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Found 42 results

  1. Continued from here: Sorry this one took a couple min. I locked the other thread and then my internet went out cos thunderstorm.
  2. Continued from here: Lori continues her hate filled rants. Deletions are erratic while she's on a trip to supposedly visit one of her children.
  3. On fb someone just Said they almost killed themselves today.Lori response was go to the bible, read the Bible more. She should have told her to call a hotline. This is serious stuff and like someone said above someone is going to die from her advice.
  4. Here is Aunt Lori's response to the reader who indicated she almost took her own life that very day: Not even the first thing she says is "Don't do it." At no point does she say to talk to a friend, a pastor, a loved one, or a Christian therapist. Nope-just read your Bible and ONLY listen to what the Bible says. Pay no attention to that ungodly phsychiatrist-God forbid it's a woman working outside of the home! Don't listen to trained medical professionals who have a duty to do no harm and who might put you on antidepressants to make you FEEL better! (there are those fleshly FEELINGS again!) Nope, only read your Bible. And, of course, Aunt Lori's blog. @KenFJ reasoned with you before to tell Lori to put up a disclaimer on "Always Learning" about cases of abuse. I am begging you now, to use your 'command man' penis power to tell Aunt Lori that she has to do something about her teachings to suicidal women. Like, I don't know, maybe FUCKING STOP? Or she needs to tell people to go to a goddamn doctor. She has NO training or expertise in the mental heath field and no call to be 'mentoring' women about this serious issue. Fuck, let her stick to having the vapors over yoga pants. Yoga pants aren't going to kill anyone.
  5. Thanks for doing that, TeddyBonkers. I don't think that showing concern and love is ever overstepping. Sure, the woman may be a bit surprised, but perhaps your concern is exactly what she needed today. True. She acts as if negative reviews of her book were an emergency, yet when someone posts about a real emergency, she either tells them to "go read their Bibles", "God owns the hills and the cattle" or, my favorite, "how tragic!" I guess deleting all good advice trumps that one now. Remember the time, not long ago, someone commented on one of her facebook posts with a link to a blog with the story of a just-widowed mother of many? What did Lori, the mentor with influence and many followers, have to say? "how tragic!". Any person who truly cared would have considered what she may do about the situation. Maybe she could offer to reblog and try to get some support (I think the woman's blog had a link to a fund-raiser where people could donate to help her get on her feet). Not Lori. She's too busy deleting dissenting comments and monitoring other people's lives.
  6. Oh please let SOMEONE come down on her hard. Depression is no joke.
  7. @Escadora, I've been depressed many times, so I can relate to feelings of wanting to die or be killed in an accident. Yes, we cannot recover the life of a person who died, especially from suicide. I already told Lori before that a person with mental illness needs medical or professional help, just like Lori with her pituitary tumor would need medical help. Today I messaged Lori to include a suicide hotline or suicide prevention page in her blogs and chatroom. @EowynW I saw them on the Facebook chatroom since I have a friend who is a member. The first comment is under Lori's baking post with the artwork. The second comment is under a post of a woman talking about her friend. Just search weed.
  8. She also basically told the woman that she is in sin and would be condemned. That surely cannot have helped the situation. I'm hoping that this will be the post that shuts her down. Then the world will be a slightly better place.
  9. This is so true. My friends' son struggled with severe depression throughout his adolescence, and, despite the best psychiatric help his parents (devout Methodists) could give him, he ended his life by going out into the woods and hanging himself. He did this because he didn't want his parents to be the ones who found his body.
  10. Continuing on from here: Personal FF note: It's been a while since I checked in to this thread. This bitch is nuts.
  11. Last thread here: Lori is still the worst, for those of you who only read occasionally. In addition to saying that women's virginity is essentially for sale (marriage=not getting sex for free?!?!?), she now takes pictures of the inside of her neighbor's closet in an effort to promote minimalism. In short, she's gross, as usual. May we continue to expose Ken's and her awful teaching.
  12. Thread title inspired by this gem from @Koala: "So no one can "poop" on Lori's blog, but she doesn't hesitate to go right on someone else's lawn. Sounds about right." Carrying on from here: PS...I hope the blog title gave you all a good mental image
  13. Last thread here: Thread title is a paraphrase of a comment she made on her blog recently (thanks @Koala!) Lori is even more obsessed with the roles of men and women staying separate, and there was some discussion of Christian Domestic Discipline, because one of her male readers (thought she wasn't suppsed to teach men...hmmm) seems very into that. If you go googling that, take this with you: How wacky is Lori going to get? Who knows; let's find out!
  14. Last thread here: Title courtesy of one of the last posts on the previous thread. Lori was facing a fire, and among the things she grabbed, she made sure to have lotions and makeup. Lori still knows it all (or is she a know-it-all), is still judgy, and is still submitting to Ken's (questionable) judgement. Carry on!
  15. Previous thread here: Lori Alexander: non-teacher of men, non-wearer of yoga pants, and non-transformed blogger. The discussion continues on!
  16. Ah, Lori, so original, so wise, so sounding exactly like Stormie Omartian with her new book entitled "The Power of a Transformed Woman". Stormie Omartian, who is actually not the devil in disguise, releases books on praying and supporting family (or something like that). Lori's book talks about how horrible her marriage was with Ken for like, forever, before Lori realized she was the problem and decided to shape up because she couldn't ship out. Or so says the PR version of her website. But let's be real. Lori's version of shaping up turned her into some hellish version of Satan's mistress (yes, we mean you, Ken) and here we are today. Continuing on from here: You can read about her book here:
  17. Oh my word! Lori is now posting videos. I couldn't get past a few seconds. They sound so monotone and boring. For someone who seems to be so passionate about her beliefs, she shows no emotion or enthusiasm, or even a smile. A Beth Moore or Joyce Meyer she is not. She spoke out about them today anyway because they dare to allow men to listen (at least Joyce does) and they teach more than Lori's love of Titus 2.