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Musings of a Former Pole Dancer

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About this blog

My bitchings, musing, and God knows what else. 

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My MIL Is Moving Back to To Our Region

The title explains it all: My MIL is moving back to the region where husband and I live. We are state line to her home state (and mine), so she will be uber close to us. NEITHER of us is excited or looking forward to this B moving back with her mother (who is also not excited). She's not a job type person, and already told GMIL she cannot get a job because she's unskilled. She's not even 60 yet. The unspoken truth is she is going to wait for her mother to die and leave her the trust fund she's expecting. It feels like a page from a fundie soap opera because I cannot even with the amount of laziness bullshit from her. I'll have more updates later. She's supposed to be back by October 1st, but we don't know if she's going to cancel and try to "work things out" with her abusive, bipolar, alcoholic husband (for the second or third time).  In case you were wondering, my MIL is nowhere near fundie or even religious. 



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    • HarryPotterFan


      Is it a sin to be sober on Purim since it’s a mitzvah to be drunk? 
      · 1 reply
    • HermioneSparrow


      Sick and tired of depression and anxiety getting the best of me when I know I'm smart and capable of so many things. I wish I was normal sometimes this is an uphill battle.
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    • keen23


      I've got pneumonia. Yay for me. 🤧
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    • Dreadcrumbs


      Gah! Tension headache. 😩 I was up late last night looking at a box full of old photos with my mom.
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    • 47of74


      Hospital check-in is at 8:30am tomorrow and surgery is around 10:00am. 
      Fuck Trump.
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