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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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About this blog

I’ve been a Sims fan for a long time, and I’ve always been a fan of creating big families and trying to control them all. So, what better way to do this than play a fundie family? 

I originally began with a Sims 2 family and a Sims 3 family. My Sims 3 game messed up at one point (I couldn't play it), but it does all seem to be working again, so I have recently brought them back. I subsequently added a Sims 4 family. 

Sims 2 Family: the Bancrofts. Parents are Karen and Martin and the kids are Madison, Michael, Max, Mason, Martha, Matthew, Mark, Morgan, Mackenzie and Malachi. Madison & Michael, Martha & Matthew, Mark & Morgan are twins. I sent them all to college when appropriate. The eldest four all graduated, but then the others dropped out (I find the university aspect boring, plus I figured it'd be a fundie-like thing). Madison is married to Paul Walker, Michael is married to Mary (nee Cole), Max is married to Lily (forget her maiden name), and the others are all in their own houses or in the housing bin. Because there's no story progression, it can be hard to keep up with all of them and play them all equally. There is currently a total of 11 grandkids. Madison has four: Ashlyn, Brynlee, Carson & Daxton (twins), with another on the way. Michael has four: Kaleb, Katherine, Kyle and Kaylee. Max and Lily have three. They adopted two and have one biological kid. Jennifer is the eldest (adopted), then Ryan is the sole bio child, and Christopher is the latest (adopted) grandkid.

Sims 3 Family: the Taylors. Parents are Melissa and Joey and the kids are Andrew, Bethany, Christopher, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. Andrew is a singleton, Bethany and Christopher are twins, and Diana, Elijah and Francesca are triplets. Andrew is only a teen, plus I haven't played them as much, so there are no grandchildren.

Sims 4 Family: the Smiths. Parents are Nicole and Edward and the kids are Eliza and Emily, Eddie and Elijah, Evelyn and Elliot. All sets of twins. Eliza married Mark Pearson and has two children: Adam and Benjamin. Emily is married and has broken away from the family rules. She is married to Daniel Westbury (although hasn't changed her name), has a job as an astronaut, wears trousers (I'm from the UK and pants are underwear to us!), and no kids yet. She may have kids of her own (but maybe just two or three) or she may adopt. I do tend to make my Sims have kids so I doubt she'll remain entirely childless. The others are still in the family home.

I also sometimes feature "guest" posts featuring my non-fundie families. 

Entries in this blog


Taylors Part Seven: Andrew Grows Up... And Much Happens

OK, so the last part ended with a "mystery" photo.... but I bet you can guess what role she'll have to play. Andrew's turning into a Young Adult! He also gets Kicked Out of the house. This is much easier than manually moving him, plus they choose a random vacant lot. Andrew ends up going for a pretty fancy place. Christopher was VERY NAUGHTY one day and SKIPPED SCHOOL. He got scolded by Melissa, so he had to help out round the house.  So, the "mystery" woman from the end of the last post is called Natalie Jones. Andrew takes an immediate fancy to her... Joey shows up. I know fundies love chaperones, but it's a bit of a style cramper... DAT HUG. They went on a date to a diner. I heard some random piano music... yep, it was Melissa randomly jamming behind the diner  That outfit is the Level 2 Daycare uniform. The next morning, Andrew gets a job in the Music career track, which fits with his Lifetime Wish as a One Sim Band (the same as his mother). Natalie works on her Cooking skill. Her nightie is somewhat sluttish, but I decided length was more important than sleeves (ok and low-cut-ness). After all, her Everyday skirt shows *knee*, so... Seems like Melissa and Joey took advantage of a slot finally being available after Andrew moved out... Girly jamming session! Getting in the mood for a proposal... Engaged!! Sadly I missed the actual down-on-one-knee moment as I was looking at something on my phone. Oh well. It happened. The next morning, Andrew practises guitar whilst Natalie brushes up on her cooking. On their way! I decided to build a small wedding venue in town. I am pretty sure Andrew invited his whole family. In the end, only Joey, Christopher, Diana and Elijah watched the ceremony. Hmm. KISS! KISS! Melissa eventually showed up in a VERY sluttish skirt.  The two married couples slow dance. Time to start the next generation!! I then went back to the mother ship just in time to witness... ...the birth of baby #7, Gabriel!  It's a big, big gap between the DEF triplets and baby Gabriel, but oh well. Bethany and Christopher are also due to age up into Young Adults, so we may well also get an H and an I baby soon. There aren't really any H biblical names for boys, so if the theoretical H baby is a boy I'll call him something like Henry, or Hugo, a nice traditional name. I names are more obvious (Isaac). It's the reverse for girls... Hannah is the obvious H choice, whereas there are no I names so it'll be something like IDK Imogen or Isabelle. (If its twins, H baby would be born first, I baby second). I'm probably gonna stop at ten (so, that'd be Joseph/James/etc or Joanna/Julia.)




Taylors Part Six: Melissa Opens a Daycare

Melissa is now the only member of the family left at home during the day, so she decided to open a daycare. It allows her to stay at home, so there's no boss or women with green hair around. It's Leisure Day! Normally there are four festivals a year, but because I have this game in permanent summer mode, you only get Leisure Day, once every four weeks. They wanted to throw a pool party, so I built them a pool. The flowers are from the Weather Stone, which supernaturals can activate. This is Reviving Sprinkle, exclusive to Fairies, that fertilizes plants and revives dead ones. It's useful to Joey and his big garden. Bethany contemplating life and God under the stars. Teens and up can wear a modest mermaid skirt, but the best kids can wear is a wetsuit. For some reason, Melissa decided to buy a digger to see if there were any gems buried in the garden. Now it's time for the triplets to age up! For a short time, I will only have Teens in the family. Andrew is close to becoming a Young Adult and aging up. I'll probably kick him out. Yes, he'll be alone, but it's easiest this way. Plus Melissa may be able to have another kid. There'll be a huge age gap, but that's not a concern for me. Fairies live much longer than normal Sims.  The girls are all wearing the same skirt, but have different tops, hairstyles and shoes. Here's Diana. And then Elijah and Francesca.  There aren't any modest nighties available to teens, so they just wear dressing gowns instead. I decided to make Christopher "eccentric"; this doesn't mean he acts weirdly or says crazy stuff, it actually means he's good at inventing. I thought it was a way for him to make money, by creating toys and mini sculptures and stuff. Oh noes! Christopher got electrocuted! I hired a repair woman to fix the shower, but she inevitably decided to go for a dip. So I got a woman in a BIKINI mending the shower. NIKE!! Jacob grew into an adult cat. Only Andrew was there to watch. More band practice.  The daycare only operates Monday-Thursday for some reason. Melissa got the job on the Thursday, so didn't start until the following Monday. Here are the first two toddlers, Alexa and Catherine Givens. The game automatically generates toddlers, so they're not necessarily living in the town.  On the second day, we get a different pair of kids entirely. Here are Janis and Tommy Spain. Alexa and Catherine Givens are no longer in Melissa's relationships panel, so who knows what happened to them.  Basement homework club!! Sims in The Sims 3 tend to autonomously do their homework much more than in Sims 2 or 4. That's the end of Part Six! But wait? Who's this... ??




Taylors Part Five: Teens and Two Kitties

Gotta start those homemaker skills early! Francesca and Elijah ended up sleeping in each other's beds, but I didn't regard it as a big problem. You can claim beds in Sims 3, such that they will automatically sleep in those beds.  Bethany dancing this time. Perhaps they're OK with it? Francesca really needed the loo one morning, but it was filthy so she had to clean it. OK. It's official, the Taylors are OK with dancing. Melissa gets involved. I have Classical music playing all the time, so it's not ebil pop with a beat. Joey mastered the Gardening skill!! Bethany decided to try and sell some baked goods. Sadly, nobody bought anything. I managed to get everyone in shot! That's Diana talking to Joey; kids with the Excitable trait often pretend to rule over an imaginary kingdom, dressing up in a costume and with a crown. Only God can really rule over a kingdom, though! It was an automatic action, and with eight people in a household you can't control everyone at once. What's this? It's a cute little kitten! His name is Jacob. Bethany did get a customer one day, but Patricia Bedlington didn't buy anything. Joey's not looking at Patricia's vest and shorts. Plus, the visitor is a vampire... The twins age up!  We can have family band practice now. I wish I could attach a video file of the music they're playing, but I can't. It sounds pretty cool when they jam together. There are two styles, "Jam" and "Blues".  Whenever someone plays an instrument, the others like to come and watch. This is mostly OK, except when they're supposed to be going to bed. Then it's just stupid. Oi, you're tired, go to bed. You can watch your mom play the piano tomorrow. Everyone's off to school!  Cleaning up around the house isn't just for the girls in this family. Or is he doing something else...? Oh noes! Melissa's hair! Turns out Andrew was playing a prank. Fairies love to prank. I don't get the Taylors to do it much, but Andrew was having a mood swing and had a wish to play a prank. Melissa wanted to earn some money by playing piano in the park, but no-one gave her any tips. Perhaps I'll try somewhere else. Joey decided to enter a hot dog eating contest. The natural consequence of stuffing your face... throwing up afterwards. A couple of days later, we got another kitten. This is Eliza, short for Elizabeth. Jacob was pretty lonely, so I got another pet of the same species.  I still intend to take them on vacation one day. I don't know where I'll go. Maybe France.




Another Guest Post: The Bachmanns

The Bachmanns have their own save game (i.e. not the same one as the Smiths). I also put them on Long lifespan, for the lolz. They live in Newcrest, which ships as a blank hood. I created a restaurant, library and gym. Currently, they're the only household, aside from neighbours the Hensleys. The parents are Sarah and Matthias and the kids are Emma and Daniel. There's nothing really in-game to suggest this, but I wanted them to have a German-sounding name, so I've chosen names that work in both English and German (many names currently popular in Germany are names like Mia, Sophia, Emma, Ben, Finn, Noah rather than what one might think of as sooper-German like Friedrich or (idk) Annaliese or something). Sarah is in the Astronaut career; as of my last save, she is level 6. Here she is playing with the microscope. Sadly, due to financial reasons, I had to sell it (bills are super high in Sims 4, way more than previous versions, think at least 2000 Simoleons as opposed to around 200-400+ for previous games). Matthias is a Chef, and was practising his Mixology skill when Sarah told him she was pregnant with Emma. He went "WHAA?" and laughed rather nervously. (Funnily enough, when she was pregnant with Daniel he was less surprised and more happy). Matthias visited San Myshuno. Yes, this is him talking to a toilet. A speaking toilet. Sims, eh? Casually chilling with some drinks. A serving plate of kebabs on the edge of the bath. Because why not? Talk Like A Pirate Day! So they dressed up appropriately. Emma also makes her first appearance! Sadly, she appears to be using her diaper. Matthias juggles bottles, whilst Sarah uses flash cards with Emma. Dance party! I also created a little kids' playground. Matthias and Emma visited when it was cold. I love Emma's little hat!  Emma pretended she was on some sort of pirate ship with the toddler playground. Matthias got involved! I loved the little animations that popped up when I was playing as Emma. Matthias and Emma visit the Hensleys. Mom is Ellen, dad is Jacob, and the kids are Hugo and Lara. Whee! Matthias plays with Emma. Toddler Playdate time! Harvestfest, which is a festival that comes with the game. I added the tradition of wearing costumes. Darth Vader cooked the Grand Meal. Sarah dressed as a French maid and Emma wore a little "monster" costume; toddlers don't have many options. Neighbourhood Brawl Day randomly popped up. Matthias went out, and randomly picked a fight with someone. They then hugged to make up. Sims is weird. The whole family visited the Romance Festival. Sarah's a wannabe astronaut, so it's only natural she wants to build a freaking ROCKET SHIP in her garden. Yet another Matthias and Emma photo. I swear Sarah does play with her kid!! I don't take as many photos with my non-fundie families; this is just how things ended up. Hmm, I wonder where Emma could be... Winterfest present opening time! Ping! Another baby! Daniel is in the yellow outfit. Playing together at the dolls' house. Smoochin' time!!  




Taylors Part Four: NO MORE TODDLERS

As the title says. Late-ish one evening, I sent Andrew on a scavenger hunt looking for gems and metals. Melissa wants to be an awesome musician, so it's time to practise the guitar! Potty training! Andrew is now a teenager! One evening, Elijah decided to play the xylophone. Sadly, he woke Christopher up. Andrew was able to sleep through thanks to the Heavy Sleeper trait. Everyone was either at school, at work, or asleep, and Melissa and Francesca were the only ones up. Although you can't be a travelling music ministry family, you can play instruments. You can only play once you become a teen, so right now Andrew is the only kid who can join in jamming sessions. Melissa was going a little stir crazy, so she decided to visit the consignment store. There wasn't anything she liked, though. Bethany brought a friend home from school, but they didn't interact much. Melissa then decided to visit the library. She sat opposite a dude with a ponytail, but she decided to ignore him. Jam session! Bethany and Christopher will soon turn into teens so they can join in and form a full "band". Late night sliding! (Or could be early morning, I don't know). Andrew can now be a brother-dad and look after his toddler siblings. Cleaning the bath! Gotta start training to be a homemaker early! Melissa herself cleans the shower. Melissa wrote a book, Being Purposeful in your Marriage. She decided to start on a second, to do with parenting (I forget the exact wording). Sister time! They've got a small pond/lake in their garden, so Christopher takes advantage and goes fishing. The triplets aged up! I gave the girls slightly different styles. Bethany is technically wearing a top and skirt, but I made it look like it's a dress (the top was 'tucked into' the skirt). Diana has a different type of top. And Francesca is wearing an actual dress. They've also all got long hair, but done differently.  The glowy effect is from the full moon. I find it rather annoying as it makes me feel like my glasses are smeary, even when they're not!! The full moon gives a positive moodlet to fairies, though, so it's worth keeping.      




(Sims 3) Taylors Part Three: It's Been A While

I loaded Sims 3 today. I thought I'd muted all the sound options (voices, music, ambient, sound effects). Turns out I'd only muted music. I played and... NO CRACKLING PRAISE RUFUS. It cured itself! Tis a true Rufus miracle!! So I unmuted music and.... played!!! The game is a tiny bit slow, but it's barely noticeable. I get the occasional visual glitch, but nothing major or that impedes game play. I haven't really played the Bancrofts all that much. It can be a little strange playing a whole bunch of families without story progression, i.e. when you play as Madison Walker and her family, her siblings/nieces/nephews are frozen in time, don't age etc. And really, they're getting to the point where it's just marriage and babies... just like the Duggars eh??  I will probably still play them, maybe just focusing on one or two of the kids. And I always wanted to try and figure out what was wrong with my Sims 3 game. I *really* should have thought of uninstalling and reinstalling sooner. I is a dumbass. So, without further ado, let's jump into the Sims 3 Taylor family.  Melissa was asleep, so I got Joey to take care of the kids. Always the grossest part of parenting... emptying the potty. It's gotta be done, Joey. And a diaper change for Diana.  Toddlers are so cute! This is Elijah and Francesca playing peek-a-boo in the playpen. Time to teach yourself to walk, Diana! The bedrooms as they are currently. There are officially four days before the toddlers age up, but I age up Sims 3 toddlers when they still have one day left. Time to wake up and be a mom, Melissa!  Aww, poor little Francesca.  Gotta start on those wife-and-mommy skills early, Bethany! Early-morning sprinkler play. This is the best game for modest swimwear.  Quick nap whilst there's not much going on with the toddlers. Joey came home from work feeling stressed, so he decided to tend his garden. It's doing pretty well. The kids are home from ebil public school. Andrew needs a bath. I bought a jungle gym! Christopher gets up early to play. Playtime in the girls' room!  Managed to get most of the family in this shot. Melissa decided to actually TEACH Francesca how to talk.  Is... Christopher... DANCING?? Yep. BONUS! I currently have two Sims 3 save games. The Taylors live in Appaloosa Plains, and my other game is in Sunset Valley. Martin Brown and Stephanie Langley are married with two grown-up kids, Alexandra and Jessica. I built some venues (aka bars of various types) and the Langley-Browns own two of them (out of a possible six I built). Martin decided to visit one of the ones he doesn't own one evening. He was dancing downstairs when someone had a medical emergency (he's a doctor). Incidentally, this guy (in the yellow fairy outfit) is Alexandra's father in law; he's called Marty Jackson. The person in the background is Emma Hatch, one of the premades, who is a werewolf. She's partly shocked at what's going on and partly starstruck (the Langley-Brown family members are all Celebrities to some degree. Needless to say the Taylors are NOT celebrities).    





When in doubt, uninstall and reinstall. Thankfully I have it on Origin, so no need to faff around with multiple discs and serial codes. And, because it was on Origin, I still had my original Sims 3 fundie family, the Taylors (remember them?) Only issue is that the audio is still dodgy, so I have to mute all the sound, but that's fairly minor really. It feels odd to be playing it again after such a long break, though. I may get into these guys again, or just create a whole new save game.  It's been almost seven whole months since I did a Sims 3 Taylors update. I realised that since I did the last post back in January, I had taken some photos before my big pause. When I last saved them, kids 2 and 3 had just aged into Children. In age order, the kids are Andrew, Bethany, Christopher, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. I'll post those photos, plus some old ones of other fundie families I've had on Sims 3 who I've long since deleted. My Sims 3 children record is ten.  This is Andrew being put to use cleaning the toilet. Kids in the Sims 4 can't actually clean toilets; all they can do help-wise is clear the dishes. Making the bed. Melissa doing the counter. Yep... that's FIVE TODDLERS ALL AT ONCE. Elijah is the guy on the left, who's wailing because he's hungry. Bethany, Christopher and Diana (I think that's her in the lilac) are playing round the table, and Francesca is the one nearest the desk chair on the right. I don't know why Melissa was in her swimming costume, they don't have a pool, although perhaps she wanted to play with the sprinkler. Anyway, with Sims 3 Island Paradise comes a mermaid tail in the swimwear section, so you can create a totally modest swimming costume!  Christopher wanted to play with the xylophone, but Bethany was in the way.  Francesca in the walker.  The natural consequence of having five toddlers at once. Here's Bethany as a child. Christopher doesn't have his own bed yet, as one of the triplets was placed in his old crib before I could sell it, and I still need another crib in the boys' room for Elijah. And here's Christopher. When I played them yesterday, they'd only just aged up; I'd changed Bethany's outfit but not Christopher's.  Memory Lane photo: my first Sims 3 fundie family, the Connerses. They had all girls. I used move_objects on to get them all into position, which sadly screwed up my game so I had to delete the family. There are only nine kids in this photo, but there were actually ten altogether. The names are on the relevant Sim (I edited the screenshot obviously). The one missing was called Amanda. I think Alice, Anne-Marie, Amelia, Alexandra and Aurelia had moved out at this point, and I was playing their parents' household... Alexandra popped up as a Zombie  I also hadn't edited Amelia's outfit either. Otherwise, they're all dressed modestly. Adelaide, the youngest, is playing with an Imaginary Toy, which all babies/toddlers tend to receive, and they play with them automatically. Another fundie family, the Jessops. The kids' name theme was E. I'm pretty sure that the eldest was called Emily, and the next youngest was Evelyn. The two children (yeah, twins) were called Ella and Emma. I forget what the parents were called (these photos are from four years ago!!) This is what can sometimes happen with a birthday cake. It's kinda funny how they're all panicking and yet the girl in black doesn't care  Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure she was Ella. Evelyn is on the left in the green, Emily is on the left with the pink top, and Emma is the one with the purple outfit. The mom is visible in the back, wearing the pink blouse and the beige skirt.  Here's Emily with her own family. She had about three or maybe four kids that I know of. I forget what her married surname was. I think her kids were called Amalia and Nicholas. This is her with Nicholas. Amalia on the slide. Emily and her husband were into Martial Arts.  This wasn't a fundie family, but it's a typical Sim thing. One of the kids in the family was graduating from high school, which they do at the town hall. The baby of the family got abandoned outside, and a tourist felt sorry for him. Another non-fundie family. This is the result of a meteor strike. It occurred when everyone was going to school/work in the morning.  Yet another game (honestly, I've had loads). The Grim Reaper bouncing on a trampoline. Because reasons. I've honestly surprised myself with how well I remembered the names of some of these guys, especially the Jessops. Even though I've played all these families and then deleted the save games for whatever reason, the screenshots still remain. It kinda sucks that I scroll through them, and remember playing the family and everything, yet can't remember what they were called.  




Smiths Part Eleven: OK, It's Mostly Pearsons...

Seasons! With this you get two new outfit categories, Hot Weather and Cold Weather. Here's little Adam Pearson in his cold-weather gear: And here's Mommy: Eliza's Hot Weather outfit includes cool shades. Only issue is, Sims wear their outfit both indoors and out... which leads to this. Further proof that Emily is slowly ditching her upbringing... VEST TOP. SHORTS. SHORTS. THAT SHOW. KNEE. *faints* Jobs require daily tasks. You don't technically have to do them, but it helps. Emily's is to play chess. Adam's going to be a big brother! I love how Sims get a moodlet when they have good WooHoo  Eliza loves composing tunes. Eating a healthy omelette. Playing in the sprinkler! For some reason, Sims stay in their normal clothes. In Sims 3, Sims changed into their swimwear. Adam is Cute #1: playing in the paddle pool!  Adam is Cute #2: playing in the sprinkler! Yep, his Hot outfit is very similar to his normal outfit. Yet, if he wears the normal outfit, he risks getting a Hot moodlet. Meh. Festivals occur fairly regularly. There is no scheduled one during Summer, so I created one called Summer Festival. Traditions are Fireworks, Barbecue and Water Fun, so Eliza is fulfilling the Barbecue one.  Adam is Cute #3: He just is! Personally I always like the Toddler stage. I think it's because he's wearing glasses, it just adds extra cute factor. More pool time. Eliza threw a party for the Summer Festival. She barbecues some potatoes.  Seems that I like this shirt a little too much  Edward is on the computer, Eliza is next to Eddie, and Mark is at the back. Elijah is the one in green. Reading Adam to sleep. The Spice Festival was being held in San Myshuno, so Nicole invited Eliza along. Sadly, it was raining.  She bumped into Elijah. Behind her is the Spicy Curry Challenge, but she did not partake. It wasn't the best of trips, given that she was soaking wet, hungry and exhausted. I directed her to go to bed. But NOPE she autonomously stopped the action and... It's go time!! Eliza opts for a home birth this time around. And.... it's a BOY! This is Benjamin. Three guesses as to what the name theme will be...

Non-Fundie Family: The Taylors

Meet the Taylors. Yes, I know I use this surname a lot, but it is very common!! Here's Isabella. She's a Comedian. Here's her husband Mark. He's an Artist. This is eldest daughter Brooke. She wants to be a Chef. This is adopted daughter Brianna. She's a Nerd Brain. Isabella then had triplets: Brynlee, Brittany and Bradley. Brynlee is pink, Brittany is yellow, and Bradley is green. Isabella was up late one evening. She decided to have some strawberry ice cream. Because reasons. Each kid gets their own bedroom (except for the eldest two, who share). Bradley is a Genius and has a cool science kit in his room. And yes, I do the colour thing for every family, not just my fundies. Mark woke up sad and lonely one morning. Luckily for him, it's Love Day! (I recently downloaded Seasons).  These two are adorable! Mark is an artist, and has a mini studio.  Brynlee gives big sis Brooke a tulip. Here's a photo from back when the triplets were babies. Dang that was a LOT of screaming.

Bancrofts Part Eleven: Ten Kids, Ten Grandkids

Martha decided she wanted to move back into her parents' house, which means she'll inherit it when Martin and Karen die. She gets her own room, plus a computer and bookshelf; her preferred hobby is Film and Literature, one of the least compatible with the fundie lifestyle. I'll just pretend they're religious books. Over to the Walkers. Emptying a potty is gross. Time to wash the dog! Breakfast. Madison had twins! Two boys after Ashlyn and Brynlee. Their names are Carson and Daxton.  Over to Michael's family. Potty training is dull af. "How much poop do you have to do, Katherine?" So I didn't realise, but Michael is Level 8 in the Business career. This comes with a limo as the carpool.  First bathroom baby! Lily (married to Max) is having her first biological child. His name is Ryan. When you google popular 80s names, the boys' ones don't seem as obviously 80s as the girls' ones. With girls you get names like Jennifer, Amanda, Crystal, that sort of thing, whereas the boys' names are more like Michael, Robert, timeless sort of names. Back to Michael's family. Kaleb is having a late-night conversation with his Uncle Malachi. It was around 11:30 pm-ish. Shouldn't both of you be in bed??  Mary and Kaleb play soccer in the back yard. Again, sports are OK if it's family only.  Kaleb practises the piano. With not much time left until Katherine and Kyle's birthdays, it was time to grab some Smart Milk and the Thinking Cap and utilise them.  Kaleb brought cousin Ashlyn home with him one day after school. Michael threw a birthday party. For some reason, Aunt Martha decided to give Katherine a bath. Party time! The next day, Mary had her fourth child, another girl, Kaylee. That makes ten children for Martin and Karen, and ten grandchildren. It's an even split of five girls and five boys. There are four Children, two Toddlers, and four Babies. Ashlyn Walker: Brynlee Walker: Carson Walker: Daxton Walker: Kaleb Bancroft: Katherine Bancroft: Kyle Bancroft: Kaylee Bancroft: Jennifer Bancroft: Ryan Bancroft: So that's ten grandbabies across three families; seven of the kids aren't married yet. In fact, Malachi isn't even a Teen yet, although he soon will be. 

Smiths Part Ten: In Which Emily Says "Fuck the Patriarchy"

Screw You Patriarchy Moment #1: Emily wears pants now.  Screw You Patriarchy Moment #2: Emily gets a JOB. As an ASTRONAUT. She also moved in with a guy pre-marriage. But then, I always do this, because waiting around for them to find a partner autonomously would take too long. Plus my Sims don't leave the house much except to go to school/work. She goes on a date with Daniel Westbury to the Romance Festival. They get sakura tea together. Look who turns up!! That's either Eddie or Elijah getting sakura tea; I can't tell because he's not in green or blue. Which is why I always assign my Sims a colour. Daniel's eating fruit salad for breakfast, which is normal. Emily is eating franks and beans, which is not. Maybe she's a Bro Gary follower? *gag* Screw You Patriarchy Moment #3: PRE-MARITAL KISSING Y'ALL Daniel got so excited he decided to start fishing. It does actually make sense, as being an Angling Ace is his lifetime aspiration/wish/want (I forget which one it is with Sims 4). Nicole invites Emily over to the Granite Falls National Park. They don't stay long, for some reason, by which I mean they chat for a bit and then Nicole just walks off.... RUDE. Edward invites himself over, and meets Daniel. Neither Edward nor Nicole have commented on Emily wearing jeans; perhaps they're like the Bateses in that kids stick with the style rules whilst living at home, but they can decide their own rules once they've left. After all, Emily's still fairly covered, it's not like she's wearing a crop top and hot pants. Eliza comes over.  Eliza plays the violin. Edward sits alone in the background. (Loser). They go on a date to a bar. Smooching occurs. "Daniel! What are you doing??" "YIBS!" (Simlish for YES!) Quick household swap to the Pearsons. Here's little Adam as a toddler. (Eliza's first kid) Nicole and Emily go to Chez Llama.  The food takes way too long to arrive so Emily leaves. I'd got a notification saying that Daniel had come home from work, and I wanted to get them married. Dun dun da dun.... dun dun da dun... hurry up guys, get to your seats! (Slight Screw The Patriarchy moment in that Emily wears quite a form-fitting dress). Not sure how well Nicole, Eliza and Mark can see from the kitchen... Eliza and Emily eat their cake on the bed.  Even long after everyone's left, Eliza's still playing the violin. Female Sims don't automatically take their husband's name after marriage; I went into full edit mode (cheat) to change Eliza's name. I'm gonna have Emily keep her Smith maiden name, and give any kids the double-barrelled name of Westbury-Smith (it flows better that way round IMO). I suppose a real "fuck the patriarchy" moment would've been for Emily and Daniel not to get married, or to marry after kids, but I feel she's broken quite a few of the family rules already. After all, plenty of feminists get married.  

Bancrofts Part Ten: A Bancroft First

Whew, it's been a while! We start off back at the mothership. A storm breaks out one night and one of the trees catches fire. Naturally, Martin is worried. The next day, he decides to throw an anniversary party. As his Lifetime Aspiration was to reach his Golden Anniversary with Karen, this has now been achieved, and receives 25,000 aspiration points. At the party, Mackenzie chats to her nephew, Kaleb (Michael's son). Martin's natural hobby is Nature. Growing plants brings with it the risk that they get infected with bugs. You can spray the plants with (I assume) some kind of pesticide. If you spray your plants enough times.... POOF! WTF is going on?? You become a PlantSim! This is categorically NOT what Martin wants. This must've involved some sort of sorcery, and as we all know, sorcery is BAAAAADDDD in fundieland. So he decides to phone the Gypsy Matchmaker, who, aside from offering Sims blind dates, also sells various potions to get rid of vampirism, lycanthropy (werewolves) etc.  Martin takes a swig of Plantophic-C potion. Phew! Back to normal. He's still left in his PlantSim outfit, so he has to go to the dresser to put normal clothes on. He decides to hire a gardener to do the work for him, as he doesn't want to risk becoming a PlantSim again. It's time for Mackenzie to age up! We briefly visit Madison's family. Here's Ashlyn, dressed somewhat inappropriately for such cold weather. Still modest, though. Baby Brynlee is left on the bathroom floor. So parenting. Much skillz. Wow. Now we're switching to Max and his wife Lily, who have come back from their honeymoon and are ready for some hey-hey-hey. Max brings a coworker back from work. It's Paul Walker. They're both in the Architecture career. PREGGERS! But what's this? The social worker? Yes! Max and Lily decided to adopt their first child. And... SHE'S NOT WHITE. Malachi was also adopted, but aside from his black hair he could easily blend in with the white Bancrofts. Max and Lily don't care, though; Jennifer is a child of God and should be treated with love. (I've decided their name theme will be "popular 80s names"). Lily is also due with the first biological child soon. Will Jennifer be the only adopted child? Or will this set a precedent?

Wa-La Diner Revisited, Part Three: Close Encounters of the Fundie Kind

The Taylors finished their nasal singing at around the same time as we finished our main course. I could feel the grease around my mouth.  "Christ on a cracker, fundies eat this stuff all the time?" Marissa asked, wiping her mouth with a paper napkin. "Not all of them, some are very into healthy eating," Annie replied.  "Dessert, anyone?" I asked. "Yeah, why not," Faye said. "It's not that bad, actually," she added, mainly for Annie and Marissa's benefit. Anna came back. "How are y'all this evening?" she asked. She had a strong Southern accent, unsurprisingly. "Very well, thank you," I said. "Are y'all related, or - " "Yes," I replied, explaining which ones of us we were related. "We haven't seen each other in a while, so we thought we'd come here to catch up." I felt it best not to explain why we hadn't seen each other; I knew that some fundies went to colleges like Pensacola and Crown, but I didn't want Anna asking too many questions. "Lovely!" she trilled. "Are y'all wanting dessert?" "Yes, please," I said. "We'll share some ice cream pie and some cinnamon rolls." I paused, then remembered something. "I'm sorry I didn't ask earlier, but is there any way in which we can pray for you?" "I recently got engaged," she replied, waving her ring around. "So it'd be neat if you could pray for my marriage." No gratitude, I thought, as we agreed to pray and she walked off.  "No please or thank you," Marissa whispered; she was always one for saying what everyone was thinking in situations like this. "You'd think gratitude and politeness would be part of the SOTDRT, but apparently not," Faye said.  *** Nobody took to the stage as we ate dessert, but as we left the table (after tipping with tracts, which I'd brought along) I saw the RV family walk up the steps. "Crikey, they're skinny," Faye said. I laughed at her usage of such a British term; Mom used them liberally. "Maybe they took advantage of the 50% off if you sing or preach deal," Annie commented. "Oh, they definitely would have done," I said, as we walked through the door of the gift shop. "Ovulation kits?" Marissa exclaimed, holding one. "Well, you know how much fundies set store by their fertility," Annie said.  Just then, a very familiar family walked in. "Who are they?" Marissa whispered. "He's a preacher, very anti-gays and Obama," I hissed, feeling the hairs standing up on the back of my neck.  I watched as his children looked at the board games. "Come on, we don't have time now, my slot is in ten minutes," he said, before the family trooped back out. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. "He's preaching??" Faye said, looking worried. "Is he going to start screeching about how men should pee?" "Let's leave before then, then," Annie agreed.  I was in front of the book section, seeing which titles I recognised, when another familiar voice. "What do yer think of this?" the man asked, holding up a pair of earrings. "Very pretty," the wife said. "Did you hear ma preachin'?" Weenie Man asked.  We all froze to the spot. "Y-y-yes, sir," Faye said, being polite. We'd actually barely been able to discern what he was saying, not because of his accent but because he'd been so rambly and failing in grammar. "Do you go to church?" "Yes sir." Annie answered this time, as she was able to answer the question truthfully. I never remembered what denomination she was, only that it was a fairly liberal church and that she was part of the choir. "Would you like us to come be part of yer preachin'?" Marissa was determinedly not looking at him, and was sending me a message with her eyes that read "FUCK NO!" "Oh... I... er... don't know... we're rather busy for the next few months," Annie replied.  "Alright, it was worth askin'," he said, turning back to the jewelry (or joory as he'd been calling it).  We left as quickly as we could, knowing that this would be an amazing story to tell on Dumb Things Fundies Do.  

Wa-La Diner Revisited, Part Two: The Meal

"Dude... what is up with all these random lace doilies..." Marissa wondered aloud.  Annie explained. "She sounds nuts," Marissa said. "Oh, that's only the surface," Faye replied drily. Anna returned, with a sheaf of menus. As she walked away again, I noticed that she had a silver ring on her left hand. "Big Salad?" Marissa asked. "Garnished with raw egg dressing," Annie said. Marissa gagged. "Seriously?" she exclaimed. She glanced at the menu with a look of disgust on her face. "Ooh, weens and gravy. Isn't that a breakfast dish?" "Yeah, but they don't have many starters here," Faye said. "I like sausage gravy, I'll go for that." Faye and I exchanged significant glances, but Marissa was oblivious.  "Hello, are you ready to order?" Anna seemed to possess that high-pitched baby voice all young fundie women appeared to have. "Yes... three lots of picnic eggs, and one portion of weens and gravy," I said, ignoring Annie, who was sniggering. I looked back at the menu. I noticed that each dish could be served as individual portions, or could be served buffet-style with everyone helping themselves. To this end, I ordered tater tot casserole, chicken-etti, and burritos to share, as well as some raspberry Kool-Aid. Anna scribbled down the order, and, as had happened back in Summer Springs, presented us with a complementary jar of pickles. "OK, Marissa, lemme introduce you to some of these people..." Annie said, bringing out her phone.  As I talked to Faye about college (I had also done political science, so we were comparing courses), I watched Marissa's face. It was a joy to behold. From the lack of utter disgust, I deduced that Annie had taken the simple decision to *not* introduce her sister to Weenie Man.  "HAY-MAYUN!" We all jumped out of our skin. Filled with dread, I looked at the stage. Sure enough, Weenie Man was here in person.  "Bloody hell, that nearly gave me a heart attack!" Faye whispered.  "Who's that?" Marissa asked. "He's a preacher," Annie explained. "What the heck was that HAY-MAYUN?" "God knows," I said. "People on DTFD are trying to work out if it's some kind of Tourette's-type tic or something he says a la Robert Tilton's Hoo Ba Ba Kanda." As we watched on, I knew that this would be perfect to mention in the thread. Many of us had mentioned possibly going to see our various grifters in action, but nobody had actually done so.  After a couple more HAY-MAYUNS, Weenie Man ended his message and walked off the stage, picking up a KFC bucket as he went. As the Taylors shuffled up on stage, having clearly brought along the entire family, I barely noticed the arrival of our starters. "What... the fuck... is this?"  Marissa was eyeing her plate of weens and gravy with a look of pure nausea.  "Man food eating," Annie grinned. "Why is it pink?" Marissa asked, ignoring the "man food" comment. "Red weens," Faye explained. Picking up her fork, Marissa poked at it, as though worried it would jump down her throat. "Go on, it's made with real flour!" I said, barely able to contain my laughter. Despite my misgivings, the picnic eggs were quite tasty. Looking as though she would rather be doing anything else, Marissa cut off a tiny portion and put it in her mouth. "Oh God, I'm never gonna be able to look at sausage gravy in the same way," she said sadly, putting the fork down in defeat. "That is the most disgusting thing I have ever had the misfortune to eat." At that moment, the Taylors began to sing.  "Oh Christ, I thought we'd left these people behind?" Annie asked. "They're probably desperate for money now that their conferences have dried up," I reasoned.  Faye, who was sitting opposite me, stared in the direction of the entrance. "What?" I asked, somewhat unnecessarily as I whipped my neck round.  "Is that the Big Salad woman?" Marissa whispered. "Is that her husband? Nice pornstache." "Bit of a shame for her that a lot of the food is unlikely to be organic, or fermented," I commented. "Well, all she'll need is her Big Salad and she'll be done for the evening," Annie reasoned. The main courses arrived on foil platters with plastic tongs stuck into each dish. Marissa eyed them warily. "I hope these are better than ween puke," she said. "They're surprisingly OK," Faye explained. "They'll clog your arteries, but they're not as hideous as ween slop." Marissa picked up a burrito and bit into it. "This is a burrito?" she said in disbelief. "Where's the meat? The salsa? The rice?" "According to the originators of this dish, there's no difference in taste between burritos with meat and without," Annie said. "Huh." She continued eating it, although she helped herself to a portion of tater tot casserole. *** Here endeth Part Two. Part Three will consist of a close encounter of the fundie kind... but with whom?

Wa-La Diner Revisited, Part One: The Set-Up

Clearly, this is not a fundie Sims post. This is going back to my parody fic, featuring the Mason family (mom Rebecca and daughters Jessica and Faye). Unlike previous entries, this is narrated by Jessica. Jessica has recently graduated from UCLA, and has recently begun studying at a graduate law school. Faye has embarked upon her junior year at UCSD, doing a political science degree. The family previously lived in the fictional town of Summer Springs in Kansas, but have now moved to San Francisco. *** Reading over my notes on contract law was giving me a headache. I brought up a new tab and opened up Dumb Things Fundies Do. As I scrolled through the latest Weenie Man thread, a notification popped up saying that I’d been tagged in a comment. Apparently Wa-La Diner is opening a new branch in San Francisco! Hey @jessidugg95, you in? Intrigued, I googled the restaurant. The news was indeed true. Even worse, it was really close to where we lived. I hadn’t seen anything about a new restaurant opening, but I didn’t usually visit that part of the city. I explored the website, which was promising new dishes.  “Ew, gross,” I said to myself as I read the updated list. ”What?” Mom asked. ”There’s gonna be a new branch of Wa-La Diner here in San Fran,” I said. ”Oh dear. What’s ew gross?” ”They’ve got some new dishes. Including some inspired by our favourite grifter.” ”Huh?” ”Pink weens and gravy.” ”Dear Lord,” Mom shuddered. “How can these people market this slop?” “Christ knows,” I replied, closing my laptop. ”Are you considering going?” ”Dunno, I wouldn’t go alone,” I replied. Faye wasn’t coming back from college for a couple of days. She’d decided on doing a political science major and was really enjoying it. Unlike me, she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do, but I was sure she’d get a good job. I had some real-life friends who were part of DTFD, but I wasn’t entirely sure if they’d want to get involved with an actual trip to Wa-La Diner. ”No, fair enough. I was gonna suggest you should wait till Faye gets back.” *** Eleven days later, Faye was home. I’d told her about the new restaurant, and unsurprisingly she was very much up for a visit; she had always been more interested in fundieism and was more active on DTFD. I'd managed to persuade Annie and Marissa along: Annie knew about fundies, but wasn't part of DTFD; Marissa knew very little, but was always up for an "experience" and a laugh.  “Dare you to order the pink weenie gravy,” Faye grinned, on the day of our visit. ”I don’t fancy food poisoning again,” I said. I’d only had a bout last week and didn’t fancy spending the night leaning over the toilet. ”How are we going to dress?” she asked. “The dress that served me so well last time got ripped, so...” ”Well, it's winter, it'll be easier to layer,” I said. “I’ll wear my denim skirt again.” We spent a while in my room, discussing college and guys and the usual things young twenty-somethings discussed. Faye still had the boyfriend she’d had on our first visit, but he was still in Kansas.  “It’s weird to think that, if we were fundie, I’d probably be married by now,” I said.  “Yeah. And my relationship with Charlie has gone on longer than most fundie ones, so we’d be at least engaged,” Faye replied. ”Poor beggars get no choice,” I sighed, braiding my hair.  "Makeup or not?" she asked. "I'd go with subtle," I replied, carefully applying my mascara. "Yeah, I don't suit the 80s look, I don't have any green eyeliner," Faye replied. *** Annie and Marissa were already waiting outside when we arrived, dressed almost identically in sweaters, knee-length denim skirts and boots.  "So, what kind of cuisine do they serve here?" Marissa asked. "It's very much of the cream-of-crap soup and packet mix variety," I explained. "You'll understand better when we're inside." The interior decor was very similar to the Summer Springs branch. We were enthusiastically greeted by a girl in a hot pink polo shirt, black maxi skirt and brown sandals.  "Table for four? Right this way, we've got a table right by the stage. By the way, my name is Anna," she said.  "Stage?" Marissa asked. "Oh yes, we have musical entertainment and preaching tonight," Anna replied, not noticing Marissa's tone of worry. I exchanged glances with Annie, both of us trying hard not to giggle. "Lovely," Marissa said quickly.  *** Here endeth Part One. Watch for Part Two, after which poor Marissa will never be able to look at her favourite breakfast dish of sausage gravy in the same way ever again...

Smiths Part Nine: The Next Generation is (Finally) Here!

Another one where the title says everything... Eliza brings Mark over to her parents' house. Things go well. Eliza shows off her violin skill. Mark is impressed. Mark and Eliza go on a date to the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno. Luckily they had chaperones! With the Humor and Hijinks Festival, there is a competition between "Jokesters" and "Pranksters". Mark and Eliza joined the Jokesters. (Incidentally, both Nicole and Edward became Pranksters). It's separate beds... for now. (The jug thing in the background is the reward for a Gold level date). Still in the "getting to know you" phase. It's official! They're in a courtship! Well, THAT escalated quickly...! OHMYGODYES! Mark and Eliza didn't want to waste any time! This is at Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. (I did set Eliza's dress to be white, but I guess the game generated a random outfit when they travelled to the venue). THE FIRST KISS! I even got a notification saying that they were sharing their very first kiss  Eliza entertains the guests. You'll notice that even though Emily wears pants now, she still wears a modest formal dress. Ahem... Congrats, Eliza! "We're going to have a baby!" "Hey Grandma!"
"Huh? OH!" Lunch date at new restaurant in town, Chez Llama. It serves "experimental" food dishes, such as Volcano Pasta and Free Range Sixam Pit Beast (me neither). Never forget your Bible journal. Eliza elects to have a hospital birth. For some reason, you have your baby in this weird contraption. It's a BOY! Welcome to the world, Adam Pearson!  

Bancrofts Part Nine: The One with the Mass Drop-Out (Plus a Wedding)

I may have said this before, but I actually find the University aspect pretty boring. It just becomes this cycle of eat, sleep, go to class, study that is repetitive and boring. There are so many Bancroft kids that it's hard to keep up.  So, with this in mind, I instigated a mass drop-out.  I decided to check in with the college-student Bancrofts. In the big house was Max, Mason, Martha, Matthew, Mark and Morgan. Max was close to graduating, so I decided to let him. Like Madison and Michael before him, he did this with Summa Cum Laude (GPA of 4.0.).  This is Max working on a Term Paper, one of the three methods to boost your grade. Once he'd finished his final exam, he used the phone to move back to Sapphire Springs. The others completed their semester exams and decided to drop out, one by one. The exception was Mason, who had one semester left and wanted to see things through. (This is Matthew). In Sapphire Springs, I decided to move Max in with another family... and have that family move out, leaving Max with his own space. I decided to make things easy for Max and created a helpmeet in CAS to move in with him. This is Lily Matthews. The bathroom is the best place to get hot and steamy. Incidentally, I haven't yet had a bathroom baby in either Sims 2 or 4... maybe it'll happen soon. Best friends! A thunderstorm struck. I managed to get a photo when the screen was completely white due to lightning. They had to sleep separately that first evening, even though they were already in love at that point (things happen fast in Sims world). Next morning! I told you things happened fast in Sims 2! (OK, I might have used BoolProp to speed things up a little. Shoot me). Max then had to go to work, so they held the wedding once he'd come home. Madison and Michael decided to have a pillow fight. Also in the photo: Mary (Michael's wife) playing the piano to no audience and Max talking to Martin (possibly the sex talk?) Max has a pillow fight with Martin. Lily's pooped and napping on the couch.  Max and Lily are currently on their honeymoon in Twikkii Island.  There will eventually be ten Bancroft couples, which will be a bit much. So, to narrow things down, I'll primarily focus on the Bancroft daughters (Madison, Martha and Mackenzie). I'll check in with the others occasionally. I may have one of the kids move back in with Karen and Martin, to take over the house when those two eventually die.         





We'll start where we left off. Where's the best place to have mommy-daughter time? The bathroom, of course.  "I know, Becky, our dishwasher is, like, totally broken, and Daddy should, like, totally fix it, but he's just sooooo busy being an amazing Godly husband and father." "Why am I eating standing up when there are eight free seats behind me? I am so sick of this househo- oops, gotta keep sweet. Gotta keep sweet." "Yeah yeah your music is neat, Mrs Smith, but I'm just *that* much more interested in molding this clay." "So the square root of 169 is.... wait... why is there a plate in the way?" "Don't ask me. I'm a Bear." "I mean, I just LOVE having six children, but I sometimes feel like something is missing now my blessings are all growing so fast... Lord, help me to deal with this new season of life..." "Lemme just crank this up a notch, even though such a steep gradient makes me fall down... just a reminder that God has everything under control, and if I try to change things too fast, I slip up and need to slow things down to where God would have me." "Wait... wait... what's happening? Am I older? Oh no! Will I still be able to have children? I feel like life has gone so fast..." "Oh, help... now I'm older I'm feeling much less secure. My Bible journal has always helped. Lord, I pray that you will continue to support my family and I in the coming years, I'm feeling somewhat lost right now..." "I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed me with such skill in the violin so that I am able to glorify Him in so many diverse ways." "So what if video games are a distraction and not a direct way of glorifying God? I can earn money through doing this. Blicblock is hardly going to corrupt my mind." "I bet Mommy is so proud of me, I do my Bible journal without prompting!" "So what if talking to yourself is the first sign of madness? I'm just interacting with God's creation." "I can't believe Mom let me get my own place already! I am so excited to be in this new season of life and I am so ready to have as many blessings as God will give me... but I've got to find a husband first..." "FREEDOM AT LAST! I was never much of a girly girl. God, it feels so LIBERATING to wear PANTS. I hope Mom can see that wearing pants doesn't make me any less Godly."    




How to Ruin a Restaurant's Atmosphere

This is a non fundie family, the Farnleys. Consists of Anna and Matt, their adopted daughter Cassia, and their bio twin daughters Alicia and Maddie.  Anna owns a restaurant, which is moderately successful. She's there at the moment. An elderly couple arrived, she greeted them. Suddenly, the male Sim got up... and DIED. Right there, in a corner of the restaurant. DUN DUN DUN Grim Reaper appears. I gave the post this title because the restaurant has always had a good ambiance rating (you don't get an ambiance rating per se, but it's one thing that can influence a customer's enjoyment). Witnessing a death is rather a dampener. 




Someone's going to get a courting partner...

Eliza and Emily will soon become Young Adults. So, courtship is nearly on the horizon. I decided to create a guy for one of them to court (I think I'll have him go with Eliza). So, say hi to Mark Pearson! Not the greatest picture, you can't see his face very well, but I think Eliza will find him a real cutie  




Bancrofts Part Eight: Five Grandkids and Counting

The last post ended with the announcement of the birth of baby Ashlyn Walker, firstborn grandchild, daughter of Madison Walker (nee Bancroft) and her husband, Paul. We now go over to Michael and his wife, Mary. She also got pregnant very quickly. (Sims 2 doesn't allow for story progression so every household is at a different stage, Madison's siblings don't age when I don't play them). Mary's natural hobby is Sports. So, she decided to play soccer in the backyard with Michael. It's OK to play with your spouse, just not in a competitive team. Labour!! I said in a previous post that I'd have a K name theme, in honour of Karen. It also allows for (some) kreeaytive spellings. So... welcome to the world, baby Kaleb!  When's the best time to conceive your next baby? Straight after giving birth!! Let's pop back over to the Walkers. "Mom... you've had your babies. Let me hold my own." Karen randomly turned up one evening, used the toilet... and left. Didn't invite her over. (I think this can happen when you've got multiple entrances to your house (this one has the main front door, and one that opened into what I consider the basement area. I've gotten rid of this door now). Madison also conceived again. Here are Madison and Paul celebrating Ashlyn's birthday. (The bookcase is a fancy career reward, from the Education track funnily enough. I used cheats to obtain it. With most bookcases you can only read Cooking, Mechanical and Cleaning books... this offers books on all the skills. Children can read all of them, and with the skill gain rate they can easily reach level 8, where you can get a scholarship for college). This is the "basement" underneath the main house. I converted it into a playroom for the kids. It's also got the dog bed.... I forget what the dog's called. I may have more than one pet, IDK... Skipping a few photos... Madison's in labour again. And... Ashlyn is joined by a little sister, Brynlee! (I thought that'd be a good fundie-style kreeaytiv name).  Looks like Ashlyn's going to grow up! Back over to Michael's place. Mary started a fire. Whoops. Sims are stupid. You tell them to move AWAY from the fire... they do so... and then RUN STRAIGHT BACK. You FOOLS. She didn't have a fire alarm at the time (she does now!) so she decided to take matters into her own hands. I think Mary may be preggers again... "We can do this now we're married... mmm, Mary, you are so beautiful and Godly!" (No dry-humping at a golf course in this game, sadly ) Mary eventually gave birth to twins Katherine and Kyle (sorry for your weirdly-spelled name, Kaleb). The house was too small for two children's rooms, so I used motherlode and moved them to a BIG house. Here are the kids in their bedrooms. So, to summarise: Madison is married to Paul Walker. They have two children. Ashlyn is a child and Brynlee is still a baby. Michael is married to Mary (nee Cole). They have three children. Kaleb is a child, and twins Katherine and Kyle are toddlers.  I need to play the unmarried college siblings. I don't actually like the college aspect of Sims 2 University, it just gets tedious after a while (class, assignment, eat, sleep, bugger else to do). I've mainly been playing another custom neighbourhood recently and I haven't attached a college sub-hood to it for this reason. 

Smiths Part Seven: Just a Quick Update

I haven't played them for a while. Still nothing much has happened.  Eddie and Elijah having a conversation. I thought I had captured the speech bubbles but apparently not. I think they were discussing grilled cheese here. More talking. Emily doing the dishes in the back, just like a good, Godly young girl should. Elijah wants to be, erm, athletic/a bodybuilder. He's rather skinny, so he needs a bit of exercise to build some muscles. (You can't wear caps backwards a la old-style Ben Seewald, sadly). Eliza entered a mean phase, so she decided to yell at her mom for no reason. Of course, Nicole tells her off.  (That orange book is what kids' homework looks like. It's not any of the Smith kids' work, it's actually from when one of the neighbour kids paid a visit, started doing homework, and then left it there. I can't move it). The family's sleeping patterns are somewhat skewed. Edward wants to have a great garden. This was in the early hours of the morning, because why not? Cleaning the shower seemed to mostly consist of spraying the dirt with cleaning fluid, no actual sponging involved. And yet the whole shower was miraculously clean!!  Nicole mastered her cooking skill a while ago. This results in fancy moves. Most of which aren't exactly practical. If you're making fruit salad, surely the last thing you want to do is toss the bowl in the air...??? It can be dull stuck at home all alone. Sims love to mold clay. The eldest twins going for a jog. Emily (blue) was hacked off because she'd tried to help a classmate, but he wasn't very grateful. Eliza was jogging because it's good for her, and for her emotional control. Yet another Smith kid succumbs to the Bear phase. This time it's Elliot.  Emily decides to Troll Teh Forums. "HAHAHAHA I AM MORE GODLY THAN YOUUUUU LOSERRRRRRRSSSSS!!" Nicole got wind of this and admonished her. "Look, you can't reveal our family life to others, we must maintain normality". "Elijah, honey, there is a time and a place for you to take a selfie, and now is not it." Objects tend to break fairly easily in Sims 4, and luckily Edward is a real Manly Man (TM) and gets to work repairing the toilet. "GOD'S CREE---AY---SHUNNNN IS SOOOOOO BEEE----YOOO---TI----FULLLLLLL!" Grilling shish kebabs to stick in the fridge for the family to have later. SOTDRT doesn't exactly apply in Sims 4, but the dining room still tends to be the centre of family life. Emily and Elijah doing homework. Evelyn eating a shish kebab. Elliot looking incongruous in his Purple Grape Bear outfit. And... SHOCK... Nicole doing some work. This fundie mom isn't as lazy as some others... *cough cough*




Bancrofts Part Seven: Next Generation Is Coming

We start off in the original house. Mackenzie has grown into a child. She's in another crudely-edited-by-me dress. You can't see it particularly well, but Malachi has black hair. Here's a photo of Karen teaching him to walk. She's wearing the Thinking Cap and he's under the influence of Smart Milk. Skills are consequently learnt incredibly fast. Karen realised that she was pretty much at the end of her baby-producing years, so she adopted two pets; a kitten, Daniel, and a puppy, Luke. Malachi grew up. Here he is with Karen and his brothers eating lunch/dinner (I forget which exactly). Eventually, it came to Karen and Martin's birthdays. The whole family turned up to celebrate! Now, we pop over to Madison and Paul. Hmm... is that... could it be... a PREGNANCY?? Yep! God saw fit to open Madison's womb!! Paul got a job as an architect. Madison reckons he looks super cute in his suspenders.  Madison raked up the leaves in her yard. She decided to set fire to them. FWOOSH! You can also see their fancy car. Madison was bored whilst her husband was at work. So she decided to invite Karen over.  Madison also decided to adopt a puppy! Here's Polly (if she's visible of course...) Ooh! Madison's going into labour! Yep! Madison invited Karen over again. And.... it's a girl!! Welcome to the world, Ashlyn! I decided to go for an alphabetical theme, with slightly unusual names.   




Michael Bancroft and Madison Walker, Graduation and Marriage

I'm skipping out quite a few photos. This is from Madison and Michael's final semester. It was Winter, so I decided to have them celebrate Christmas. Santa showed up! They're not sure who he is (they are sure he's not Jesus). Santa ends up needing the bathroom a lot... I guess that's what happens when you are drinking whisky at every house you visit... (this isn't what happens in Sims!) *fast forward* Here are Madison and Michael heading off to their final ever exams!! And... they both got Summa Cum Laude! Yay! Not that Madison will use her degree, but her parents instilled a good work ethic into her and her siblings. Madison threw a party and made some Baked Alaska. Mary heard that Michael had graduated. She realised she'd never use her degree, so she dropped out. She just wants to be a wife and mommy! Michael and Mary moved in together back in Sapphire Springs. They quickly decided to get married. Here's the whole clan turning up. I *know* the dresses aren't that modest, but they were the best we had. They quickly go to the arch. Sadly, the siblings are too busy dancing (I know, I know) to actually watch; in the end only Karen and Martin witnessed the whole thing. Pucker up! Cake time! The siblings are STILL dancing. Maybe I should remove the CD player. The family have a buffet lunch. For some reason, Karen and Martin are having a pillow fight in the background... Sims only have a limited time as adults so I decided to marry off Madison fast. Here's her husband, Paul Walker. Things moved VERY quickly. Kiss time! They had been on one date, and they autonomously kissed lightly at the end of the date. When Michael and Mary did this, it didn't count as the first kiss. When Madison and Paul did the kiss, it *did* count as their first kiss... huh.  Madison chats to her little brother. I can't tell if this is Mark or Morgan. Over to Michael and Mary's for some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet fellowship! Heads up: Mary and Madison are *both* pregnant! They don't realise it yet, but they got that ding sound when Try for Baby is successful. I'm going to play the original household for a bit so that Karen and Martin age into elders.    




Smiths Part Six: Keep On Keeping On

As I mentioned previously, I've been mainly playing the Bancrofts, as I wanted to get Michael and Mary married. In a comment on the Married! post, I mentioned that Madison is also married! She is now a Walker. You'll get to meet husband Paul in the next post. So, the Smiths. Since you can't move teens out early like in Sims 2, life has been pretty mundane. Eliza and Emily have a week left in-game before they age up. I'll probably kick them out, so that Nicole can have a final pregnancy... since aging freezes whilst you're pregnant (which I find a pain in the ass), Edward is a fair bit older than her, when they started off the same age. I may have mentioned this already, but Eliza wants to be an awesome musician. Her main instrument is the violin. Eddie and Elijah aged up! Eddie making a slight DERP face. Eddie's a painter. He can't wait to capture God's wonderful creation! Sometimes Eliza just feels so *inspired* she starts playing in the kitchen. Carrot cake for breakfast? Whenever Nicole makes a group meal, I put any leftovers in the fridge. The family often help themselves. Although Emily's normally a conscientious student, sometimes things can be a bit last-minute. No-one's perfect, after all; we live in a fallen world. Nicole gets bored alone at home, so she goes to visit the Markhams. Becky and Callum appear to not be in school. Becky seems rather warmly dressed; they live in Oasis Springs which is a desert-y neighbourhood (the Smiths live in a more verdant area). Here's Roseanne (I realise I missed a trick by not calling her husband Dan or her other kids Darlene and DJ*. She has two sons and one daughter. The other son is Alistair). In another post I mentioned how Energised Sims tend to work out wherever they are... the kitchen isn't exactly the best environment for push ups. Nicole goes out fishing; there are some Baking recipes she cannot cook because she doesn't have any fish. She soon gets bored however and starts singing God's praises. When you all arrive home at once... you get a big blob of Sims. No wonder Eliza's looking uncomfortable here!! Emily also decides to do some woodworking. (Maybe I'll have her be a bit rebellious when she leaves home? As in... possibly (shh)... PANTS?) So, 5 pm. Edward arrives home from work... ... Eliza has just taken a shower and is taking a selfie... ... Eddie's putting a book away in the study... ... Elijah is in the bath (I forgot what Emily was doing) ... ... Evelyn is playing the piano... ... and Elliot is napping on his bed. Yo, Eliza, you have a table behind you. Why are you standing up to eat your baked potato? How can you eat it standing up? Sorry this was rather dull. Hopefully things should improve once the oldest two move out. * I haven't actually watched very much of Roseanne. My mother introduced it to me a long, long time ago and we only had Season 2 on DVD. I need to watch it more!!     



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