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One Month Until Camp!




It's less than a month until Camp Nanowrimo!  Held twice a year (April & July).  I enjoy camp more than regular Nanowrimo because I can set my own goal and/or work on other things.  

Due to various circumstances I've done little with my writing since November ended.  I have been thinking though.  Before I even ended my 2015 pursuit, I had come to the conclusion that November goes much better if I, gasp, prepare.  Which means I have to have an idea of what I'm writing a year in advance.  So I'm going to use Camp in April & November to do characterization, backstory and maybe a bit of plot work.  I can also use it to edit a novel I already have in progress.  They have a formula buried in the camp rules (or the nano site) to convert editing time into word count.  

Yes, I'm excited.  

Now, where's Miss Raquel....



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