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In a fairytale world

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Who let the dogs out?

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I love animals. I also like pets. We currently do not own any pets. I have had many pets in the past. We have a neighborly cat that I am trying to tame, which is one of about 10 cats I have seen in my garden in the last 4 months.

While my BF would like a pet, I'm a bit more hesitant. I have a few things that need doing before we get any pets that will come inside: paint the rest of the inside of the house, get me allergy tested and create a good way of being able to fully shut off the kitchen. There will be NO pets in my kitchen!!! It's bad enough when my hair gets in the food, we don't need any more hair floating around.

We're currently pet sitting at the moment. We have a lovely border collie living with us. While I love her to bits, she is also giving me a reality check. Yeah, totally not ready for the level of energy draining and responsibility that pet owning comes with.

Ah the responsibility, annoyances and joy of having pets.

  • I have to make sure she has adequate water inside and outside every single day.
  • She needs to be fed every single day (and she is eating a lot more this visit, so now we need to refill her feed supply). I guess she is feeling more at home now.
  • I have to get out of bed on time to put her outside so she doesn't pee inside (it hasn't happened here yet, but I know with her that it can)
  • To try and keep the neighbors happy I'm trying to teach her it is not OK to bark all day long when she doesn't get her way. Trying but failing. At least if I open the door she stops howling at the sirens.
  • If I put her outside, even if she has asked to go outside, within 5 minutes she will be at the door whining. And she can whine for a very very long time. Telling her to stop works, but only for a minute. It is high pitch and annoys me, after half an hour she usually starts whine-yapping. I give in. 
  • If she is inside and I'm busy that is pretty much a guarantee that she will start to climb on me. As far as I know, I am not a jungle gym but apparently she didn't get that message.
  • If she is happily lying on her mat (good girl!) and I move or make any sound, she thinks that is an invitation to play.
  • Doggy-abuse. She socks me in the face if I don't pay enough attention to her. If I don't let her put her wet nose in my face she will use her paws to try and hold it down. If I'm holding a hot drink and can't pet her she will try to nudge it out of my hand. She will climb onto my lap and lie down making sure I can't see my lappy screen, thus keeping me from FJ ;) The ultimate punishment. She sticks also her tongue in my ear. I mean really. How rude!
  • Holding a pair of socks is apparently my way of telling her it's time to go for a walk. Her excitement meter breaks if she sees me grab a hoodie or a jacket. Amusingly she really does know the difference between items of clothing. If I grab a t shirt she looks at me, sighs and goes back to whatever she was doing. Usually me grabbing such things doesn't mean she gets to go for a walk. Cue the whines and yaps.
  • I swear this dog is half human. She has the whole disgruntled act down pat. Even groans, sighs and grumbles as if she is human. You'd think I was telling her to go scrub the toilets, but no just to lie down and be quiet and stop bumping my damn arm!
  • She is selectively deaf. If I tell her to play dead sometimes she will. Sometimes she won't. If she does and you do not scratch her belly she will try and paw you. If you are too far away she will try and jump off the ground from her back (I guess rolling over is too much work). It is quite amusing.
  • She knows what "stay" is, but if she doesn't want to she will commando crawl up to you as if you can't see her (but she still expects attention). If you send her back to where she was, or point, or make a loud noise expect her to mope away like a forlorn kid who didn't get a jellybean.
  • There may be a difference in opinion as to the area of the house the pooch is allowed in. Someone thinks she should be allowed to run into the kitchen if someone comes in the door. I strongly disagree! she knows the magic line. I just need to clear my throat when she is over it and she will come slinking back into the safe zone ;)
  • I lock the gate when I leave her (because it is possible she could learn to open it herself). If I hear any dog closer to where I am than she should be I get worried that she escaped. We didn't used to call her Houdini for nothing ;) I don't like leaving her for long because of this, I'm always half expecting to have a crazy happy dog sprint up to me, spring onto my back making me face plant into the sidewalk, all while she is  in the process of telling me just how happy she is to see me again (cue the dog kisses).
  • The dirt. OMG the piles of dust she creates (part of why I have a kitchen rule!). I have swept the living room (where she stays) three times today. It is still fully of dust and grrr I don't want to clean properly because it'll just get straight back how it was once she comes in again. We have a few ditches that need filling up in our back yard. She loves running through them :( mudfest
  • When I take her for a walk she insists on peeing on every piece of dog shit along the way. There were a lot. She didn't like me making her move on. I just wanted to get my windy walk over with. And no doubt she'll be ready to go on another one in a few minutes ;) I won't be.
  • Having to find dog sitters must suck. I don't know because I've never tried but it is one of the reasons I don't really want to get a pet. If you're gone for a bit you need to have someone take care of them. Now we can just go away for a few days without really caring about all that stuff.
  • She has a boyfriend ;) he lives next door. Thankfully they run a lot of energy off together running up and down the fence line. She has been acting a bit weird towards him lately. I hope she isn't gearing up for a visit from aunt flo.

Dogs/pets to me are a bit like kids. I mean I usually like them and get on fine, but at the end of the day I sure am glad when I can give them back.

This blog comes to you because I'm dog sitting. Just as well that damn dog sleeps better this time and is so damn cute

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  • Posts

    • Meggo


      3 hours ago, indianabones said:

      I watched the newest episode. I have to say, I laughed out loud watching Abbie simulate electronic contractions on JD and then coo to him, "Your body was made to do this!"

      What was up with HIS face in return? I've only seen the previews - but his look is kind of a mix between "Well - THAT's awkward" and "Oh crap did the cameras catch that??" 


    • Yaruhmak



      I recently discovered this family and just saw that it is on FJ, so thought I'd join the chat.

      I agree with most of the opinions on here. First of all, the names are just 🤢. Actually most of them would be pretty acceptable if it wasn't for the ridiculous spellings and the weird, random capital letters in the middle of the name - is that even legal? 🤔
      Regarding changing their names after adoption, I guess people have different viewpoints. Personally I think if the child is old enough to know their name, they should at least be able to choose if they want to change it. It is a part of their identity in some way. Also, since they were fostered for some time before the adoption, I'm guessing they were calling them by their original names? It is a little strange to suddenly have a completely different name after adoption. 

      I'm guessing their channel is catered to a younger audience (teen/pre-teen) based on the click-bait titles, cringey, over-top enthusiasm and patronising voices. Its just too much for me 🤢

      Apart from the typical YT family channel  exploitation of minors, there's not really much to snark on 🤔. They obviously have the financial resources to take care of all these children instead of cramming them all in one room and feeding them sub-standard canned junk. The children seem genuinely happy and well cared for. I like that they actually get to go to school and interact with other children their age. The parents also seem to encourage them to develop their interests, which seems to be rare in the fundie world. One of the boys (Luke) is interested in theatre and dance and Delaynee? I think is a more 'tomboy', sporty type. They are both encouraged to participate in activities which are associated with the opposite gender - another rarity in the fundie world. 

      Someone mentioned that they shouldn't be allowed to adopt so many when they already have a lot of biological children. I personally think that there shouldnt be a limit as long as they are able to adequately provide for them. Plus, they adopted a rather large sibling group, which had a very low chance of being adopted. They would have either been separated or stuck in the foster care system permanently. 

      There may be more going on in the background which we don't see, but compared to some of the families discussed on this site, the seem like parents of the year 😅

      Sorry for the essay 😬

      On 7/5/2020 at 5:52 PM, clueliss said:

      Bridger’s adoption story posted Friday 

      something Russian that begins with K Vladimir Alexandrovich.  His New middle name is Alexander.  He likes having two names.  I like that his patronymic is his middle name now.


      I was a bit confused by Bridger's name. I'm pretty sure that Kuzotzskin is actually a surname, not a given name. His actual name was probably Vladimir (given name), Aleksandrovich (Patronymic name) Kuzotzskin (surname). I'm just confused why it was given in that order 🤔. Maybe he remembers being called by his surname, rather than his given name?It would be a little bit worrying that they don't know what his name was. 

    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      So many of these fundy patriarchs have to be the rulers in their own little bubbles and they set up their family and a few other loyal retainers (i.e., sons in law) as their subjects. 

       It's...almost...as if...it attracts a certain type of personality. 

      7 hours ago, The Mother Dust said:

      he would have to do REAL work

      Key phrase! 

      Edited by Howl
      • I Agree 1
    • Marly


      I wash my hair daily, especially in the summer. In the winter I sometimes wash it every other day, depending on wether or not I have to go somewhere that day.
      I sweat a lot, and I sweat a lot on my scalp. I also excersize daily. After a work-out routine, my hair looks and feels like I have just taken a shower. It's completely drenched in sweat because my scalp gets super sweaty. Therefore, I wash it everyday. In the winter, on days that I don't wash it but do excersize, I still rinse it with water because of the sweat that gets in my hair.

      I have long hair (breast length), so if I would have to blow-dry my hair after every wash, dat would take up more time. On warm spring days, on rainy days, and during the summer, I don't blow dry my hair. I just wear it up and it's dry at the end of the day. (From March onward it's too warm for me to wear my hair down, so I just always wear it up, until the end of November, when it's usually cold enough for me to be able to wear my hair down again). During the winter I do blow dry it when I have to leave the house. If I stay in I just let it air dry.

    • HideousGreenShirt


      Oh man, ear piercing is a controversial issue in my family. 😂

      My mom had hers done as a baby which was normal in her country. 

      My older sister traumatised our mom when she started senior school (age 11 over here). She begged and nagged constantly because all her friends had pierced ears and she wanted them too. But my mom said she had to wait until the school holidays so they could heal. I didn't find out any of this until a few years ago. 

      When it was my turn to move up a school, my aunt came by at the beginning of summer, sat me down and pierced mine with one of those old fashioned guns. It hurt. 

      A couple of years ago, I went with my mom to get hers re-pierced. Only then she told me the story of my sister's ear piercing and how she couldn't go through all the harassing and tantrums again. I thought it was funny that my sister had been that aggressive to cause such pre-emptive panic since she was always the good, well behaved one.

      I never wear earrings and find if I do, my ears react really quickly/badly.

      I think it's fine to pierce a baby's ears, they won't remember it and you could save stress later in life! 

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