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Found 277 results

  1. She is pregnant again........ Poor other kids, and in a way, poor Zsu as well, she is overwhelmed as it is!
  2. Last thread here: Props to Zsu for saying her newest "blessing" is "like a baby doll". Pro-tip, ZsuZsu: if it cries, has feelings, AND needs tongue-tie surgery, it's a real person, not one of those Baby Borns every girl and her motherless cat in my area wanted for Christmas. I don't have much to say about these poor kids except that I hope they eventually leave and have much better lives, despite their beginnings in life.
  3. For those who have asked about using using PP vs. Steve Anderson, Zsu has now provided guidance: So go ahead & use Steve Anderson -- it will annoy the piss out of him. After reading this, couldn't help thinking of that godawful 1970s guy, "You can call me Ray:"
  4. Continued from here: Let's raise the level of discourse please. I'm disappointed by the last page. :/
  5. In the last two blog posts, there are pictures of Solomon sitting next to a very pretty brown haired girl. One is of them sitting together at Thanksgiving, one on a bus and a third she's sitting at the same table while all the kids are eating ice cream (there's a post in the way, but you can see her face a bit). Is.....could Solomon being courting? I hope I'm wrong, because he's only 15, but I could see PP pushing a courtship really young so Solomon would get out of the house and no longer costing money to feed and clothe.
  6. http://grapevine.is/news/2016/04/27/iceland-a-nation-of-bastards/ Poor little Iceland. How will they survive being attacked by the Pissing Preacher?
  7. Well damn Zsu got her hair cut, apparently it was falling out in handfuls. Shoulder length, so ungodly!!
  8. Well, Zsu successfully had another home birth and posted on Facebook. Another A-slave for the Andersons.
  9. New post up! The rambling goes: - all women want children, all the time. This is a fact. - birth control makes you hate your husband! because hormones! (someone really should tell her about condoms at some point) - children prevent adultery! (not sure what the "logic" is behind that one - are children accountability partners now? Guess that didn't work too well for Joshley Madison) - Men who prevent their wives from conceiving should amend their wicked ways! I actually find that pretty funny - this is quiverful, patriarchal, submit-to-your-husband Zsu lecturing other people's husbands on what they should be doing. I guess this is holier than me telling my male colleagues what to do because Babiiiiies, and Bible, and logic-doesn't-matter-to-Zsu, but still. Gigglesnort. Her selfishness also comes through - she makes it look like women chose between their husbands, who are assumed not to want any more children, and their natural bible-thumping desire to breed more, when I think most of us who don't have eleventy million kids framed it as choosing between existing children, who need time, money, care etc. and potentially more children who would share the same resources. Like, you know, a grown-up decision by both parents in the best interests of the third parties who depend on them. Maybe this is a complex Pissing mating ritual whereby she's letting the Pisser know he'd better start fucking her again asap or else she'll bolt? Definitely one of her weirder rambles.
  10. PP's hate is going international-one of his minion's is marrying a woman in Botswana then stay there to plant a church there. So PP needs to get away from Zsu and kids, he is going with him . Along the way he is going to stop in Jo-burg do soul winning and scream his hate. Now here is my question are they going to let him in plus if he takes the British Air flight out of Phoenix will he get stopped in London? Also has his minion started his paperwork to live and work in Botswana? Why do these idiots think that Africa needs more soul winners? What they need are people that can provide them services (medical, educational, economics development etc) Stay home please
  11. Even though Solomon isn't grown yet, I have been wondering about his future lately. I've said in a previous post that I feel Zsu infantalizes him with certain toys yet expects him to be a teenage father. Do you think Zsu and PP will actually let him get a job in ebil society? I could see an 'old friend' (some random FWBC member) offer him a job, saving him from outside influences. Or I wonder if he would get a secular job only to have Zsu pull him out for whatever reason after a week or two. As as for a future bride: do you think Solomon will have a choice or that Zsu has some church goers daughter waiting in the wings? Just wanted to talk about this but didn't feel it fit a particular topic.
  12. http://stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-homophile-playbook-101.html My takeaways: -pointing out intolerance automatically makes you intolerant -being hateful is good; everyone is -because a city perceived as stereotypically liberal produced a fearmongering video in the 70s that painted gay men as pedophiles, the public probably continued (continues?) to believe this for decades -"most people still believe the same way as we do on these issues, but are afraid to say so publicly" - oh yes, most people want to see LGBT people thrown in prison/executed for consensual sex between adults -their kids are "extremely unlikely" to become "sodomites" because Zsu & PP & bible Leaving aside the arguments Zsu lists, what would you say in a letter to PP & Zsu?
  13. So, they played hooky on Monday, drove the whole family somewhere two hours away and did a four mile hike. Interesting that some of the kids just jumped on some horses and rode off, and that one of the boys Issac is taking riding lessons, well the first lesson is you don't just jump on a horse you don't know and then toss your sister and brothers up on another one!!
  14. Just when you thought he couldn't find one more thing to hate, the PP is back. This time, with a truly disturbing anti-Semitic rant. What a disgusting little man. It's not the Jews' fault you're a complete waste of humanity, Steve.
  15. Ok, FJ, give it to me. PP's response to the Orlando massacre moves him even further up my list of Worst Fundies/Humans on Earth than he was before. But I want to know who your worst is, and why. Especially you guys who have been here since Yuku . Tell me. I want to know.
  16. There's a new post up, where Zsu talks about the death trap of a swing bassinette she got and the stenciling she did on the wall in her bedroom. This isn't about either of those things, but something she says one of the older boys said. Now, I know Zsu likes to exagerate, but it's odd to me that 1) One of her sons would say such a thing. It's very disrespectful and maybe even passive aggressive, as the boy had to know his Zsu would find out. Seems like the type of thing they'd punish a kid for. 2) She would post such a thing on her blog. Why bother talking about it unless she's trying to get more compliments on her work? What does this say about how the boys see her and treat her? Did they learn that from PP? Or, if Zsu is exaggerting, why would she throw her son under the bus like that? Just thought this brought interesting insight into relationships in that household.
  17. Zsu's 553rd preganancy continues here. Part 2:
  18. http://sarah-heartsdesire.blogspot.com/ Sarah is pregnant with baby 4. Poor Amy got to go on a trip! I have not gotten to a formal post on it, but I am seeing signs of headcovering.
  19. Happy 2nd Birthday-it is never too early to make your plan to escape the HCofSC cult. Enjoy your day
  20. Zsu's 553rd preganancy continues here. Part 1: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24678-zsu-is-pregnant/?page=1
  21. It has been confirmed that they left on Thurs 1/7 and returning Sat 1/17. MIL is here staying with the children, I am a grandmother however there is no way I would babysit 8 children at once so either she deserves a medal or needs to have her head examined. Highlights of the trip 1) They saved at least 10 people 2) Everyone loved her swim burka and thought that it was the height of beach wear 3) They could not find a good church to attend-they were all soft on sin. 4) That they got up early to use the hotel swimming pool while all the sinners were sleeping off their hang overs so they would be shielded from people swimming in their underwear. 5) She tasted SPAM and liked it before someone told her want it was. 6) Everyone was committing sin in her & PP eyes 7) They met a like-minded couple and they hung out together and they promise to move to Tempe to attend the HCofSC 8) Whale attacks Zsu and tries to mate with her 9) They made memories but she wished that entire family was there, so next time give more money 10) PP tried to bike trip down from Haleakala and wipes out 11) They don't get TSA pre-check out of Maui and they throw a fit.
  22. She received a gift card to Fogo de Chao-Brazlian Steakhouse that is a lll you can eat meat place. So they went there for lunch today according to PP-Bapist Good Friday-Meat. The only way that they could go is because of a high roller friend. It is still expensive, for the all you can eat lunch is $29.95 per person 13 and over, half 12-6 under 6 free. Hopefully the gift car was at least $200. Plus it is in North Scottsdale so they must have looked out of place. You can see the excitement on her Face book page.
  23. Zsu sent out a Facebook message to like "Pastor Steven Anderson" as a public figure so that he can post some eye opening videos. I will do that when my dogs grow oppositional thumbs and can use the internet. I did go over and check it out all it has on it is pictures of his "annoying for jesus" group picture from Dearborn. I am waiting on pin and needles waiting for eye opening video.