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Found 2 results

  1. I'm filing this in my mind under WTF Kansas? They've managed to lose 70 kids in the foster care system. http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/editorials/article178380326.html https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/kansas/articles/2017-10-11/the-latest-official-says-kansas-works-to-find-foster-kids
  2. I'm not going to lie, today has just been one of those days... Usually my muscle memory is pretty strong. It does NOT usually fail me this badly. I'm a bit saddened by it today, because seriously - I'm not really up to having my mind fail me. Nope, I'd much rather have over effective muscle memory happening and tripping me up, than having everything go haywire. It just happened to be one of those days where: you find the cleaning products in the fridge you open the fridge door holding muesli and ask yourself why you thought it belonged there coffee to the fridge, milk to the cupboard, yeah, not quite the right coffee made in cold water (oh hell no! this is mostly because the microwave is crappy) coffee nearly put in the muesli (this is a bad idea) boiling water nearly put in the muesli (coffee attempt #2) freshly washed laundry ends up upstairs. That is not where the dryer lives! already folded laundry goes into the dryer - way to make yourself more work coffee gets spilled on the freshly mopped floor -you've really got to be kidding me! PS. In case you're worried, don't be. I'm currently hunting it down. I'm offering my mind and my sanity chocolate, if they'll stick around a bit longer, like 50 years longer. Tomorrow is another day, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.