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Weather reports from the upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc)....

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Warm, Windy December Day

It's currently 70 degrees here in Iowa right now.  The normal temperature is about half that.  Plus it's getting really windy around here and we have a tornado watch going.  They're forecasting strong winds this evening around dinner time.


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    • yeahthatsme74


      I just can't today. I had the whole day off to do the things, but just can't do any of them. 
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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      So angry at Catholicism over Nancy Pelosi! I pray there is backlash against this corrupt church, but it feels unlikely.
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    • finnlassie


      bought a car. found out i didn't get a job for the next school year. instantly regret bought car.
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      School's out for summer!
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    • SillyDillys


      Well me and Mr.D are COVID positive little one is isolating downstairs with our mom who are both negative, I've lost taste and smell and they have put off my 6 week checkup. I've managed to avoid this for two whole years. Fuck 
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