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  • Blog Comments

    • Destiny
      I swear to god I read that page and.m never saw the second definition. I sit corrected again.  I have never heard that usage ever and feel like it's more out of context horseshit even if technically correct. 
    • CTRLZero
      Thank you @WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?, and for extra brain bleach! Vaughn Ohlman is a creeper.  When I searched for Vaughn Ohlman is a creeper, a picture of the Duggar family appeared first in the photos section.  I bet they love being tangentially connected to Vaughn Ohlman (is a creeper).
    • Mela99
      BIg hugs to you. The decision is never easy no matter what. Your pup was lucky to have such a loving family. 
    • formergothardite
      So they aren't even pretending to treat women as actual humans! I'm just shocked they are being so obvious that they view women as nothing but objects. Most fundies at least try to sugar coat that message! 
    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?
      Sakal and Andrew are just as asinine as ever. VAUGHN OHLMAN IS A CREEPER  (AND A PEDOPHILIC PIMP)! There is a second definition of "meet". It was below the first one in your link: Fundies have to weirdest archaic vocabulary of about any group to which I've ever been exposed. But he is technically using the word correctly.  Ugh. I don't usually drink wine. Where's the Mike's Hard Lemonade?!
  • Recent Status Updates

    • louisa05


      Snow day tomorrow. So I lose day four of my four day job and a whole day's pay...which I really needed. Stupid weather. 
      · 0 replies
    • Destiny


      I should be writing another chapter of THAT FUCKING BOOK. I sat down to do so, I swear. Instead, I'm contemplating how I'm going to redecorate my upstairs bathroom.
      · 2 replies
    • Chicken bones

      Chicken bones

      Had to get my dog euthanized today.  I feel like a murderer. Even though i know it was the right thing to do (cancer dx and internal bleeding). We might have had more time together but he could have also passed at any minute.  Which would have been traumatic on my kids. But it sucks, my sweetie is gone
      · 12 replies
    • ClaraOswin


      I know it's dumb...but I want to cry because we may not make it to a concert we have tickets for tomorrow due to weather. I was so looking forward to it. It would be our first real "date" since having a child (over 3 year ago.) Not to mention it was kind of expensive. Ugh.
      · 9 replies
    • candygirl200413


      Don't mind me, I'm just sitting on my couch sobbing my eyes  out after finally watching This is Us
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