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Tips for New Members

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 !  {TEXT1}:
Free Jinger is not a Duggar fan site.

Neither is Free Jinger a hate-fest free-for-all.

We strive to be a place for intelligent discussion about controversial topics.

We will not be a place for baseless rumors, fan fiction, and trollish behavior.

We request that new members take some time to read older, existing threads to get a feel for our board culture.

Think about the question you have or the topic you would like to discuss. Is there already a thread on that topic? If not, is your topic/question meaty enough to warrant its own discussion? Perhaps, instead of starting a new thread, it would be better to post your question or comment to an existing thread.

Please utilize the "search" function to determine if your question/topic is already the subject of discussion.

We have general discussion threads for the Duggar family, and for events on the show. We have broad categories for several of the children. There's really no reason to start a new thread to ponder what brand of toothpaste they use, or how often they clean the toilets, or whatever.

The helpmeets are going to start being a little bit ruthless about merging threads so that relevant things don't disappear off the first page so quickly.

If you post a link or a photo, include some commentary of your own. Tell us why we should follow the link. Tell us why the photo is worth the bandwidth. FJ is not Pinterest. We do not exist simply to be a Duggar scrapbook. We exist to discuss the damage caused by fundamentalists.

Do not hotlink to images on other sites. Upload RELEVANT photos here. It's not that hard. Hotlinked images may be deleted by helpmeets.

Break links to non-news sources.

A not-so-gentle reminder that we do not allow speculation about the sexuality of minors, or of adult children still living in their parents' home. "Sexuality" is not limited to orientation/preference. Do not imply or speculate about promiscuity or sexual deviance.

Another not-so-gentle reminder that FJ has a "no deletion" policy. Don't post something you're going to later ask us to remove. You wrote it, you own it. As we often tell the fundies, The Internet is Forever.

Tips for new members to help integrate successfully into Free Jinger

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