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    • Audrey2


      5 hours ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      But in the case of a campground being part of a franchise such as a KOA it will bring in a lot more customers than some random campground. I assume that, like the car lot, the Duggar's won't be doing any of the work they will hire someone to do that. 

      Crossover time! I would love to see the rolling Rodrigues mobile pull up into the Duggars KOA. Didn't Jill get all butt hurt because the KOA they stopped out wouldn't let her kids swim in their regular clothes? I wouldn't think the Duggars would be able to turn the Rodrigues family away if they were part of a KOA franchise just because they're obnoxious twits.

    • Oh, how shocking! Abbie knew Texas implemented the mask order again and didn’t bother preparing her pregnant-with-twins ass with a mask when she went out (again!) today. I’m sure her napkin was good enough, right? After all, Abbie knows best!

    • CaseyGrace


      On 6/23/2020 at 6:19 PM, Howl said:


      Doug Wilson dying is a hugely comforting thought.  I don't know enough about N.D. to know if he has the Machiavellian temperament to fill his  father's corrupt shoes.  IIRC, Nate took over the publishing arm of the empire (Canon Press) awhile back and writes Young Adult fiction. 

      However,  there are plenty of Wilson relatives and inlaws to take over.  Here's a snip on nepotism at the CREC, from  MoscowID.net: 

      Full text here: One Example of How Nepotism Corrupts  

      Just came across this about a CREC app that's been suspended by Google, and then restored. 

      Fact check: Did Google suspend a church’s app from Google Play?



      I do think that either ben merkle, (Dougs daughter bekahs husband) or toby sumpter( Christ Church associate pastor) would take Dougs place should something happen to him.  Nathan maybe but I think he is still signed to random house and writing books 

    • Jana814


      25 minutes ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      I remember way back when Josh "worked" there their was another guy on the lot and basically said Josh didn't do much but come in late, leave early and goof off in between. I think there were only 1 or 2 other people there. 

      I remember that. When he said that about Josh I wasn’t surprised. 

    • That's part of why I don't like FF, it seems like she is living off of Martin's hardwork, she is absconding responsibility AND taking care of her new husband without either of them working. Especially when it's heavily implied she was connecting with her new husband while Martin was laying on his deathbed. 

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      The weekend is here!

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    • GreyhoundFan


      This take on one of my favorite game shows ($25,000 Pyramid) makes me laugh:

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    • fraurosena


      On my way to the first day of work at my new job! Excited!
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    • SillyDillys


      Had to take a break from the Jillbilly circus as yesterday was my birthday. I came back to a new thread! I also found out I am going back to work next week, I've gotten used to having my weekends free.
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    • 47of74


      The one time I prepare ahead of time in case one of my drs wants me to leave a sample...yep they don't need one.
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