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  • Blog Comments

    • Imrlgoddess
      I'm not sure how the word "ate" turned into "tagged" but yeah, he did some nibbling prior to the joy roll down the hall. 
    • feministxtian
      We can't leave fruit out with the dynamic duo. If it's round, it can be batted all over the place...so that's a big NOPE. Dip and Shit are an 8 legged wrecking crew...they've gotten into potato chips, doritos, water bottles (fortunately could not open them), you name it, they get into it!  Thor-baby is just the most adorable thing...smart, sleek, owns the hoomans. Yup....he has it rough!  
    • Imrlgoddess
      He's got lounging down pat! @feministxtian I totally forgot to add, Little Hooman had a fresh peach in the fruit/snack bowl on the kitchen island. I found said peach the other morning in the hallway, mangled & chewed upon. Apparently he tagged a bit & then realized it rolled! Thank goodness for wood floors & steam mops! 
    • catlady
      I love the leg draped down in the first photo!
    • feministxtian
      what a serious hunk of kitty luv there! Thor, buddy...Luke & Leia aren't allowed in their mama & papa's room at sleepy time either. If you guys weren't so wild and naughty at sleepy time, then you'd be allowed in...but mama & papa are trying to sleepy not play. But, think of this...you can get into all the things that mama and papa say no to...they're not there! And, you get to see mama in morning time and remind her that she belongs to you!
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    • candygirl200413


      This skinny bill has made my stomach severally upset since talks about voting on it at 12:20 tonight.
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    • quiversR4hunting


      Poll! I opened up Jill's last interview video with her kids and on TV I am watching The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. Which made me thinkg -  Who would you rather listen to Trump or Jill?
      I think I would pick going deaf in my other ear.
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    • Shoobydoo

      Shoobydoo  »  chaotic life

      Is that your snake in your avatar pic? It's super cute!
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    • Exposedknees


      .......and they were worried that Obama was going to take their guns...
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    • erunerune


      The thread that compelled me out of lurkdom on yuku was Kristina's Arby's proposal. Which is funny because I actually give zero fucks about that particular cluster.
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