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The photograph



My dad was hired to take this photo of my mum's nursing class.  Someone invited him to stay for the dance that evening.  This, then, is the day they met.  Mum is in the back row, fourth from left.  


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That's an awesome photo! I have one almost exactly like it with my mum in it. It was of her graduation year from teaching, with loads of other people, just like your mums :) I love it!

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i love this too! I am going to have to dig out the box of ancient photos I have. So fun!

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Amazing!  Your dad unknowingly taking a photo of the girl he would marry and you still having the photo to  marvel over...great story & cool photo!   :my_shy:

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    • Rhonda


      8 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      You left us hanging, @Rhonda! what did your brother think? 

      And if they have all the studio space at Gold why do they need to rent studio space? This just brings up more questions! 

      @Tim-Tom Biblethumper thanks for the info. Anyone interested- he also has a book: http://counterfeitdreams.com/ and a blog: https://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/ 

      So what happened in 2005 with CO$? many of the ones featured with Leah left around that year. 

      Oh sorry! He did not really say much other than, that is nuts. He has no idea how deep the whole thing goes. I'll have to ask him if he has watched anymore of the show.

      As far as the studio space I wondered the same thing. They have all this money and a whole production crew, however I believe that is in California? The studio space they rented where my brother works is in DC. They did have a crew, but they must not have had an in house location to shoot whatever it was they needed. No one outside of CO$ was allowed in the studio when they were using it.

    • Bad Wolf


      I think Jana was the enforcer. When Joy was telling the young ones to "instantly obey", she threatened them with Jana when they wouldn't mind.

      The Daleks also used the phrase "instantly obey" in the early Dr. Who episodes.

    • BachelorToTheRapture


      2 hours ago, Satan'sFortress said:

      My dress dilemma:  I love wearing dresses and skirts, but I don't have shoes to wear with them.  I have really hurty feet and have the hardest time wearing almost any kind of shoes.  I wear nice sneaker-type comfort shoes (kind of like the picture below) almost all the time.  If I wear a dress, I can tolerate low comfort-style heels for a few hours, but not all day.

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      Anything else make my feet hurt so much I can't make it through the day. I can't wear those sneakers with a dress.

      Would a cute pair of hiking boots like these provide enough support? I think a good pair of quality boots like this is pretty cute, plus they're great for my feet when I'm on them for longer periods of time. (Not quite how mine look, but the same general concept).

      Also, I do tend to do a decent amount of hiking, camping, etc. and they're great for that too :)


    • adidas

      Posted (edited)

      6 hours ago, nausicaa said:

      I have no idea what these are, but this reminded me of how much Australia's snack food naming skills are seriously on point. 

      Lol it’s just a brand name - they’re like your popsicles but in a plastic packet so you nearly get frostbite on your fingers while you’re eating it. Hundreds of thousands of Aussie kids are currently walking around with cuts at the corner of their mouth right now because the plastic edges are so sharp. The generic name is icy pole but I think they’re called freeze pops in the US. The generic brand are garbage. Only Zooper Doopers will do, unless you want to be kinda healthy, then you buy the Quelch 99% juice ones.

      Note: currently sold out.


      We were all rather excited when they released packets of favourites. I have the fairy floss and black currant pack in my freezer right now. 


      Zooper doopers are also the subject of many memes (if you have time to waste, do a google image search for ‘Zooper Dooper meme’ )




      Edited by adidas
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    • scribble


      My first thought was that the blurred out guy might have been a minor (at least when the picture was taken.)