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Kids, cats, dogs and my life.

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About me and proud Mama rolled into one.



A wee bit about me, I am 38 and live in Scotland, I have 2 kids and 1 cat, my son is 21, my daughter is 7 and Alfie cat is 1 1/2.  Now for the proud Mama bit.

My son is starting up his own amateur football (soccer) club, he has already got the bank account in the clubs name opened, he has been in touch with the amateur football association to register the club and is just about to go to our local council to apply for funds to start to buy strips and equipment needed.  I am so proud of the work he is doing to help himself and other youngsters in our local area to have something to do and help keep them off the streets.  He is also in college full time studying computing and hopes to join the army within the next year.  Proud doesn't express how I feel about my son, not bad for a boy who came from a 17yr old single mother, take that all you people who said I had ruined my life and my sons life before it had even started!

I am also a proud Mama of a  daughter who is teaching herself how to draw using you tube tutorials, I am next to useless at drawing but ok at the colouring in and I'm so impressed with her art skills, maybe not up there with true genius child artists but that is what she is to me.  I've attached a picture she drew and coloured in yesterday, it's not super complicated but it's way better than anything I could do.

I'm also a proud cat Mama to Alfie even when he is being a teenage monster cat lol, his absolute favourite game right now is to pull dvd's off the shelves in my bookcase, what is the best is he will sit and manipulate 1 out of the centre of each row and then knock them on to the floor, he is played with a lot but I think I will have to get him some puzzle toys to keep him amused and work off some of his energy or he will just get worse!  I have already had to move the small desk top drawer unit that has my daughters hair bobbles as he worked out how to move it away from the wall and open the drawers using his paw so he could steal the bobbles. 


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As a fellow proud Momma and Mom who was told I'd ruined my life and theirs, I salute and congratulate you!  You have much to be proud of, raising an adult who wants to give back to the community, help kids, and during one of the most stressful times of his life- the college years!

I cannot draw either.  Luckily, my kids are talented that way, like your daughter :D

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Well, you have plenty of reasons to be proud! And Foxy is really nice! Love it!

There's an app called "learn to draw" that is quite good, if you have an Android phone/tablet. I use it to teach my godson to draw because I have no idea how to explain him what I'm doing otherwise :). It could help your daughter (and maybe you too - anyone can draw with some practice, although some have it easier than others).


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Thanks for the app rec @Myrtille, I will look for it in the morning as it is bed time for me now.

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    • AmazonGrace


      What is his problem anyway? I thought praying in your own words is totally ok and encouraged so why would it matter if a prayer is from KJB or not. 

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    • On 6/11/2021 at 2:09 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about Jake Eakin. He loves to call abortion murder. And he’s actually been convicted of murder. It’s insane. 

      Likewise, a lot of these people oppose “Sharia Law” yet support installing a Christian theocracy in the United States.

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    • nelliebelle1197


      On 6/15/2021 at 4:02 PM, usmcmom said:

      My sister has boys and she has felt somewhat left out on the births of her grandkids. It made me more aware of my son-in-law’s needs when my grandson was born. At least, I hope it did. 
      We tried to keep a low profile when baby’s paternal grandparents were here the first week after his birth. I spent most nights at the house after they had gone back to the hotel; but we wanted to make sure they had lots of time without having to “share” the baby. 
      I am grateful all of us grandparents get along.  There was one evening where we all got stuck at the new parents’ house overnight. A storm had knocked a tree down, blocking the only exit from the neighborhood. None of us got to leave! It will be a fun memory to share with our grandson one day. 

      I actually had someone who kept trying to make villains out of my son-in-law and his parents leading up to the birth. She said things like “Those other grandparents should give you all some space.”  I finally said “Look, if it were my son instead of my daughter, I’d be crushed if someone took that attitude about me.” 

      Allison doesn’t have to worry about her mother overstepping; her mother hasn’t even shown up. 

      I am thanking you for this because what a lovely attitude to have!!!

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    • Black Aliss


      51 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Cranky Gary is annoyed that people say a sinner's prayer:

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      Interesting, because Jerry Fallwell, Jr. tells us that Trump is saved because he knelt down in Falwell's office and repeated the sinner's prayer.  So, Gary, if that prayer isn't good enough, then your president isn't saved.

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    • CTRLZero


      Gary may be more of a “gimme this day my daily bread” sort of guy.  Not that he’d use the correct words in any particular order.  😝 

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