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In a fairytale world

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Who let the dogs out?

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I love animals. I also like pets. We currently do not own any pets. I have had many pets in the past. We have a neighborly cat that I am trying to tame, which is one of about 10 cats I have seen in my garden in the last 4 months.

While my BF would like a pet, I'm a bit more hesitant. I have a few things that need doing before we get any pets that will come inside: paint the rest of the inside of the house, get me allergy tested and create a good way of being able to fully shut off the kitchen. There will be NO pets in my kitchen!!! It's bad enough when my hair gets in the food, we don't need any more hair floating around.

We're currently pet sitting at the moment. We have a lovely border collie living with us. While I love her to bits, she is also giving me a reality check. Yeah, totally not ready for the level of energy draining and responsibility that pet owning comes with.

Ah the responsibility, annoyances and joy of having pets.

  • I have to make sure she has adequate water inside and outside every single day.
  • She needs to be fed every single day (and she is eating a lot more this visit, so now we need to refill her feed supply). I guess she is feeling more at home now.
  • I have to get out of bed on time to put her outside so she doesn't pee inside (it hasn't happened here yet, but I know with her that it can)
  • To try and keep the neighbors happy I'm trying to teach her it is not OK to bark all day long when she doesn't get her way. Trying but failing. At least if I open the door she stops howling at the sirens.
  • If I put her outside, even if she has asked to go outside, within 5 minutes she will be at the door whining. And she can whine for a very very long time. Telling her to stop works, but only for a minute. It is high pitch and annoys me, after half an hour she usually starts whine-yapping. I give in. 
  • If she is inside and I'm busy that is pretty much a guarantee that she will start to climb on me. As far as I know, I am not a jungle gym but apparently she didn't get that message.
  • If she is happily lying on her mat (good girl!) and I move or make any sound, she thinks that is an invitation to play.
  • Doggy-abuse. She socks me in the face if I don't pay enough attention to her. If I don't let her put her wet nose in my face she will use her paws to try and hold it down. If I'm holding a hot drink and can't pet her she will try to nudge it out of my hand. She will climb onto my lap and lie down making sure I can't see my lappy screen, thus keeping me from FJ ;) The ultimate punishment. She sticks also her tongue in my ear. I mean really. How rude!
  • Holding a pair of socks is apparently my way of telling her it's time to go for a walk. Her excitement meter breaks if she sees me grab a hoodie or a jacket. Amusingly she really does know the difference between items of clothing. If I grab a t shirt she looks at me, sighs and goes back to whatever she was doing. Usually me grabbing such things doesn't mean she gets to go for a walk. Cue the whines and yaps.
  • I swear this dog is half human. She has the whole disgruntled act down pat. Even groans, sighs and grumbles as if she is human. You'd think I was telling her to go scrub the toilets, but no just to lie down and be quiet and stop bumping my damn arm!
  • She is selectively deaf. If I tell her to play dead sometimes she will. Sometimes she won't. If she does and you do not scratch her belly she will try and paw you. If you are too far away she will try and jump off the ground from her back (I guess rolling over is too much work). It is quite amusing.
  • She knows what "stay" is, but if she doesn't want to she will commando crawl up to you as if you can't see her (but she still expects attention). If you send her back to where she was, or point, or make a loud noise expect her to mope away like a forlorn kid who didn't get a jellybean.
  • There may be a difference in opinion as to the area of the house the pooch is allowed in. Someone thinks she should be allowed to run into the kitchen if someone comes in the door. I strongly disagree! she knows the magic line. I just need to clear my throat when she is over it and she will come slinking back into the safe zone ;)
  • I lock the gate when I leave her (because it is possible she could learn to open it herself). If I hear any dog closer to where I am than she should be I get worried that she escaped. We didn't used to call her Houdini for nothing ;) I don't like leaving her for long because of this, I'm always half expecting to have a crazy happy dog sprint up to me, spring onto my back making me face plant into the sidewalk, all while she is  in the process of telling me just how happy she is to see me again (cue the dog kisses).
  • The dirt. OMG the piles of dust she creates (part of why I have a kitchen rule!). I have swept the living room (where she stays) three times today. It is still fully of dust and grrr I don't want to clean properly because it'll just get straight back how it was once she comes in again. We have a few ditches that need filling up in our back yard. She loves running through them :( mudfest
  • When I take her for a walk she insists on peeing on every piece of dog shit along the way. There were a lot. She didn't like me making her move on. I just wanted to get my windy walk over with. And no doubt she'll be ready to go on another one in a few minutes ;) I won't be.
  • Having to find dog sitters must suck. I don't know because I've never tried but it is one of the reasons I don't really want to get a pet. If you're gone for a bit you need to have someone take care of them. Now we can just go away for a few days without really caring about all that stuff.
  • She has a boyfriend ;) he lives next door. Thankfully they run a lot of energy off together running up and down the fence line. She has been acting a bit weird towards him lately. I hope she isn't gearing up for a visit from aunt flo.

Dogs/pets to me are a bit like kids. I mean I usually like them and get on fine, but at the end of the day I sure am glad when I can give them back.

This blog comes to you because I'm dog sitting. Just as well that damn dog sleeps better this time and is so damn cute

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  • Posts

    • Fashion Forward


      16 hours ago, ManyGoats said:

      I am, too. Their doctrine is so specific to Gwen, it's hard to imagine them approving of anything anyone else has written. I can't imagine them using secular curriculum either.

      When I was still around, the homeschooled kids used Abeka Academy and modified the religion class to reflect Gwen's teachings. 

      Also in response to the public school vs homeschool... I actually got to experience this first-hand because I grew up in the church so let me explain.

      Parents are encouraged to homeschool their elementary school kids if it's an option available to them. If it's not an option (due to work schedules, for example) then parents won't be chastised for sending their kids to public school. Remnant Academy actually started with the Weigh Down staff members kids' getting together in the back of the building to do their homework together.

      For high school kids, the decision is made more on a case by case basis, but generally a Leadership member & the parents look at the child's intentions for school (will they/won't they have to go to college) and also look at their "gifts" (their talents) to see if some of the public school programs would benefit them. The kids who are lucky enough to attend public school are highly encouraged to take advantage of the dual enrollment courses so their time in college can be lessened a.k.a. less "worldly influence". You'll find many child members graduating high school & college early because they are encouraged to speed up the process. 

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    • Eponine


      6 hours ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      I see both sides of this argument, while I would be ecstatic with liberal laws like they have in CA, their are millions more who wouldn't. Doesn't mean that my vote should be worth 100x more than that of someone in CA, which is essentially what the EC does, it makes votes in small states worth exponentially more than that of those in large states. 

      This is the thing, though - counting each vote independently instead of going through the EC means that EVERYONE counts. So the Republicans in NY, CA, etc would count way more than they do now. And Democrats in red states would count. Then everyone gets a voice and they don't get tied to their state. It doesn't necessarily mean everywhere is going to end up liberal, it would mean that everyone counts equally.

    • Gobsmacked


      My second was a 38 hour labour. I missed Dinner so ate nothing. A Doctor popped in and chewed off the midwife's ear for not checking  when I had last eaten then ordered a glucose drip ASAP. The drippy midwife hadn't asked me anything about food. I couldn't have an epidural due to my damaged spinal cord. Gas and air is the best invention! The Doctor came back a couple hours later -baby born by  Vontuse (sp). My blood sugars were reallllllly low. All ended well thanks to that Brilliant Doctor. We heard later that the midwife had been making daft decisions for months. She was taken off the wards and sent for 6 months re-training then had to work along side a midwife trainer for a few months. Some folk just don't have the 'it' that midwifery  demands. She certainly didn't. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      24 minutes ago, kaluce said:

      Her old twitter is still around. Interesting to see her old opinions versus the people she supports now. Yogi objectifies the ever loving shit out of women. 



      Her old twitter is another reason why I believe her husband got her into this disgusting redpill world. She seemed like a normal young woman, and then 5 years later BAM she's a "traditional" wannabe vixen. 


      It tells me husbear is pretty insecure in their relationship. Probably because she’s a lot better looking than him and he makes a police officer wage. He probably knows she could easily find someone richer and better looking. He probably thinks this red pill trad wife shit will keep her in her place. But really she will eventually leave when she’s tired of it all.

    • Out of sheer boredom and a need to have background noise while I worked, I watched the entire stream from last night. He went into a tangent on personality types for a while, talking about what types of personalities the kids had. He also called Asher the genius in the family and said that Asher has been smart as far back as potty training himself just by watching what Thomas did. They also talked about Asher's birthday and he said Asher usually preferred having Andrea make him a meal at home instead of going out. 

      A lot of people ask Thomas about college consistently, but I wonder which desire is stronger in Asher - the homebody vibes or the penchant for learning? I'm not someone who believes college is for everyone, but I think he has a lot of potential to do well there. 

      He did talk about Thomas wanting to move out and get an apartment with his best friend, like Olivia Marie said, but then Tom seemed to be trying to push the idea of Thomas moving into a tiny home on their property. At one point he said Andrea had drawn up plans for two tiny homes on their land. He also said that any of the kids can stay at home as long as they need, though if they're still at home when they're 30 it might be time for a talk. He's putting a lot of faith in these kids who aren't well socialized or well educated to be able to support themselves. 

      I also hated the part where Judah and Thomas were goofing around in the background just play fighting like brothers and laughing, and Tom told them to stop because they were embarrassing him. It was nice to see them just being silly and having fun for a few minutes until he shut it down. Tom is scum of the earth but I can't bring myself to feel badly about any of the children who didn't ask to be in that situation, even Thomas. As an adult he'll make his own choices but right now he's a product of that environment. 

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