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The Fundees - Sims Style

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About this blog

What would happen if we transported our favourite fundies back to before they got married and had a bunch of kids and then stuck them in a house together?

Introducing... Steve (Maxwell) and Steven (Pisser) Jill and David. Will he become her husband in this universe?! We will have to wait and see!


Jill - Over emotional, dramatic, mooch, diva, natural born performer. Likes pink, western music and key lime pie [I would have chosen ice cream, but that is not an option]

David - Slob, couch potato, heavy sleeper, angler, mooch. Likes orange, Latin music and peanut butter with banana sandwiches.

Steve - Workaholic, no sense of humor, technophobe, perfectionist, neat. Likes white, classical music and salad.

Steven -  Adventurous, hot headed, athletic, charismatic, mean spirited. Likes blue, cheesesteak and songwriter stuff [I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't too secular or "satanic"]

Entries in this blog


Day 1

Since it was the weekend (not that he worked anyways, so every day is the weekend) David decided to go fishing. He caught a minnow, which he was extremely proud of. Steven took his day off from his fireMAN job to work out. Jill went to the library to read a secular book. It it about having babies, so it is acceptable. She sees a man - potenital baby making helper - come in, but his skin is too dark. She also notices a slutty woman walk past her.   Steve




Part 2

Despite keeping Jill away from David as much as possible when Steve and Steve 2 were at work, she still liked-liked him more. Steve was too boring and the other Steve was too angry for her tastes. David and Mrs David - not Ms. thank you very much! - got married in a Godly church, and are currently waiting for God to bring them their first child. In the meantime, David is spending his days fishing in Gods green gloryness, and Mrs David is spending her time singing Godly tunes to praise Him.



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    • ivegivenup


      i miss fat pikachu. his roundness gave me so much joy but now that joy has been replaced with deep hatred. i hate pikachu's neck. 
      · 0 replies
    • Bethella


      I'm really wishing my workplace would just shut down again, even if we don't get paid. We're severely understaffed at the moment and I'm not sure how much thinner they can stretch us. When we reopened June 15 we had six full time employees and two part-time employees. As of today we're down to two full time employees and two halftime employees. We had one quit, one hiking accident who has been out for six weeks and will be out another 2-3 weeks, one who left yesterday on a week-long camping trip (the boss), and today one called out sick with symptoms that probably aren't corona but everyone would rather be safe than sorry, who knows when she'll come back. Given the circumstances, we could even offer the two part-time people extra hours but apparently that makes too much sense for my boss to actually do it.
      I'm just really sick of trying to do my job and everyone else's while still dealing with corona measures. The stress is definitely getting to me. 
      · 0 replies
    • SPHASH


      Happy Birthday to the last real President we had Barack Obama!
      · 3 replies
    • WiseGirl


      Beyond relieved.  Two trees came down behind my house but no damage nor did we lose power. Much more damage in the neighborhood, town, and bigger city in my area. I did not have tropical storm causing major damage in New England for August on my bingo card.
      · 1 reply
    • GreyhoundFan


      This picture of Laddie Boy waiting for his master is so touching. For those who don't know, he was President Warren G. Harding's Airdale Terrier. Harding died August 2, 1923 while on a trip to San Francisco.
      · 2 replies
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