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Found 108 results

  1. Continuing on from the previous threads: Lists last updated 16 September 2017 Single Fundies In a Relationship Newlyweds
  2. Nathan is courting Ashley. Or maybe he isn't. But he might be. Who knows for sure? See the previous thread here:
  3. I didn't see any threads about this movie, so I decided to start one. Old Fashioned was a 2014 Christian romantic comedy/drama about an "old fashioned" frat bro turned fundie who demands that his hapeless love interest engage in a very controlling courtship to win his affection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Fashioned_(film) I saw this hilarious review of it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgDLGWyOTQk My impression is that Clay is Norman Bates-level creepy, yet we're supposed to think of him as charmingly old-fashioned and wholesome. No, old-fashioned is liking big band music or stamp collecting. Demanding that your significant other completely conform to your narrow mindset with no room for compromise makes you a jerk. it contains lots of courtship/"I Kissed Dating Goodbye" talking points about how conventional dating is just practice for divorce, is inherently superficial, no kissing and limited physical contact before marriage, etc. In other words, if you're already convinced that courtship is the only way to go, you'll love this film. Otherwise, it just comes off like a Christian version of 50 Shades, and manages to be even more pathological than E.L. James's "masterpiece."
  4. Daniel Loves Kathryn. http://danielloveskathryn.com/our-story/ What more is there to say?
  5. I was watching Netflix the other day as I unpacked moving boxes and I got to the episode where we first meet the Bates family. They come to stay with the Duggars. Their very close friends who they hadn't seen in seven years And they jump out of planes, etc (which was actually kind of hip for the Duggars!) They went on the outing with Amy making fun of it the whole time and the Bates girls were all dressed in matching little girl outfits, even though a number of them were over 18. And they talked about it for a while, about all the girls, toddlers and up, liking to wear matching outfits. I was sort of stunned. Here we are years later and Erin and Alyssa are both married. And Jill. And almost Jessa. And I'm staring at them. Granted they were younger. But are we to believe that Alyssa, who met her now husband when she was 16, attracted him in those outfits? And Erin with her pink master bedroom. I guess my statement/question is this, even for Fundie men, what is the appeal of this child brides dressed like dolls? Do they really want to go for the rest of their lives with women who know very little about the world? Jill has at least travelled and worked, sort of, as a midwife. Anyone else have any thoughts? I mean the contrast between seeing them as married women and the dressed in matching outfits...
  6. Last thread here Joy and Austin are officially engaged. Here's the link, which is also posted in the last thread: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/joy-anna-duggar-is-engaged-to-boyfriend-austin-forsyth-w470282
  7. Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful when they are your CHOICE. Look at Jessa, who has been PG for 16 months of her 24 months of married life. At just turned 24, that's a hell-of-a start. Can you even imagine? Find me the vomiting sweat pea.
  8. I couldn't find a current thread on just the Boyer sisters, though I remember that a good conversation took place in the Upcoming Marriages thread last year. There have been some recent interesting changes in Boyerland over the past year, and after the most recent post by Charlotte, I thought it was a good time for a thread. Background: "The Boyer Sisters" is the eponymous stage name of three girls who have been middlin' to fringe fundies for much of their lives. The eldest is Jessica, the middle sister is Brigid, and the youngest is Charlotte. The girls range in age from 19 to early 20's, and enjoy living and communicating in a heavily cultivated "vintage" fashion. Other than their music, they run a blog that features the crafts (especially sewing), wardrobes, and photography of the three girls. Jessica doesn't seem to have much of a niche, other than being the preferred model for a lot of generic posts, but Brigid is an exceptionally good seamstress, and Charlotte is a very capable photographer and illustrator. Charlotte also has an interest in web design, and has curated the look and content of their last two blog updates. The most recent iteration is their new website, which just launched a couple of weeks ago, along with news that they plan to pull away from their singing careers. They were all homeschooled, all have purity/promise rings and Hope chests, and they've all been indoctrinated in the courtship rituals of ATI/IBLP followers. Jessica alluded to a failure to properly "govern her heart" a few years back, but otherwise they all survived adolescence unscathed until Jessica met a suitor (Levi) last year. The young man in question had two friends who became immediately attached to the family, and there was a certain "three boys for three Boyers" kind of vibe that came through the posts. Jessica's courtship and engagement were meticulously documented on the blog, which made the crashing failure of said engagement even more shocking. Literally just a few weeks after proposing, Levi apparently dumped Jessica without any warning because he decided she wasn't right for him after all. (Yaaayyy, broken heart pieces.) The family retreated en masse to lick their wounds, and came back to the blog just in time to announce a financially necessary move to a much smaller rental home in another state. Brigid's engagement (yep, to one of Levi's friends) was announced last month, and her wedding is currently in the works. I expressed my concern here at the time of Jessica's failed engagement, that the elder Boyers may decide to become far more strict in their handling of their daughters' future romantic opportunities. But, strangely and wonderfully, it seems that they relaxed their standards even more. Brigid's engagement post was filled with references to a generous amount of time spent communicating alone on the phone, and to numerous private conversations. What peaked my interest for this thread was the most recent post. In it, the youngest sister, Charlotte, alluded to the fact that SHE TOO had a failed relationship with a "friend" that ended badly around the time that they moved. She didn't offer much detail (other than the fact she was unhappy when she realized how much effort she'd put into pleasing this one "friend", and how hard she'd worked to earn their attention and respect), but it seems likely that her suitor could have been the third boy that accompanied Gabe during the group "totally not dating" phase that they shared during Jessica's courtship. IF this is true, then all three girls did get attached to all three boys, and despite the fundy protocols her parents had in place, two of the three suffered heartbreak as the result.
  9. This is just a post from a magazine for stay at home daughters. http://shiningstarsmagazine.com/to-think-or-not-to-think-handling-romantic-attraction/#more-10506 Basically, you should think about boys as little as possible. I think she's even saying that if you have a crush you should tell your father and get his permission. Don't talk to your friends about your crush. Be careful about prayer If your crush is someone that you have to see Oh, fundies. With rules like these it's no wonder so many fundie families are having a hard time getting their kids married.
  10. Carry on from here: NB: Sorry, so many good suggestions for the next song, but I couldn't resist Dusty! Last post: By allthegoodnamesaregone
  11. Have you guys seen this? http://www.npr.org/2016/07/10/485432485/former-evangelical-pastor-rethinks-his-approach-to-courtship Josh Harris:
  12. Has anyone seen this documentary from 2015? I looked to see if there was a thread for it but couldn't find anything - apologies if one exists. I found it so sad. A 33 year old (virginal) woman, traumatized by her parents' divorce when she was a teen, moves in with a middle aged couple who become her spiritual mentors. She has eschewed dating and is now a strong proponent of Christian courtship, despite already having "given away" the "treasure" of her first kiss. The film follows her for the better part of a year. It does not end well.
  13. Has anyone noticed how the Girotti Family hasn't posted on their blog for a while? Does anyone know what's up? I know their son was engaged and their daughter, Sarah, got married, got pregnant, and is on bed rest, but I thought it was sort of weird that they haven't posted in a while. ??
  14. People has confirmed that Jeremy and Jinger are engaged. (We are surprised. Not.) On the previous thread, we had a discussion of patriarchy v. misogyny, and a new picture of the clan in New York City. Last page of the previous thread: Thread title courtesy of @Angelic83 who successfully gave me a blankity-blank song earworm.
  15. Daniel Staddon and Kathryn Neely are engaged and tell their loooong story on their new website. Both parties spent a whole year trying to figure out if they were meant for each other BEFORE SPEAKING EVEN ONCE! Dads played intermediary with lists of stupid questions, and lots of praying and magical Bible signs happened, but girl and boy never spoke once until the girl finally accepted he was the "one". Meanwhile, their families still hung out together and they just pretended nothing was going on! Holy awkwardness! They are going to marry only 4 months after their very first phone conversation. This fundie courtship thing has to be the most convoluted, complicated, and irrational process to find a mate in any existing culture on Earth. Even arranged marriage seems easier and less hypocritical than this. They pretend these are love marriages, but how can you fall in love without ever speaking to someone? It's lust at the very best, always originating on the guy's side (because girls can't pursue). Every inch of the way, they're wondering what God thinks or looking for a sign from God, which makes absolutely no sense to me. What are your thoughts on this?
  16. http://www.inquisitr.com/3236017/jinger-duggar-and-jeremy-vuolo-free-jinger-community-responds-to-duggar-daughters-courtship-announcement/
  17. After months of speculation, it was confirmed that Nathan Bates is courting Ashley Salyer of New York. Speculation has moved on to engagement, marriage, and so on and so forth. Part 1 here: Enjoy! Edited 7/1: Title edit creativity courtesy of @OnceUponATime
  18. Jinger Duggar/Jeremy Vuolo All aboard the endless speculation bus! Carry on. (Title courtesy of @Curious and crew.)
  19. Continued from here: TL; DR: Jinger is courting. He's a soccer player. And a pastor. And GO
  20. Life event so I figure it deserves it's own thread. Here's the mystery boy (and I will say the two of them look really happy together). Is he ATI royalty or is this her MRS degree at work? I will also say that Kelly Bates sure as hell knows how to marry off her children. Assuming that Nathan marries this year and Tori next year that's 5 years in a row with weddings.
  21. Well, since those quiverfull kids aren't getting married fast enough, Vaughn Ohlman has decided to have a retreat to gather all the unwed single people together and pair them off. http://letthemmarry.org/gtm-retreat Money quotes include, "We are not attempting to limit our conference to Calvinists, but we feel we owe our participants some kind of assurance that they are coming to meet with other Christians." In all broad mindedness, they accept that daughters may come without a headship, but a young man interested in pursuing her must speak to one of the staff about his intentions.
  22. Okay, I think we can all agree on how depressing it is when the fundies reproduce and the speed at which they do it. I was thinking about their 200 year plans, multigenerational bs, etc. I take comfort in knowing some of them are still single and their chances of passing on their hateful beliefs diminishes each day. Let's make a master list of single fundies from prominent families that are of marrying age. I wish them love, just not the kind they have raised to believe in. Please add on when I have forgotten someone/don't know their names. Alexander: Elliot, Oliver Arndt: Paul, John, Mark, Luke, Jude, James, Philip, Seth, Jacob, Nathan Bates: Nathan, Lawson, Tori Baucham: Jasmine Beasley: Anna, Esther, Philip Bontrager: Chelsy, Allison, Mitchell, Carson Botkin: Elizabeth, Anna Sofia, Noah, Luke Bradrick: Stephen, Cecily Bringe: Peter (friend of Kevin Swanson and the Seppis) Brookshire: Emily Rose, Breezy Brown: Claudia Burnett: John-Clay, Caleb, Abbie, Charity Campana: Nick, Alyssa Coghlan: Kaitlyn Crawford: Bria Damming: Elizabeth, Erica, Corissa, Heidi Darnell: Nathaniel, Mercy, Simon Duarte: Miss Raquel Duggar: Jana, JD, Jinger, Joseph Fambrough: Jean Marie, Kimberly Flynn: Amanda, Lydia, Anna Girotti: Hannah, Jonathan, Sarah Gothard: Bill Grady: Rachel Hartono: Jonathan, Jennifer Holt: Kristian, Karessa Hope: Lauren, Joseph Howard: Olivia Jeub: Cynthia, Lydia Keen: Sarah, Thomas Keller: Nathan Kellum: Rebecca, Annah Kendall: Christiana and Hunter Kowalchuk: Jevenn, Aleita Lavin: Jennifer, Jaimee Long ("Treasures from a Shoebox"): Stephanie, Emily, Haley Maxwell: Sarah, Joseph, Anna, Jesse, John Mally: Grace, Sarah, Stephen Moore: John Robert ( filmmaker) Morton: Addie, Andrew, Sam Mueller: Heidi, Kimberly Munck: Elizabeth, Rebekah Neely: Kathryn, Jessica Noor: David, Nawelle Paine: Tabitha, Nate, Abigail, Hannah Phillips: Joshua, Justice Query: Amanda, Heidi, Amara, Peter Rehm: Thomas, Rebekah Reins: Andrea, Kelly Reith: Sarah, Lindsay, Emily Grace Richardson (Seven Sisters): Jessica, Leah, Susannah, Cassia Roberts: Edgar, Willie, Marty(F), Daisy Sanders: Abbi and Rebekah Seppi: Victor, Jodavid, Melody Serven: Benjamin, Lydia Smith: Madara Smythe: Sarah Staddon: Donald, Michael, Esther, James, Daniel, Jonathan Stetzel: Hannah, Sarah, David Thomas: Melanie, Matthew, Micaiah Torres: Andrew Turley: Samuel Valenti: Joe, Molly Vernier: Charles, Ellen Voeller: Johanna, Justin, Jared Waller: Derrick, Sarah, Samuel Webster: Victoria Weiss: Peyton, Skyler Wilson: Allison, Lana, Luke, Jacob Wissman: Ruth, Stephen, Elizabeth, Matthias, Hannah Wilkes: Jennifer, Daniel, Sarah, Kenan Courting: Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald – September 2013 Michael Bates (F) & Brandon Keilen – December 2013 Bria Crawford & Kyle (?) – June 2014 Engaged: Tayte Alexander & Martha Morton – November 2013 Thomas Paine & Dakota Young – March 2014 (September 20) Norma Roberts & Adam Gilligan – May 2014 (September 13) Jacqueline Bittner – May 2014 Sarah Serven & Cody Winton – May 2014 R. Campbell Sproul & ? – May 2014 Jasmine Baucham & Phillip Holmes – June 2014 Newlyweds: Erin Bates & Chad Paine – November 2013 Zach Bates & Whitney Perkins – December 2013 Priscilla Bittner – December 2013 (?) Hannah Grady & Samuel Hutchins – January 2014 Megan Valenti & Joseph Froemming – January 2014 Lance Seppi & Megan – April 2014 Lourdes Torres & Nolan Manteufel – April 2014 Darby Sproul & Chris Stouffer – March 2014 Betsy Grady & Matthew (?) – March 2014 Alyssa Bates & John Webster – May 2014 Jessica McDonald & Jacob Guenther – May 2014 Isaac Botkin & Heidi Roach – May 2014 Adalia (Baker’s Dozen) & Ben (?) – June 2014 Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard – June 2014 Last updated by SunnySideUp 7/11/14
  23. On the most recent episode of Bringing up Bates, we met Ashley Sayler from NYC, who appeared to be visiting the bates fam (or more specifically, nathan) along with her sister (Anastasia). There was a bit of banter about their flirting, as though the couple may be in a 'pre-courtship' phase. She seems like a bit of a fire-cracker with a lot of spunk, but super christian none the less. I saw the Bates family follow her on instagram, which is significant being that they only follow 19 people total! Her instagram is public, and she has been posting pictures of her medical missions trip to the Philippines... something that Nathan seems to do annually. Maybe they were in the same missions group? It will be interesting to see how this progresses!
  24. Interesting. http://phyliciadelta.com/saved-first-kiss-for-wedding-day/
  25. I have been a lurker for a couple of weeks and I noticed someone mentioned about Josh courting someone before? What's up with that? Do we know who it was? alysee