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Found 70 results

  1. I imagine Boob and Mullet have a last will and testament. Do you think they will divy up their estate (assuming they have one by the time they die, the TLC Gravy train will crash sooner or later) according to the bible (Deuteronomy 21:15–17) or what an estate attorney advises? I say the former.
  2. So, I think almost everyone wanted a Michelle Duggar fake modesty on the other thread. So I'll make a video compilation. I recently watched one of her interviews, so I think I can use that as a basis, and I'll add in some of her parentables. included would be 1. the waterski 2. Joy anna covering the ladies on TV 3. Michelle's 14 kids and counting modesty spew 4. the births of the last couple of kids 5. the j-slaves monologue about purity (also dim bulb video about courtship) and that's all I can think of. Any more suggestions before I start cutting?
  3. J'Chelle Delusional?

    Does anyone else think that J'Chelle thinks that her kids are so perfect, because of her and Boob's great parenting? Let's face it, she hasn't really parented a kid in a long time. She should give her kids the credit for what they do in their lives, and stop acting like she's the best mom of all time. She hardly knows anything about Jennifer on down. I wish she'd realize that her older girls deserve the credit that she and others are giving to her. If you actually spent time with your kids, and mothered them, then maybe you could take some of the credit. Until that happens, give the older girls props where they deserve them. The majority of your kids are how they are, because of them. And because you and your idiot husband know nothing about discipline. It's not okay for kids to run wild, and have no rules. You have to teach them things. Like manners. J'Chelle needs to look up what mother means in the dictionary. Just because you pop out a lot of babies, does not entitle you to call yourself a mother.
  4. Not that I'm avoiding A level revision, but...I'd swear Jessa and Jinger Duggar are in the picture of Davilla Waller's latest prison ministry? Actually now I look again I think I can see Jana as well, in the back row! I can't figure out how to upload the picture - I think the image is too big. There's a kinda half report on the David/Priscilla blog, but the picture's on the ATI website with some lengthy report. iblp.org/news/god-does-impossible-prison (Does this count as breaking the link? Also please can someone else try and sort the photo ) I should get on with some maths now
  5. Duggar Mother's Day Cards

    Next year, let's send Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Mother's Day cards. They're the ones who really deserve them. I bet that would send J'Chelle over the edge. You can't hide the truth. And of course Grandma Duggar and Anna would get one too. Grandma is more of a mother to her grandkids than J'Chelle is. That's sad.
  6. I just want to give a shout out to Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger for doing Mullet's job. And to Grandma Mary and Joy for doing doing all that laundry and having no help from the Howlers and older boys. Fuck you Mullet!
  7. duggarsblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/duggar-sisters.html Since they wouldn't accept my answer Jana = Suppressed Jill = Smug Jessa = Bitchy Jinger = grossly immature Your turn!
  8. Michelle Duggar on Taking a Break

    More on a Duggar day, by Michelle... if I was a JSlave I would LOVE Saturdays too, however Michelle says on Sunday that they pick up Saturday night. So in other words... they still have jurisdictions? http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... cgn=fbtlc1
  9. There's a new video by TLC with the Duggar girls talking about relationships with boys blah blah and how bad romance novels are. In A love that Multiplies Michelle says romance novels are porn for women. And why do they refer to them as boys when talking of the older Duggar daughters? It is funny reading comments defending how the girls are lucky to have 'protection'. Anyway Lather rinse and repeat. We have heard this talk before.
  10. duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/tour-duggar-girls-room.html Jill stands in place while the camera rotates. The bed count seems a bit short, but are those 2 double beds? Add an upright piano, and that room is full. Also, Jill wears glasses to study. Aw. Maybe her strange expressions are a result of trying to focus without squinting?
  11. Growing Up Duggar: Nov 5th

    Just checked Amazon.com, and the Duggar girls' book will come out on Nov 5th. What do you think will be in it?
  12. Here is a great article that neatly outlines some of the worst things about the Duggars. http://www.crushable.com/2013/03/26/ent ... ve-quotes/ (not breaking link since it's crushable) This might be my favorite quote from the article: I am not sure which example the author gives, I find the worst, but I think it's probably the last one on "teaching self-control" to toddlers.
  13. It's basically thrown in our faces that it's great to be a guy in the Duggar house, and that they take no responsibility when it comes to child care. Even Boob himself has said that child care isn't his jurisdiction. WTF? They're your kids, and you're a parent. It's not a chore to raise your kids. I wonder what Joseph, Josiah and Jason would be like as older boys, and trying to take on all of the responsibility that the girls do. Also, how many Duggar kids are ADD/ADHD? Do they not know that these conditions exist, or do they chalk it up to boys being energetic? I also wonder how many kids Smugger and Anna will have. Will she stop at three? Or try to out baby J'Chelle?
  14. Jimbob, the J'Slaves, and Joy-Anna did go to Central America this winter. duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/photos-christmas-and-central-america.html
  15. These just popped up on instagram: First, not pregnant. I think that rumor gets swept away with the dead hair left on the floor. Second, she looks EXHAUSTED. I dont know if she's sick, but she seriously looks like she needs to get some sleep. JB's head looks like a penis.
  16. Bumble bees and the Duggars?

    I was watching this video http://youtu.be/0BoLoWyvd7o and I couldn't help but think it reminded me of the Duggars. Repressing the sexuality of the daughters so they can raise their sisters? I wonder if the ending can be used as a fable for what's to come if Jim Bob and Michelle's rein on the girls continues as it has so far.
  17. I know this has been talked about, but I was just looking at "Duggar family Blog". They have a post on the Duggar girls at journey to the heart, and it looks like Jana has been at every journey in 2012 and many in 2011, while Jill has been at at least half. What on earth is she getting out of these constant journeys? In the pics she doesn't look like a supervisor or anything, she is dressed exactly the same as the other women and scattered through the photo lineups in various places. Also, the story states that JTTH is available for both boys and girls, as well as for families now. I'm wondering why Joseph and Josiah aren't doing the constant journeys too. I know JD is working, but I don't think Joseph is, and Josiah is older than Jinger and Jessa were when they started going, and Joy is already participating regularly.
  18. http://www.ourhappilyeverafters.com/201 ... amily.html
  19. Life as a Duggar

    I know we do a lot of Day in the Life stuff, but my husband made me think about this yesterday. First, a little background. My family decided this weekend to 'fall' clean the house- go through paperwork, drawers, etc. It was tiring. We went to bed early last night and my husband looked at me and said, "At least you are not a J-slave" and that got me thinking. Do the Duggar girls drag themselves to bed each night exhausted? I know a lot of their meals are from a can, however they cleaned and do a lot each day. So what is the life of the Younger kids Older kids Michelle and Jim Bob like each day? through your eyes
  20. http://crushable.com/entertainment/dugg ... jessa-987/ Josh and Anna: Will have 4 kids and mysteriously not get pregnant again in spite of "having fun trying" Kids will quietly move to Christian school John David--will happily marry, have a few kids and keep a very low profile. He'll be well respected in town. Jana Will marry (show finale?) a guy as vomit-inducing as David and will lead a soul-crushing life bearing child after child. Jill--will still be at home (She and Jana will deliver relatives and friends babies for a while, then move on) and will be the one who goes on vacation with the various siblings family to take care of the kids, she'll take care of grandma, take care of her parents and become super into Bible Study. She'll play the piano and harp after she's cleaned everything and nuked dinner for her folks. She'll leave any money she has to ATI. Jessa-- will marry someone ok to all and be there for the siblings. Jinger--after a torturous 2-4 years at HQ she'll slip on the El one day and live in Wicker Park and go bar hopping for a few years before realizing she needs an actual education. She'll be fine. Joseph--Will party wildly and go hunting with other young rednecks and have fun before finally marrying and having a normal life towing cars with John or similar. Josiah will just plain leave. Never look back. Never speak to anyone in the family again except maybe his Grandma. Joy Anna will run off with a friend of Joseph's and go back to Community College and become a nurse's aid or something. Jed/Jer--the film one will have a film at San Antonio Film Festival, marry a hot Vision Forum daughter and make movies The other will likely meet a wife on a Gothard mission trip and do some small business or join her family's business Jason James Justin Jackson JB/J'chelle will reap what the sowed with this crew. At least two will be totally out-of-control. Having had no encouragement in real education they will have small businesses cleaning swimming pools, pumping septic tanks, renting power washers, black-topping driveways etc. One or two will be sent to Gotahrd reform camp. Johanna--will have HUGE attitude problems and be the most challenging child yet. She will come close to destroying them. Jennifer--will be like her role model, "Dill" Jordyn--will be less wild than Hannie, but much more than Jenny Josie---will be trotted out as a dog/pony show exhibit right before the slide show of Jubilee as the Duggar parents make their way perpetually around the church speaking tour until they are doing only home churches.
  21. Which Duggar is this?

    I haven't seen this picture discussed in any other threads, but if it has been forgive me... https://picasaweb.google.com/1015321704 ... 0826702514 Which Duggar girl is this? Her hair looks FRIED. Not a surprise considering what they do to it everyday, but I don't remember seeing any of the older girls with straight hair in years. I wonder if her hair is naturally straight?
  22. Here's the new parentable on the 19K&C FB page http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/family-matters/michelle-duggar-how-she-embarrassed-her-teens.html#mkcpgn=fbtlc1 So I guess Smuggar takes after Mullet in the dangerous-things-to-do-while-driving. I know a lot of the comments say, "oh it's a parent's right to embarrass her kids!" But come on, do we really need Mother of the Year telling us how to embarrass our kids?
  23. Not even exaggerating. Also Jessa and Jinger. (Jill isn't going anywhere, since she's the Sarah Maxwell of the Duggar family). I just want the girls to get out of that house so bad.
  24. Found this cringe-worthy article on 'Parentables.' (Bolding mine) Read more... I can't believe she actually used the word 'defraud.'