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Found 47 results

  1. Saw this on CNN where Scotland now has the NC500 and CNN thinks it'll become a classic; cnn.com/2016/06/13/travel/scotland-north-coast-road-trip-nc500/index.html Getting out the ol' bucket list database and adding an entry to it right now....
  2. Now that I have made Boss 1 and Boss 2 laugh at my stories of eating with Boss 3 (they have both had the experience of traveling with this man) it is time to share it with you. We all know that Boss 3 has an attachment to certain chain restaurants. it borders on legendary. We have not had a Chik-Fil-A here that long and the staff already knows him. One coworker has vowed never to eat at Chik-fil-a without him. We flew to Connecticut on Monday. Tuesday breakfast at the hotel was an egg casserole. It had hashbrowns mixed in. It wasn't bad. He didn't eat it, called it Quiche and had cereal. He apparently missed the French Toast sticks and sausage. He wanted just scrambled eggs and bacon. He compares everything to Holiday Inn/Express. Wednesday Morning the hotel had scrambled eggs but they had cheese in them. I believe he might have been afraid of a wayward vegetable along the lines of an onion or pepper mixed in. He didn't eat there that morning. No. he went down the road and claimed to be negotiating with the manager for a group hotel rate (this goes against our travel policy) but wanted to check the breakfast out. Translation - he scammed a free breakfast from Holiday Inn where we were not staying. Thursday Morning - out hotel actually had scrambled eggs (plain) and bacon. This was the only morning he was happy with breakfast. Actually, it would be the only time he was happy with the hotel because, in his eyes, I'm guessing, it is all about breakfast. Friday Morning they had scrambled eggs layered between layers of pastry and cheese on top. I took one look at it and said to myself. "he's not going to like breakfast this morning.' he didn't. We had to stop by Dunkin Donuts so he could get a chocolate milk and donuts. (And part of me really wants to say that he'd have been happier if the adult hotel breakfast at our hotel would have had bottles of Choco milk). Saturday Morning breakfast was some odd (even by my standards) egg patty. 'Eggs whites' with 'Egg yolk' pressed into a shape to resembled a fried egg (which was not fried). I grabbed one and a sausage patty and shoved them between bagel halves. Again, I knew he'd not be thrilled with breakfast. Nope. he went to Holiday Inn - again - but it was 'picked over' so he again went to Dunkin Donuts.
  3. No Place Like Home

    So at the very end of May (after Memorial Day) I was drafted by Boss 3 (Boss 1 is my immediate supervisor, Boss 2 is his boss, Boss 3 is over him) to go to a recent acquisition because disaster on the books related to inventory and costing. In addition to Boss 3 another costing expert and 2 controllers (both of who have been working with this location) were there. I haven't traveled for work since November 2012. The Mom situation kept me tied to home (more or less) for a couple of years. I do know that my name was mentioned from time to time with situations but Boss 2 told them no (and I am very grateful for that) because he knew the situation and that my stress level was off the chart. But things are more settled now and he left it up to me. I said yes, because it has been that long since I've been off special projects like this. I've got notes about amusing traveling with boss 3 anecdotes to share. But I'm pooped. And I have a suitcase of dirty laundry. And the feline headship is most upset with me for leaving her for five days. (I got scolded for dashing to the grocery store for a few things this morning). I'm glad to be home. In my own bed. With my own food. With my own shampoo and conditioner (yeah that's a mistake that won't be repeated) with my own car (Boss 3 had the rental car so at times I felt a bit trapped). With my own TV (I cut cable and do most of my viewing via apps on my Roku, I was reminded this week why I cut cable. 80 channels - nothing on). With the ability to change my mind on what I want to wear and not be trapped by what I put in my suitcase. Now to get over the shock of Leaving Connecticut where is was in the 70's all week and adjusting to upper 90's here in Mid-Mo.
  4. France has a new museum

    France has a brand spanking new museum. Dedicated to all things wine. mentalfloss.com/article/80709/frances-newest-museum-devoted-wine Here's the museum site: www.laciteduvin.com/en Sounds much better than any of those creationist museums/theme parks over here. Heading over to the travel web sites now.
  5. Was trying to figure out this tour Josh is on... Found this.... http://www.duggarfamilyblog.com/p/appearances.html and in the comments, which are from 2011, as I'm seeing them... "Anonymous said... 21 Hi, i am a homeschool mom of four from Arkansas. My five year old girl is very influenced by Jana on the show. She even tries to wear long skirts and pretends she is taking care of babies.We are going to surprise her by going to see the Duggars in Little Rock on Sunday. I just hope Jana is there! Blessings to you all!" So sad. Jana was 21 at the time. A little girl who wants to be like Jana pretends she is taking care of babies but these are not Jana's babies, they are her mother's babies. Just.So.Wrong.
  6. The Duggars are speaking at a booster banquet for a university in my hometown. It's a Baptist University and I know the honor code prohibits cohabitation, drinking alcohol, sex before marriage, homosexuality, and dancing. One of my friends even got fined for dancing on campus and another student was expelled for being gay. http://www.hlg.edu/newsinfo/news-story.php?id=1361 Here's the link incase anyone lives close enough and wants to see what the hell they'll be talking about. I'll be home from college but I won't be spending $50+ to get a ticket.
  7. Some of you might remember on a thread about Duck Dynasty, I talked about a local church here where the pastor is a convicted murderer who served eight years in jail for nearly beheading a woman, and now he lives in a multi-million dollar house in a gated community, because Jesus. Well, the Duggars are speaking at that church (which is known in my circle of friends as The Murder Church) tonight, to speak out against abortion. No, I'm not going- ironically because I'm 13/14 weeks pregnant and still struggling with not vomiting all over the fucking place. Actually, I should go and vomit on JimBob and Michelle. Hmm... Anyhoodle, here's a link: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20131 ... 19077096=1 Not breaking it because it's a newspaper link and they don't care.
  8. Is anyone going to an Evening with the Duggars? It is free http://www.gabc.org/news Join the entire Duggar family, from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting†Sunday, October 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the GABC Worship Center. This family be sharing their story and belief that all “Children are a Heritage from the Lord.†This special service is part of GABC’s National Orphan Sunday celebration to honor all children and families.
  9. what a deal plus expenses business class for two no less. man we think we are the most polished turd in the bowl down we? premierespeakers.com/christian/josh_duggar Biography Josh Duggar was born and raised in Arkansas, the first child of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar. He accepted Christ at the age of seven, was homeschooled and graduated from High School at the age of sixteen. His father entered politics in 1998, serving two terms as a State Legislator in the Arkansas House of Representatives. In 2003, after his father ran unsuccessfully in Arkansas for United States Senate, the national media coverage began to shift their focus to the Duggars extraordinary family. The Duggar family filmed their first show with the Discovery Health Channel called, “14 Children and Pregnant Again!†which was among the top rated shows for the network. After the initial success, the networks requested more shows and the Duggars were willing, on the one condition that they entered: their faith would not be edited out. The producers agreed and the Duggars eventually moved up to the TLC network, the #1 non-news network on cable. The show, now called “19 Kids & Counting!†is now the longest running reality show on the network. Throughout the years the Duggars have sought to uphold biblical values that they acknowledge as the "core" of their family. Josh started Duggar Automotive, a pre-owned automotive dealership, in 2007. Josh owned and operated this small business for 6 years. Josh was intrigued by politics from an early age and began working part-time for elected officials and political candidates in Arkansas and at the State Capitol. In 2006, his political involvement led him to found Strategic Political Services, a political consulting firm. Strategic now serves many conservative candidates and elected officials on the local, state and federal levels. Josh had the opportunity to serve on the Presidential campaign trail with Gov. Mike Huckabee in 2008. Josh also traveled to over 13 states in 2012 for Sen. Rick Santorum, where he opened numerous rallies and spoke on behalf of the candidate. In 2013, Josh accepted the position of Executive Director for the Family Research Council Action, a political non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC that works with conservative candidates and elected officials. Drawing from his unique experiences in family, entertainment, politics and business, Josh seeks to use his God-given platform to encourage others. Josh married the love of his life, Anna (Keller) in 2008 and the couple have three young children, Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. The Duggars currently reside in the Washington, DC metro area.
  10. JimBob and Michelle will be in Columbus, OH on August 15 to speak at the Faith2Action 10th Anniversary Banquet & Silent Auction. f2a.org/registration-10th-anniversary/ I can't tell what Josh did other than tweet about it, and the law was immediately blocked for being unconstitutional. Because when same-sex marriage is legalized, it will automatically make opposite-sex marriage illegal. That is totally how the law works.
  11. I know the Bontragers have a bus too, but that looks like the Duggar bus to me. The Bontragers have been on a Duggar episode and the families know each other. The Bontragers (who do ATI and VF activities) may be image conscious enough for a filmed Duggar courtship. Interesting.......
  12. "North Carolina Republican Party We are excited to announce that Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle, from the famed reality show Nineteen Kids and Counting, will be keynote speakers at the North Carolina Republican Party’s 2nd annual Faith and Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast at the 2013 NCGOP State Convention. Sign up at ncgopconvention.com & 'like' & 'share' !" This just came up on my facebook feed, (yes, I am a conservative.) and I am just shaking with rage!!!!!!!! arrgh! What can dairy queen and penis face have to give North Carolina except total fucking bullshit! I wish someone would sterilize that whole damn family! I need some kind of essay or email that I can send the group (NC GOP) to prevent this fuckery from happening. Will some one help me please? anyone?
  13. The Bontragers (who are better musicians than the Duggars, IMHO) have announced that the Duggars are joining them in Iowa for a Labor Day concert: bontragersingers.blogspot.com There are some courtship possibilities there. Wonder if it will be filmed for next season of TLC?
  14. One of the leghumpers posted an invite to their special olympics polar plunge after they heard they'd be in town. Of course, they arent going to be doing anything thats hard on their hearts for a good cause... but they are going to be at a megachurch! Of course they are! Interestingly, the page has been taken down... but google still has the cache! I wonder why the Lincoln Daily news would pull such a well written work of journalism? Why shouldnt the world know that the Duggars will be making an appearance at Park Meadows Baptist Church on March 17th? Its right there on the Church's website... which doesnt appear to be crawled by google... Anyone in the area wanna head on over for some sooper sekret Duggar speech that they perhaps dont want google to know about? The last time we caught them at a baptist mega church Michelle went over the famous "hand out" which included a step by step instruction book on being a good, submissive doormat.
  15. /southernraisedbluegrass.com/southern-raised-and-duggars-in-concert/#respond I see such differenced between the two clans - yet such similarities too. Confusing. Seems like they are little cults of their own. Yes even the southern raised. It's sort of like cherry picking what they want to follow - "yes yes we can hug men" "yes we can take pictures with men not related to us" "yes we can fellowship with non family members" "we must be modest" "we must wear skirts" anybody else on my wavelength? Edited to remove hotlink from broken link. _lilith
  16. Disgusting. http://www.kshb.com/dpp/news/political/ ... n-missouri
  17. The Duggars are performing at this event in Rolla, MO tomorrow. It's a day to celebrate being a "flag-waving American" and patriot-which, based on exploring their website, is narrowly defined as being a Christian who wants to fight Planned Parenthood. http://patriotdayrally.com/home.php
  18. For those who are or will be in San Diego on 10/20/12, perhaps you need to stop by the Calvary Chapel for the 180 Conference: Equipping Christians to stand up for life-
  19. http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... -trip.html So, dragging your kids to the eye doctor and wasting a professional's time teaching something that can be found online is educational? A family member of mine works for an ophthalmologist - they wouldn't enjoy a Duggar SOTDRT visit. The Smithsonian? With JB as my tour guide? No thanks! At least they left out the creation museum.
  20. This link was posted over at TWOP. There are some sample clips of the girls and the speech they gave at the conference. I haven't had time to listen to them, but it appears it's all very snark worthy. So enjoy! http://www.iche.org/person/3085/jill-duggar
  21. If you're watching too and want to snark Seriously, how did Amy not know what a bidet was? Then again, she thought Switzerland was in the Middle East so I don't know why I am surprised.
  22. Because I swear I saw them. If so Michelle was wearing a blue shirt and Jim Bob a pastel green.
  23. Okay so the Duggars are in WI where my great aunt lives. She watches the show and comments a lot on it. I told her that she should go with one of her daughters today to one of the churches. It would be over an hour away for her but she said she might go, but is still unsure. I think she doesn't want to have to be there 2 hours early. I told her it isn't like a rock star is coming and I am sure just going in 15-30 minutes will still get her in the church. (I could be soooo wrong on this) If she goes should she look for anything? If she can take pictures should she? I think her concern is that she doesn't know if it is worth the drive. She is also not a Rick Santorum fan and hope he will not be there- however Rick seems to not be doing much with the Duggars today. If anyone has seen the Duggars in a Church or on the Campaign trail- is it worth the drive? Thanks so much
  24. Campaign Trail

    I can't believe the Duggars are still on the Campaign trail! Don't those Duggar kids have homeschool? I assume when they say where they will be on their website it means most or all the Duggars are going. It also seems that Rick Santorum isn't going with to some of the places? hmmm I don't know enough about campaigning I guess. Has anyone seen the Duggars on the Campaign trail? I guess I am nosey but if they came to my town I would love to see if they were on "Duggar Time"
  25. Hide your wife, hide your kids... http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/e ... r-santorum