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Found 109 results

  1. Continuing on from the previous thread Lists last updated 12 February 2018 Single Fundies In a Relationship Newlyweds
  2. I didn't see any threads about this movie, so I decided to start one. Old Fashioned was a 2014 Christian romantic comedy/drama about an "old fashioned" frat bro turned fundie who demands that his hapeless love interest engage in a very controlling courtship to win his affection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Fashioned_(film) I saw this hilarious review of it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgDLGWyOTQk My impression is that Clay is Norman Bates-level creepy, yet we're supposed to think of him as charmingly old-fashioned and wholesome. No, old-fashioned is liking big band music or stamp collecting. Demanding that your significant other completely conform to your narrow mindset with no room for compromise makes you a jerk. it contains lots of courtship/"I Kissed Dating Goodbye" talking points about how conventional dating is just practice for divorce, is inherently superficial, no kissing and limited physical contact before marriage, etc. In other words, if you're already convinced that courtship is the only way to go, you'll love this film. Otherwise, it just comes off like a Christian version of 50 Shades, and manages to be even more pathological than E.L. James's "masterpiece."
  3. Continuing on from the previous threads: Lists last updated 17 October 2017 Single Fundies In a Relationship Newlyweds
  4. Joy and Austin: Engaged!

    Last thread here Joy and Austin are officially engaged. Here's the link, which is also posted in the last thread: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/joy-anna-duggar-is-engaged-to-boyfriend-austin-forsyth-w470282
  5. This is just a post from a magazine for stay at home daughters. http://shiningstarsmagazine.com/to-think-or-not-to-think-handling-romantic-attraction/#more-10506 Basically, you should think about boys as little as possible. I think she's even saying that if you have a crush you should tell your father and get his permission. Don't talk to your friends about your crush. Be careful about prayer If your crush is someone that you have to see Oh, fundies. With rules like these it's no wonder so many fundie families are having a hard time getting their kids married.
  6. Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful when they are your CHOICE. Look at Jessa, who has been PG for 16 months of her 24 months of married life. At just turned 24, that's a hell-of-a start. Can you even imagine? Find me the vomiting sweat pea.
  7. Carry on from here: NB: Sorry, so many good suggestions for the next song, but I couldn't resist Dusty! Last post: By allthegoodnamesaregone
  8. People has confirmed that Jeremy and Jinger are engaged. (We are surprised. Not.) On the previous thread, we had a discussion of patriarchy v. misogyny, and a new picture of the clan in New York City. Last page of the previous thread: Thread title courtesy of @Angelic83 who successfully gave me a blankity-blank song earworm.
  9. Staddon-Neely nuptials and aftermath (2)

    Daniel Loves Kathryn. http://danielloveskathryn.com/our-story/ What more is there to say?
  10. Have you guys seen this? http://www.npr.org/2016/07/10/485432485/former-evangelical-pastor-rethinks-his-approach-to-courtship Josh Harris:
  11. Nathan is courting Ashley. Or maybe he isn't. But he might be. Who knows for sure? See the previous thread here:
  12. http://www.inquisitr.com/3236017/jinger-duggar-and-jeremy-vuolo-free-jinger-community-responds-to-duggar-daughters-courtship-announcement/
  13. Jinger Duggar/Jeremy Vuolo All aboard the endless speculation bus! Carry on. (Title courtesy of @Curious and crew.)
  14. Continued from here: TL; DR: Jinger is courting. He's a soccer player. And a pastor. And GO
  15. Mountain Musings

    Has anyone noticed how the Girotti Family hasn't posted on their blog for a while? Does anyone know what's up? I know their son was engaged and their daughter, Sarah, got married, got pregnant, and is on bed rest, but I thought it was sort of weird that they haven't posted in a while. ??
  16. Daniel Staddon and Kathryn Neely are engaged and tell their loooong story on their new website. Both parties spent a whole year trying to figure out if they were meant for each other BEFORE SPEAKING EVEN ONCE! Dads played intermediary with lists of stupid questions, and lots of praying and magical Bible signs happened, but girl and boy never spoke once until the girl finally accepted he was the "one". Meanwhile, their families still hung out together and they just pretended nothing was going on! Holy awkwardness! They are going to marry only 4 months after their very first phone conversation. This fundie courtship thing has to be the most convoluted, complicated, and irrational process to find a mate in any existing culture on Earth. Even arranged marriage seems easier and less hypocritical than this. They pretend these are love marriages, but how can you fall in love without ever speaking to someone? It's lust at the very best, always originating on the guy's side (because girls can't pursue). Every inch of the way, they're wondering what God thinks or looking for a sign from God, which makes absolutely no sense to me. What are your thoughts on this?
  17. Has anyone seen this documentary from 2015? I looked to see if there was a thread for it but couldn't find anything - apologies if one exists. I found it so sad. A 33 year old (virginal) woman, traumatized by her parents' divorce when she was a teen, moves in with a middle aged couple who become her spiritual mentors. She has eschewed dating and is now a strong proponent of Christian courtship, despite already having "given away" the "treasure" of her first kiss. The film follows her for the better part of a year. It does not end well.
  18. After months of speculation, it was confirmed that Nathan Bates is courting Ashley Salyer of New York. Speculation has moved on to engagement, marriage, and so on and so forth. Part 1 here: Enjoy! Edited 7/1: Title edit creativity courtesy of @OnceUponATime
  19. Well, since those quiverfull kids aren't getting married fast enough, Vaughn Ohlman has decided to have a retreat to gather all the unwed single people together and pair them off. http://letthemmarry.org/gtm-retreat Money quotes include, "We are not attempting to limit our conference to Calvinists, but we feel we owe our participants some kind of assurance that they are coming to meet with other Christians." In all broad mindedness, they accept that daughters may come without a headship, but a young man interested in pursuing her must speak to one of the staff about his intentions.
  20. Tori Bates Courtship

    Life event so I figure it deserves it's own thread. Here's the mystery boy (and I will say the two of them look really happy together). Is he ATI royalty or is this her MRS degree at work? I will also say that Kelly Bates sure as hell knows how to marry off her children. Assuming that Nathan marries this year and Tori next year that's 5 years in a row with weddings.
  21. Interesting. http://phyliciadelta.com/saved-first-kiss-for-wedding-day/
  22. On the most recent episode of Bringing up Bates, we met Ashley Sayler from NYC, who appeared to be visiting the bates fam (or more specifically, nathan) along with her sister (Anastasia). There was a bit of banter about their flirting, as though the couple may be in a 'pre-courtship' phase. She seems like a bit of a fire-cracker with a lot of spunk, but super christian none the less. I saw the Bates family follow her on instagram, which is significant being that they only follow 19 people total! Her instagram is public, and she has been posting pictures of her medical missions trip to the Philippines... something that Nathan seems to do annually. Maybe they were in the same missions group? It will be interesting to see how this progresses!
  23. It seems in every article about courtship/purity/modesty only Duggar daughter views are given. I know the males would likely say the same thing, but we still never hear what they want in a wife/partner or just general thoughts on purity/modesty from male prospectives -except Josh.
  24. I was thinking a lot today about Jill and Derrick, and how Jill, before marriage, seemed a lot more outgoing and happy and free-spirited (to the extent she could be) and independent (again to the extent she could). But then she got married, moved out, and now is so clingy on Derrick that it makes ME feel suffocated. Do you think that Jill, and other fundy women since they never get privacy and always have chaperones, know how they're likely to be? Like do you think Jill knew she would up clingy? What do you think must go through the head of the husband who finds that the woman he thought he married is really very different once she's out of her parents' house? I think it has to be scary to find out a side of yourself exists that you didn't know was there, and that it's got to be scary and frustrating for the husband to realize he couldn't possibly have known his wife as well as he thought he did.