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Weather in Iowa

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Winter has finally arrived here in Iowa.

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It's Not Over Yet

Iowa is about to get hit with the winter storm that hit the Rockies not too long ago.  Right now it looks like we're getting several inches of snow over the next couple days.  I cut my job interview trip short and started to head back home, I'll have to do the interview on zoom.  I was looking forward to meeting my potential new employer in person and checking out the town too.  Ugh.  Here in the upper Midwest it always seems like winter has one last blast before giving up and letting sprin


47of74 in weather

Just Wait a Few Days

The old saying is if one doesn't like the weather in Iowa just wait a few days. We're not in the part of Iowa that's under a watch but my sister is down in Waukee.


47of74 in weather

Mother Nature is mean when she drinks

Yeah it's quite cold here in Iowa.  The weather service says it's -8 here now.  That's before wind chill.  With the wind child it feels like -28 out.  It's so cold out I'm getting alerts from GM that the cold might immobilize my vehicle if it's not plugged in.   I wish I could escape to a warm climate right now.  


47of74 in weather

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