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    • iweartanktops


      Ignorance and stupidity are spreading like wildfire. I want nothing to do with it. 
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    • front hugs > duggs

      front hugs > duggs

      Pretty bummed I missed out on the "Bong Hits for Jesus" post count...
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    • iweartanktops


      There's a viral thread in fb where people are listing all of the things they'd rather do than watch the inauguration. It's gold! 
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    • Fluffypaws


      That day is almost here. Tomorrow I start my first day of nursing school for my BSN. I feel excited, but also nervous and know this will get worse tomorrow when it happens.
      · 3 replies
    • VooDooChild


      We're settled in as much as we feel comfortable settling in.  Haven't unpacked too much in the hopes that this stay is only temporary.  Please Universe?!  We would like to be in Arizona. 
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