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The photograph



My dad was hired to take this photo of my mum's nursing class.  Someone invited him to stay for the dance that evening.  This, then, is the day they met.  Mum is in the back row, fourth from left.  


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That's an awesome photo! I have one almost exactly like it with my mum in it. It was of her graduation year from teaching, with loads of other people, just like your mums :) I love it!

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i love this too! I am going to have to dig out the box of ancient photos I have. So fun!

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Amazing!  Your dad unknowingly taking a photo of the girl he would marry and you still having the photo to  marvel over...great story & cool photo!   :my_shy:

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    • Petronella

      Posted (edited)

      17 hours ago, SilverBeach said:

      That's not really timed testing though, its just practicality.

      (Referring to classroom tests being limited to the class period.)

      How is “practicality” different from “timed” in any meaningful way? How is the timing of standardized tests not also practical?

      There has to be a point at which the test stops. What would “not timed” look like to you? When can teachers/invigilators go home? When can the janitor start cleaning? I don’t think you actually mean “no stop time at all”; I think you must mean “ample time.” Do you?

      The trouble is that what’s ample for one person may be not nearly enough for another. I suppose one could argue that the extra hour (or whatever) that kids with special needs get could just be available to all. But there would still need to be a limit, just a more generous one.

      (ETA: just saw the drift away from parsing “timed”. Team duvet!!)

      Edited by Petronella
    • KnittingOwl


      3 hours ago, DarkAnts said:

      I have a deadly allergy to nuts. I have a hard time finding pre made meals that are safe. I have to make most things from scratch because nuts are like the Spanish Inquisition. 

      Great analogy. Ended up in the ER a few months ago in anaphylaxis because of surprise peanuts. It’s so hard to get food out!

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    • Lori sounds like Erika Shupe with her purpose for everything. God gave men beards to keep their faces warm. So why does Ken shave off something that God gave him for a reason. 

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    • ophelia


      14 hours ago, Howl said:

      Call me cynical, but I have to wonder if being active military would be on the minus column for potential suitors of the Phillips daughters, because it's real life and not role play. 

      I'm not sure wether the Phillips can afford to be picky about suitors anymore. Sure, they'll want someone with the more or less same believes, but beyond that Beall is probably glad when there is one less eater on her bill.

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    • CharlieInCharge


      As a daily wearer of blue eyeshadow (and blue mascara, liner and lipstick) I say F trends, wear whatever makeup, clothes, hair, etc. makes YOU feel good about yourself. 


      Disclaimer: if being On Trend is what makes you feel good, rock every trend you can find.


      Secondary disclaimer: I also have blue hair, so I’m very defensive about color-related grooming and this isn’t directed at any one poster 💙

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