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  • Blog Comments

    • singsingsing
       Thank you for doing my work for me, Bethella! Spot on! And yes, Cathy would never admit it, but it's just so gosh darn hard to keep track of all those kids, and Asher hasn't really done anything interesting yet (besides remind me of Lawson Bates). 
    • Bethella
      I'm sure Cathy forgets about him too.
    • AlwaysExcited
      Thanks, @Bethella. I had managed to forget about the existence of Asher. 
    • Bethella
      Wilbur (deceased) and Cathy Dunkel Adam and Mehrissa Benjamin Braxton   Abigail (the rebel) Anna Grace (twin set 1) Aimee Joy (twin set 1) Andrew and Cara   Avalee (twin set 2) Adalyn (twin set 2) and Hobart Miceli Abel Asher Aliviah Alizah Aaron Alexander (adopted) Addyson (adopted)
    • AlwaysExcited
      YES, run, Abigail, run!  Btw, can you write the list of kids' names in birth order? Because I'm lost. 
  • Recent Status Updates

    • ViolaSebastian


      Thank you, everyone, for your advice. Update on my gallbladder/whatever the hell it is. Went in to see my doctor and he said he wasn't sure what it was, because my symptoms don't match up. I'm also on a medication that's an NSAID, so that could be causing it. (As of this morning, I'm not on it any longer). Or it could be an ulcer. Or Crohn's. Or baby dragons hatching in there, who knows. Next week is ultrasound, and if that comes back fine, I do another test involving a radio isotope. If all that comes back fine, I get to enjoy a colonoscopy AND an endoscopy. So yeah...basically hoping it's just the gallbladder.
      And this idiot doctor suggested that I get involved in this price compare program through the insurance company. I said to him, "let me get this right. I'm in pain, I'm upset, five seconds ago you outlined the multiple, invasive tests I'll probably need to do, I'm busy as fuck and you want me to SHOP for the lowest price for the benefit of the insurance company???" Closest I've ever come to telling a doctor "fuck you."
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    • Imrlgoddess


      Our AC died one night earlier this week.  So after the repair man did his thing I washed all the sheets bc 87 degrees under a fan is still hot! 
      Thor said 'thank you for the yummy bed Mama!'
      · 1 reply
    • 47of74


      It was a year ago that I discovered my new favorite picture on the internet.
      This one.
      And quite appropriate too now. 

      · 2 replies
    • feministxtian


      I am crushed...a friend's son took his life this afternoon. He was only 24. I remember when he was born. Please keep K and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank You. 
      · 4 replies
    • Fascinated


      Missed this community and so many individual members. Nice to be back. See you around. 
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