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Baby Thor

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About this blog

Kittens!!  Updates, feel good pics, and the random wonderfuls that come with my new baby: Little Thor.  

In happy kitty memory of his litter mates: Little Loki & Little Hestia. 


Entries in this blog


Jellybean Minions of Doom

The muffins are eating double what they were two days ago & their fur is starting to poof out. They're playing a bit more & like to be snuggled.  I have to wrap them in little kitten burritos so I can feed them. But Little Thor still wiggles like crazy but he attacks the syringe! 




Thor & Hestia

I had so many hits for my new furkids, I figured a blog would be a great place to keep those interested up to date with photos and antics.   First, a little history on how these little muffins came into my life. Sunday afternoon, Honey (my headship) and I were coming back from doing some running around.  We pulled into the carport to the sounds of a loud by tiny "mew".  I walked around the house but couldn't readily see the kitten, I assumed it was a larger one given the noise and the fact that it was under the house.  I waited a bit, checked back and found a tiny black baby had crawled from underneath into the weeds and cana stalks.  He was little little, his umbilical cord was still attached, but dried up.  I brought him in for Honey to see but he suggested I take him back out in case mom had only gone looking for food.  I put him back where I found him with a bowl of mik for mom.  A few hours later not only had mom never showed, there were two more littles in the weeds!  I gathered them up, made up a box, and put them under the carport while I went to the store for milk & a bottle.  I fed them twice that evening and night and left food for mom.  The next morning the food was gone but the kitten nest looked as though it had never been disturbed.  I don't believe mom came back, if she did...she officially abandoned them that night. Inside they came.  I had already named one in my head, Hestia, even though I wasn't sure if the first one I'd found was male or female.  Once I sorted out what they were, the boys became Thor and Loki, Loki being the runt of the three with a big voice.   I took care of them Monday morning and came home at midday to check on them and feed.  They all seemed to be ok, although getting them to eat was a challenge.  I'd noticed Little Loki didn't have the same strength the other two had and tried to make sure he got his share and more.  My biggest worry is that he wasn't pottying at all...not even to tee tee like the other two did.  That evening I tried again to get him to eat like his brother and sister but he was still weak.  That night he barely took in anything so I laid him on the warmest part of the nest hoping he was just cold still.  I don't know how long they'd been under the house.  I checked on them just before bed and found he'd died.  His brother and sister had cuddled up on him to keep him warm.  My wonderful husband got out of bed to dig a tiny grave for him.  He's running on the Rainbow Bridge.  That just made me more determined to help the others thrive.  The others are on a pretty solid schedule and are tiny but healthy.   These little add two more to our zoo:  3 fish, 2 turtles, 2 dogs, 2 old grouchy cats and a pair of horses at my father in laws farm.  The older cats are not interested in the kittens...Texi-the Old Man-will warm up once they are worth playing with.  But Princess...well, the name says it all.  She's far too diva to mess with children-feline or otherwise.  So here we are, Day 3, they've fluffed out a bit, and chubbed up a bit as well.  I hope you enjoy!  



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      The thumb area on my left wrist, that I had a scapholunate ligament debridement on back in February, is not happy.  I'm going to rest it for a few days and if that doesn't help I'll be contacting my orthopaedic surgeon.   
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