After so many months, that is definitely a realisation I and many of my colleagues, family and friends have made. Those little talk you cannot even remember you had over the course of a day are just dead. I don’t call my colleagues to talk about how strange my tea tastes today and our whole philosophing about French, British and German relations (past and present and politics and our own preferences) to tea is just a talk that won’t happen anymore. However, I am extremely grateful that I never had my hours cut and still earn my regular salary.

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    • ophelia


      It was in her IG stories so it might already be gone.

    • ophelia


      9 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      And no Braggie, your babies are not going to have red hair. God she would love that. Because red haired babies photograph so well for instagram. She wants so badly to be special. But she’s not. She’s ordinary and it kills her.

      At this point it is so obvious that her kids only purpose to her are as props to her social media appearance.

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    • OrchidBlossom


      2 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

      I learned that if I skip a litter box cleaning, I wake up to my cat peeing on me. You haven't lived until you are washing pee out of your butt at 2 am. (the first time it happened, it was because he was very ill. He still is. But he also has a thing about his litter being pristine. Which is annoying because he pees way more than any other cat due to his conditions.) 

      Nothing this extreme but my cat is weird about his litter box so I just bought him an automatic one. He's very suspicious though like what is that robot up to this time?

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