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Admin Notice Regarding Razing Ruth

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After considerable thought and discussion among the administrative team, we have come to the conclusion that the individual posting as Razing Ruth has violated the following terms of the Free Jinger ToU:

* Impersonation of another individual

* Spam, self promotion, chain letters, or pyramid schemes

As a result, we will be placing her on a Journey to the Heart until she returns with some kind of verifiable explanation for the myriad inconsistencies that have been brought to light surrounding her.

All this information we found was publicly available (other than the IP information, which was logged by the site and is being disclosed only due to the ToU violations). While we had a very detailed summary to provide, after further discussion it was decided that even though this incident does involve fairly serious ToU violations, we are not completely comfortable linking to real names due to our own ToU.

We do not believe that the C family is involved in this in anyway and we will be redacting their information out of the thread.

It is our opinion that the person portraying RR has likely run several schemes prior to starting the RR persona, a fictitious individual. After an exhaustive internet search utilizing the inconsistencies previously mentioned here as well as her IP information the admins of this board are comfortable stating the RR is not who she appears to be. Her actions appear to be a well run scam, exposed by the members of this board. In connection with our TOU we cannot publicly post the IP or true name of this individual, only that she presently appears to reside in IL or CA (it's a bit unclear at this point) and the stories she has told online appear to be fictitious.

We encourage everyone to read the links that members are providing in the RR thread(s) and make their own decisions regarding believability and their desire to donate/help.

If you have any questions, please post them in the general RR thread.

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