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    • nastyhobbitses


      Life protip: don't get so eager to get back into training after a triple-whammy of post-half-marathon recovery, holidays, and sickness that you ramp back up to your usual mileage in a week, and then end up spraining your foot. No heels, no running, Naproxen every twelve hours, and sadness because no running. But at least it's not a stress fracture, which I had feared. 
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    • Destiny


      It’s really too bad Walmart is evil, because their mega stores are so damn convenient. 
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    • Carol

      Carol  »  anniebgood

      I am so, so sorry to read this.  Losing a beloved pet is really hard.  Sending good thoughts your way.
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    • 47of74


      Time to get my eyes and alcohol levels checked.  I thought for a second that said wide world of snork....
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    • anniebgood


      My little doggie died this afternoon in my arms. He had kidney failure and he went so fast. He's been my touchstone for 12 years. Helping me deal with my mom's illness these last 2 months. 
      Our big dog is wandering around the house looking for him. 
      Mom had an abdominal abscess next to her colon. They went in and drained that, then they found a pinprick hole in her colon. She's also got 2 small clots in her arm. I'm so worn out from worrying about her and now Duffy dies in my arms. I am not sure how I will handle all this. 
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