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Found 26 results

  1. Last thread here: Lori is still the worst, for those of you who only read occasionally. In addition to saying that women's virginity is essentially for sale (marriage=not getting sex for free?!?!?), she now takes pictures of the inside of her neighbor's closet in an effort to promote minimalism. In short, she's gross, as usual. May we continue to expose Ken's and her awful teaching.
  2. Thread title inspired by this gem from @Koala: "So no one can "poop" on Lori's blog, but she doesn't hesitate to go right on someone else's lawn. Sounds about right." Carrying on from here: PS...I hope the blog title gave you all a good mental image
  3. Last thread here: Thread title is a paraphrase of a comment she made on her blog recently (thanks @Koala!) Lori is even more obsessed with the roles of men and women staying separate, and there was some discussion of Christian Domestic Discipline, because one of her male readers (thought she wasn't suppsed to teach men...hmmm) seems very into that. If you go googling that, take this with you: How wacky is Lori going to get? Who knows; let's find out!
  4. Last thread here: Title courtesy of one of the last posts on the previous thread. Lori was facing a fire, and among the things she grabbed, she made sure to have lotions and makeup. Lori still knows it all (or is she a know-it-all), is still judgy, and is still submitting to Ken's (questionable) judgement. Carry on!
  5. Previous thread here: Lori Alexander: non-teacher of men, non-wearer of yoga pants, and non-transformed blogger. The discussion continues on!
  6. Ah, Lori, so original, so wise, so sounding exactly like Stormie Omartian with her new book entitled "The Power of a Transformed Woman". Stormie Omartian, who is actually not the devil in disguise, releases books on praying and supporting family (or something like that). Lori's book talks about how horrible her marriage was with Ken for like, forever, before Lori realized she was the problem and decided to shape up because she couldn't ship out. Or so says the PR version of her website. But let's be real. Lori's version of shaping up turned her into some hellish version of Satan's mistress (yes, we mean you, Ken) and here we are today. Continuing on from here: You can read about her book here:
  7. Oh my word! Lori is now posting videos. I couldn't get past a few seconds. They sound so monotone and boring. For someone who seems to be so passionate about her beliefs, she shows no emotion or enthusiasm, or even a smile. A Beth Moore or Joyce Meyer she is not. She spoke out about them today anyway because they dare to allow men to listen (at least Joyce does) and they teach more than Lori's love of Titus 2.
  8. The book has 205 pages, followed by a couple pages that include a poem by Ken and a small "About the Author" section. It contains nineteen chapters, the titles of which I will list at the end of this first entry. The dedication reads: "To those women who dreamed of having a close and intimate marriage only to find out that their marriage was more like a nightmare." That's it. No promise of encouragement within the pages of the book, no note of thanks that they are trusting her to guide them. Of course, no mention of her husband whatsoever. Today I read the introduction entitled "A Note to the Reader," and the first chapter. In the introduction, Lori begins with several questions such as "Are you in a difficult marriage...?" "Does it seem like you're moving further away from your husband rather than toward him?" She tells us that these types of questions were important to her because of the difficulties she was having in her marriage as her children were leaving home. She briefly tells the story of taking a walk with Ken and hearing him say he felt there would be nothing holding them together when the children left. She tells us that all the conflict between Ken and her started on their honeymoon (although later she mentions that they argued a lot while they dated.) She became angry with Ken on their honeymoon because he ate Ritz crackers with Fake cheese spread and she "was appalled that he would eat something so junky since I was raised to be a health nut." With that sentence she is sure to let her readers know that anybody who does anything differently than she does is always wrong. I mean, if she won't eat crackers and cheese, then why would anybody else want to eat crackers and cheese? She tells us that she gave him the silent treatment for eating unhealthy foods. Quote: "I thought that if he really cared about my happiness, he wouldn't eat ice cream and deli meats." She also thought he watched too much television, was "consumed with sports" and was grumpy with her. She does admit to acting more like his mother than his wife. "Thank goodness we had children," she writes as she begins a paragraph in which she tells us that she was a great mother (reader's jaw drops here) but a neglectful wife. She tells us they even argued while they would go out for an evening without the children. She claims she was heartbroken from Ken's words about their marriage and that she was struck with grief at having no idea how to fix her marriage. This is where we are first introduced to Debi Pearl's book. Here she says the book "woke me up to what I was missing in my marriage." There is absolutely no mention of how Debi spanked her with her words (reader was sad to realize there was no mention of spanking.) Debi's book made her dreams come true. It transformed her marriage. It made her realize she must give up control. Lori then reminds us that Titus 2 holds all the answers. I will leave it at that for now and be back later to review Chapter One, "My Life Growing Up." The Chapters: 1. My Life Growing Up 2. Why I Mentor Women 3. Let it Go! (reader instantly begins singing 'Frozen' songs) 4. Allow Him to Lead 5. What Submission Looks Like 6. Easy Conflict Resolution (wait!! Conflict resolution is a sinful modern psychological tool - reader's brain bends) 7. This Thing Called Sex (reader scoops out own eyeballs with rusty spoon) 8. Winning Him Without a Word 9. Teaching and Training Children in the Way They Should Go 10. Birth Control and Having Children 11. The Dating Scene and Sexual Purity 12. Keepers at Home 13. How Are You Dressing? (reader instantly thinks of salad jokes) 14. Talking About Your Financial Health 15. The Disciplined Mind: Trusting God and Doing Good 16. Clutter No More 17. Serving Healthy Foods Means Healthy Families 18. A Way to a Man's Heart 19. The Power to Become a Transformed Wife. Side note: In having read just a small portion of the book, I was struck with how often she mentions food and how she relates it to love, morality and control. More later, dear FJ readers.
  9. And my first thought was, "Wonder if Lori is visiting the East Coast?" http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/33412687/sc-waitress-heartbroken-after-receiving-tip-saying-a-womans-place-is-in-the-home
  10. Name inspiration courtesy of @smittykins! Continuing on from here, where we were last lectured on the blog by the godly Ken about how gaining 20lbs is not having godly discipline. Or something.
  11. I got nuttin' to say - just a new thread for y'all to enjoy!
  12. Apparently Lori Alexander's book is a go. So many things to say about that, but instead, we'll just carry on from here:
  13. Molestation is no big deal, and causes no emotional issues, according to Ken. I think I'll post the rest, as well. Here it is. By "garbage," he means people getting upset or feeling injured when they are molested. They are just processing it wrong.
  14. I found this latest "godly' woman on Lori Alexander's blog. At first she seems innocent enough, but check out the discussion here https://biblicalgenderroles.com/2016/04/25/benefits-sexually-obedient-wife/ and how she continually lays into Anna, despite Anna being as nice as can be. A sample---- Dragonfly: I guess she missed Lori's flowchart on being offended?! She is so upset that Anna doesn't appreciate the hours, weeks she spends helping women online. Its like she wants a frickin medal, but hey no one is asking her to do this. She goes on and on, making no sense: So after she is done with her godly, scolding rant...she decides she isn't offended after all!
  15. Lori and Ken still can not quit the internet and continue to babble about nothing. Continue you discussion and while you are at it, don't forget to employ some GoogleTactics. Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26285 Part 2: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26285 Part 3: Part 4:
  16. I am crying now. If this was a post, it would be: The One Where Ken Offers to Coach The Donald. The fist part of the post is a breakdown of all of the things Ken doesn't like about Trump. I'll put the highlights in bold: Now wait for it: Horrible, horrible man- but if it's between a horrible man and a woman, Ken will take the horrible man any day. The solution: Of course he's reading! I am sure The Godly Mentor is at the top of his list. Just think how excited he'll be when he sees that yet another post has been dedicated to NOT complaining (it's satanic you know) about him! This is definitely the funnies thing Ken has ever "helped written" on Lori's blog.
  17. This is the main news on the Daily Mail this morning "I really don't want sex any more and nor, if they're being honest, do most women with young children says this mother of four. So what does her other half make of it?" "Some men, if rebuffed by their girlfriend or wife, might go looking elsewhere for sexual fulfilment" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3450378/I-really-don-t-want-sex-nor-honest-women-young-children-says-mother-four-does-half-make-it.html
  18. generationcedar.com/main/2013/05/women-work-freedom-one-big-fat-suicidal-error.html Also known as: Women could totally save the economy if they would just quit their jobs See? Kelly's not trying to oppress women! She just wants them to stay the hell at home where they belong. And that's nice damnit! If my great-grandmother, grandmother, or mother had stopped working "tomorrow" I'll tell you what would have happened overnight: Starvation. My grandmother walked herself to work in order to help my grandfather put beans (yes beans) on the table and a roof over my mother's head. When my grandparents died they still had some beans they refused to eat because they ate too damn many during the "lean years". She walked in the cold and everything else to a job that allowed her to buy my mother a tiny red rocking chair for Christmas that we still have to this day, and she did it all before it was "cool" for women to have a jobs. She helped to blaze a trail for smug women like Kelly who have no appreciation for the fact that we have an OPTION now. We have a choice. And the choice that's right for you and your kids might not be the choice that's right for me and mine. Umm yeah, that would be a no. My father was more than capable of working, but he decided he liked drinking better. My mom nearly worked herself to death keeping us housed and fed. She worked her way up the corporate ladder and I am so damn proud of the life she has today. You know what that taught me? Work ethic. You know what else it taught me? Women can do anything they damn well put their minds to, especially if they've got little kids counting on them. And from the comments: From Cindy at Get Along Home Kelly:
  19. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2013/03/oprah-winfrey-vs-michelle-duggar.html There are things about Oprah that piss me off, but Oprah isn't a giant asshole like Mullet. If Oprah had kids, she would have been raising them herself. Mullet daughters are 24/7 babysititers. Oprah and her partner Stedman probably respect each other more than Mullet and Boob do. ETA: Link and I will also add that the Duggar children probably won't be making huge contributions to society unless they escape Boob and Mullet.