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The photograph



My dad was hired to take this photo of my mum's nursing class.  Someone invited him to stay for the dance that evening.  This, then, is the day they met.  Mum is in the back row, fourth from left.  


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That's an awesome photo! I have one almost exactly like it with my mum in it. It was of her graduation year from teaching, with loads of other people, just like your mums :) I love it!

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i love this too! I am going to have to dig out the box of ancient photos I have. So fun!

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Amazing!  Your dad unknowingly taking a photo of the girl he would marry and you still having the photo to  marvel over...great story & cool photo!   :my_shy:

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  • Posts

    • sableduck


      1 hour ago, viii said:

      I've been a part of three separate fundie groups and all three of them have spoken like this. I'm not sure where the misconception began (and I know every fundie crowd is different) but majority of fundie Christians know that the men have to be equal in meeting the woman's needs. 

      Yes, exactly. My dad is an appliance repair man, and honestly - the thought would never cross his mind to take advantage of such situations. He's just so oblivious when it comes to those aspects. 

      To be fair I am speaking only of my own experience in heavily VF and Gothard circles.  The sex advice I got from them was NOT focused on the husband meeting the wife’s needs. 

    • Frog99


      2 hours ago, Alisamer said:

      Yep. She knows she's terrible, but she doesn't care - but she gets mad if people treat her like she treats them. Everybody's got to cater to lazy Lori.

      I suspect this is a fundamental difference, possibly class/financially based, between them and Lori. I have noticed this in person. The people I know who grew up well off or in more white collar type homes tend to immediately call someone to take care of things they need done. The people I know (like me) who grew up in less well-off circumstances or more blue collar homes tend to consider that a second choice in most cases. It's not a hard and fast rule, of course, but it tends to trend that way. Once my family got a weekend stay in a very nice beachfront condo owned by my boss, in exchange for replacing the broken disposal in the kitchen sink! 

      There are times where it's just simply better and more efficient to hire someone to do what needs done, but that is never my first reaction. My first reaction is always to look, google, ask my (lifelong mechanic and farmer) dad, and see if something is easily fixable first. 

      I'm pretty sure a large number of Lori's leghumpers are far less well off than her, and for them money is tighter than time. So their reaction to a problem is to dump it on their husband, who then is expected (or feels he has to, or can only afford to) fix it himself. 

      Lori, however, whines at Ken, who then almost certainly calls in a professional to deal with the problem. Ken's way of dealing with the problem is to call the plumber/repairman/whatever and get out the credit card/checkbook to pay for it.

      Lori is very shortsighted. She doesn't realize that her fangirls trying to take her advice are living far different lives than hers. For example it's very easy for Lori to eat organic food, so everyone should. It never occurs to her that there are places where organic food is less easy to acquire, or that people might not be able to afford organic, or any of a million other reasons why someone might find it difficult or impossible to live like Lori. This applies to ALL of Lori's advice. She thinks everyone lives like she does, so must do what she says (but not what she does, because Lori is special and blessed or something).


      I agree and would say we are probably middle of the road- doing some things ourselves and outsourcing others. Sometimes it’s based on skill set and sometimes it’s based on time available. My DH is handy. He’s a paramedic but also an electrician, and he’s picked up quite a bit from being around construction sites. He also has friends in other trades and I have found them to be helpful at times- they will share tools/resources and sometimes physically help. He’s also been known to search YouTube for tutorials. 

      But we know when professional services are needed and we don’t expect our construction friends to work for free. 

      We take our vehicles in for oil changes, but DH replaces the brakes when needed. We do our own yard work/maintenance (lots of people in the neighborhood use a lawn service), but in the fall we have someone do the leaf clean up the several times it takes to get rid of all of them. I sometimes use Hello Fresh but then meal plan and cook for the remaining 5 nights. When a pipe broke in our old house he did most of the digging and repair but we paid rotor rooter to inspect the lines and had a plumber assist as well. When we hung dry wall in our old house, we paid a company to do the mudding and sanding. 



    • lilwriter85



      2 minutes ago, HoneyBunny said:

      I don’t know if I am allowed to say this here, but I will say, without quoting or copying from LazyLori’s Facebook page that Ken is in the ICU in Door County with possible Lyme Disease (excerpt she calls it Lyme’s Disease). She is asking for prayers. 

      I think if the post is set to public settings it's ok. I wouldn't be surprised if Lori posts that on the Transformed Wife FB page or she'll blog about it tomorrow. 

    • HoneyBunny


      I don’t know if I am allowed to say this here, but I will say, without quoting or copying from LazyLori’s Facebook page that Ken is in the ICU in Door County with possible Lyme Disease (excerpt she calls it Lyme’s Disease). She is asking for prayers. 

    • FluffySnowball


      1 hour ago, princessmahina said:

      Wait, did she say this?? I must have missed it. I was under the impression that she was still intending to be quiverfull. 

      No, she didn’t say that. Sorry if I haven’t made myself clear. I just thought considering she has health struggles and frequently seems overwhelmed and close to tears, it just MIGHT be her last baby. But from the information she posts publicly, we can/should still assume she’s quiverfull.