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Baby Thor

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About this blog

Kittens!!  Updates, feel good pics, and the random wonderfuls that come with my new baby: Little Thor.  

In happy kitty memory of his litter mates: Little Loki & Little Hestia. 


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Babies Vet Visit

I took the muffins in this morning to see our family vet.  They hadn't gained any significant weight all week and I was worried. He said they were close to dehydration and gave them both some fluid.  They've been fed twice since the visit and ate a little better than they did yesterday. Dr. Lambert is an older fellow who still practices simply because he adores animals, honestly I don't know how he stays in business because he works with everyone who walks in the door. He told me to keep fe



Sleepy Beans

Sleepy little jellybean marshmallows. I gave them a stuffed bunny, it's not super fluffy but it's got some tuft to it.  They seem to like it 



Jellybean Minions of Doom

The muffins are eating double what they were two days ago & their fur is starting to poof out. They're playing a bit more & like to be snuggled.  I have to wrap them in little kitten burritos so I can feed them. But Little Thor still wiggles like crazy but he attacks the syringe! 



Thor & Hestia

I had so many hits for my new furkids, I figured a blog would be a great place to keep those interested up to date with photos and antics.   First, a little history on how these little muffins came into my life. Sunday afternoon, Honey (my headship) and I were coming back from doing some running around.  We pulled into the carport to the sounds of a loud by tiny "mew".  I walked around the house but couldn't readily see the kitten, I assumed it was a larger one given the noise and the



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      Hip injuries are the worst, but family members who fly out to help are the best.
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      I’ve been “ministered to” by mail by a Jehovah’s Witness!

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      Had some homemade potater salad today for lunch. 

      So good with bits of bacon in it. 
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      Feeling like all my posts are bummers lately. Honestly, they aren't supposed to be. Life is getting better and better...but, well, anyway, I'll let y'all finish that thought. 
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      Looking forward to a weekend of rain after such a long dry spell in the Pacific NW.  ☔ 
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