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A Love Story



There once lived a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl. She was a nursing student in a quaint seaside town in the south of England. At a dance one night, she locked eyes with a dashing young man of 24.  They fell in love on the spot and, a few months later, they married.  They had twin boys, followed twenty months later by a daughter.  The girl turned twenty-two a week later.  

This girl and boy eventually moved to Canada where opportunities for a talented photographer were better.  The family flourished, as did their relationship.  They held hands everywhere they went.  They went on some beautiful trips together.  They loved each other.

The love story ended on Saturday, March 12, 2016.  The boy had to say goodbye.  He has cared for her for the past two years, and especially the final three months, sitting by her hospital bed each and every day.  Teaching the new nurses how to change her dressings.  Getting warm blankets for her cold legs.  Helping change her ostomy bags.  Kissing her. Loving her.  He doesn't know what he will do without her.  He is eighty-seven now.  And he is lost.  

My mum died last night. She was supposed to get better.  But instead she got worse.  

But, the truth is, the love story is not over.  Not at all.  He and I stood by her side and he destroyed me with his words.  He loved her.  He will always love her.  But he is lost.

And so am I.

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Oh friend! This is a beautiful love story. It sounds like your mom lived a full, happy life. I'm really sorry she's gone. 

Hold on to your special memories of her. 

I'm sending you love. :my_heart:

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Hugs to you, friend!  This has to be a gut wrenching time for you.

Wish there was something I could say or do to take some of this pain from you.... please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thanks, @iweartanktops.  I wrote this on Sunday but somehow I didn't actually post it.  I decided to do so now. This, and the photo I just posted after this, will be the last I will say on the subject.  I thank everyone for indulging me and showing such kindness.

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I am so sorry, for both you and your father. To lose a much loved partner is heart breaking. And whatever your age, to lose a parent is devastating.  You are in my thoughts.

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That's a beautiful telling of your parents' story, @Fascinated. I'll be thinking of you and your dad. Much love and hugs to you.

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I'm so sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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Such a beautiful tribute to your Mother and Father, @Fascinated.  I am thinking of you and your Dad, sending peace, comfort and strength for you both.  

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Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss! All my thoughts to you and your Dad.  Hugs! 

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How wonderful for your parents to have shared such a love story, and to have been so close, for their whole marriage.  But how heartbreaking it is now.  Thinking of you, your dad and your brothers.

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What a beautiful and touching thing to write about your parents' love story.  It made me cry.  Much sympathy to you and your father in this very difficult time. 

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Someone on Thursday said it best: 'There can be no happy ending to a happy marriage.'

Thank you all.  You are, in fact, making me cry a bit.  But, I just appreciate your comments so much. 

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    • AmericanRose


      21 hours ago, mymelody said:

      Apparently I am obsessed with her cringe, i felt sick at the husband's 'seed' tweet🤢🤮

      I don't have to explain how messed up the other tweet is 🙄



      In a twist that no one saw coming, "nothing is a right" guy is also anti-choice.

      Calling your husband 'husbear' is so cringey...

    • Mama Mia

      Posted (edited)

      8 hours ago, squiddysquid said:

      Because 24h without monitoring is not advised, I'm a doctor, you would check for fetal distress (or things like breech position as in Joy who Jill and her "midwive" let Labour for 10 hours and  didn't even notice) a long time before that. FYI if you wait too long you can't do an Epidural anymore

      The Anaesthesiologist did test her, pricking her arm and then her legs and asked her if she feels any difference. She said "a little" now epidurals are pretty much hit or miss - either you hit the spot or you didn't - dermatomes are a wonderful thing. That's why he didn't do a new one straight away.

      You could also give other pain medication before that (they said they gave her a muscle relaxant though I wonder what kind) . Of course her body was already cramped up and labouring for a day without help def isn't advised and of course fucking painful.

      She faked migraines before to get out of a fucking game laying down smiling on the sofa right there in the light noisy room - having migraines myself - nope never going to happen

      And of course the Duggars have an awful track record for going to the hospital only when shit hits the fan. In Jessas birth episode like Jill she used castor oil to speed up labour. That's a a dangerous old wive's tale - it stresses the baby out and they pass meconium like it happened in Jill's case. Meconium aspiration can lead to life threatening respiratory infections.

      Now with pain management you always treat on the side of caution, generally they way the patient subjectively experiences it determines the treatment. Unless the patient is obviously faking - a few choice questions about pain quality exact site radiation of the pain can often tell you.

      Graphic added; spinal vs epidural


      Never mind. Not worth the aggravation. Thank God Patients have review sites now so they know who to avoid.

      Edited by Mama Mia
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    • Olivia Marie


      Tom had another one of his infamous Bible studies tonight.   I have never watched.    A while later he had a Live.  I watched a short portion after it was posted.   It sounded like he received quite a few Super Chats.  Those people never cease to amaze me.   Do they not have families/friends?  They actually pay for the “honor” of talking to him from behind a screen.   I didn’t hear his complete conversation about Go Fund Me.   Tom did say the money has slowed down, but he found out GFM accounts never have to be shut down. 

      Thomas is planning on getting an apartment with his friend next year.   He doesn’t want to leave Moorcroft.   He likes his job at the grocery store, but has no future plans, unless something else comes along.

      Tom thinks COPPA is all blown out of proportion, and that it will all blow over.   Says he isn’t too concerned about it.  He said his videos are not for children, and that children never comment on his videos.    What a moron.  Always arrogant.   He said if anything happens he can use Patreon.    It seems like he is assuming everyone will pay to belong to his exclusive club.   The clueless people who fawn all over him probably would pay.   Pure madness. 



      • WTF 2
    • grandmadugger


      4 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      Stating the obvious here, but places with more PEOPLE will have more VOTES cast, and rightfully so. PEOPLE should count. Empty land masses, while beautiful, do not contain citizens and should not override the votes of actual PEOPLE. 

      I am so sick of hearing how less populated states would be at a disadvantage without the presence of the EC. AND why is that? It’s because there are fewer people, and fewer people would mean fewer votes in certain areas...LET THE VOTERS DECIDE, just like they for every other state and local office. Right now we are being held hostage and controlled by a rigged system. In the last election, because of the EC, the majority is being held to the whims of the minority, and then when you add on the unbalanced Rep # in Congress...it just is so frustrating. 

      Oh I fully agree with you but I’m surrounded by idiots so I hear their reasons more than I want. We elected a democrat as governor in the last election. She’s very moderate and went up against Trump’s bff Kris Kobach.

      Full disclosure I am a registered republican and will remain so until I leave Kansas even though I don’t agree where the party is going. We can only vote in the primary for our registered party. I want to do whatever I can to keep Kobach and the likes off of my ballot. 

      Back to our last election. The people I am surrounded by were bitching that just a few counties picked our govern and we needed the EC. I tried to explain that looking at the map that way discounted many votes. My county for example had a 300 vote difference. But they wanted to make the 2000 votes null because 2300 voted the way they wanted. After beating my head against the wall trying to explain that everyone deserves to be able to have a voice not just the majority they then told me that abolishing the EC would mean that I would have more losses. I don’t think the majority of them realize until Trump I was a republican though I never voted a straight ticket. That’s just stupid. 

      I did successfully shut one of them up the other day by educating them that the reason they can conceal and carry is because our democrat governor wrote the bill when she was a legislator. 

    • refugee


      Did the awesome announcement ever happen?

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