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    • 19tacos&counting


      According to pickles, joy is pregnant. So if she announces any time within the next 6 months, pickles will say “SEE!!!!”

      If my memory serves correctly, she did this several times with Jessa.


    • Dandruff


      5 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      In my own personal opinion, I think Americans can have an “all or nothing” mentality about a lot of things. And I find it to be a negative thing overall. Because we are human and we will make mistakes no matter what. Having an all or nothing mentality in multiple areas of your life can lead to self destructive behavior. You example of dieting is a good example. I can definitely see it happening with sinning as well. 

      I agree, and believe the fundies try to prevent the "yo-yo-ing" by virtually non-stop programming and feedback to their blessings.  Infractions are immediately responded to, sometimes in a very disproportionate way, and the children are expected to promptly repent themselves out of the clutches of Satan.  I believe it becomes a very conditioned guilt and fear response.  Of course it can fail (Josh Duggar?), but efforts are made to pull the sinner back in (e.g., Jesus jail).

      If Josh's family wasn't widely known I'm pretty sure he would have bugged out of the TTH, and the ultra-fundie lifestyle, first chance he got.  I believe some other fundies leave because they don't believe or like the "all or nothing" mentality, whether or not they're being motivated by the desire to behave in a way that their families consider sinful.  And many stay because it's either too difficult to leave or they decide that the system is working for them.

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    • OyToTheVey


      I really hate the filter Jinger uses. It's ugly.

    • VBOY9977


      27 minutes ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      The family is sharing a GoFundMe for Manuel. Apparently he is on a respirator and they are anticipating that Rachel and Wes will need to stay in Ascension for a while.

      They have an 8000 dollar goal. I kinda feel like that’s a lot? But I don’t really know much about healthcare costs in Paraguay. I hope the baby is okay.

      side note- Kennedy shared the GoFundMe and she called Bethany her SIL and called Rachel Bethany’s sister. I found that weird since Rachel is actually her SIL and Bethany isn’t





    • JemimaPuddle-Duck


      On 4/24/2019 at 3:32 AM, VelociRapture said:

      Two questions:

      Have we discussed this video Jessa posted last week and did I somehow miss it?

      Is anyone else creeped out by the conversation or am I just weird?

      (Its ok to tell me I’m just weird if this isn’t creepy to anyone else. Lol!)

      I can see how it would look creepy, but it’s just the Westminster catechism. They’re probably working through the kiddo version. 

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    • IReallyAmHopewell

      IReallyAmHopewell  »  admin

      I can't get rid of the attachments on this post.
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    • BachelorToTheRapture


      I'm home alone with the dog for a few weeks and he's very anxious. Scared to even go for a walk and he needs exercise. I dont know how I'm going to manage this.
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    • smittykins


      I just spent fifteen minutes having to listen to Glenn Beck rant and rave about the liberal media and the Democrats are mean to poor innocent Trump...
      (It was on the radio on the ride to my appointment and I didn’t feel it was my place to ask the driver to change it.)
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    • candygirl200413


      After a whole year, lots of wine and lots of tears my final paper for my masters degree is finally complete!!!
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    • mango_fandango


      *hint hint* 😸
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