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Found 261 results

  1. Is anyone watching 90 Day Fiance? http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance/about.htm (not broken, TLC doesn't care) I have feelings about this show, and would like to discuss. Kirlyan & Alan- I don't think she's as much into him as he is to her. Plus the whole Mormon thing Russ & Paola- They confuse me, because I don't think Russ is really into women, and Paola is very much a woman. Plus, I think she likes his money. Louis & Aya- probably the most realistic couple. Like they may actually like each other Mike & Aziza- I don't think it's going to work out
  2. Welcome one and all to the Official VelociRapture Cheat Sheet for the extended Duggar family. A few things before we start: 1. DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS UNTIL YOU SEE A SUMMARY FOR JOSIE. I say this in all caps so you have no excuses if you do comment before then. Posting these summaries takes a lot of time due to the size of the text and I have a baby who requires attention. I'm trying to make sure all the summaries are up top together, so please don't post until you see one for Josie. 2. These are very basic summaries. I don't watch the shows, so I wrote these using a combination of FJ, social media, and google. If you see something incorrect or there's something missing then please comment below (once all the summaries are up.) All I ask is that you cite legitimate sources - there's a ton of false information and rumors about the Duggars. I'd like to keep the summaries as factual as possible. 3. That said, if you know that one of the kids loves pizza and hates salad you don't need to cite that. I'll try to keep up with the comments and update as needed. Summaries start with the parents and then go by birth order of the children. Some of the kids are included in the same summaries because I don't know much about them and it was easier. Click on each spoiler to view.
  3. Amy and the Pickle #5: Trekking to TLC

    Last thread here: Amy and Dillon are going from the Hot Mess Express of Marriage Boot Camp to the Dysfunction Junction that is TLC, with a 1-hour special entitled Amy and Dillon: Married One Year. It'll be on TLC on June 19. Thanks, @NeverBeenKissed! Amy still promos products on her instagram, and we saw yet another iteration of her making her instagram private (then public again). How many times has she done this now? Anyway, buckle in for whatever this special will bring up. But if this starts another Duggar series, so help me Rufus...
  4. My 600 Pound Life

    Am I the only one loving this trainwreck of a show? I thought James (two weeks ago) was the worst I'd ever seen till these Assanti brothers came long.
  5. Here is a list of the sponsors. I am writing to them all. Who is with me? I want the specials stopped in its tracks. This madness has to end. Think about it, if JUST 10 people from FreeJinger write to each of the sponsors, it will make a BIG impact! Just 10 people! Please PLEASE think about setting aside a few minutes today and writing to a few... WE can help bring an end to this insanity! Sponsors Choice Hotels, Crayola and King’s Hawaiian. Allstate Insurance, Behr Paint, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy Dean, Party City, Pizza Hut, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Ricola, Sherwin-Williams, and Walgreens. Ace Hardware, David’s Bridal, and Payless. ConAgra Keurig H&R Block CVS The full list is here http://www.inquisitr.com/2449404/duggar ... o-refuses/ In addition, I got this from Buzzard. Thank you, Buzzard! (The ones listed in red are the ones that didn't pull out when the child molestation scandal came out so they are URGENT)
  6. Breaking Amish

    Does anyone watch this train wreck of a reality show? I've watched since the first season, and I just don't know if I want to watch the new one. I was very shocked when I found out just how fake the first season was, so TLC naturally dragged them back for more and more. So who's your favorite from the cast? Least favorite? What do you guys hate most about this show/these people? My favorite is Kate, or Mama Mary. Least favorite is tied with Sabrina and Jeremiah, though I also don't care much for Abe or Rebecca. As for what I hate most... I can't really put my finger on it. I just think they're in the same group as the cast of Party Down South that shouldn't be featured on television.
  7. Just saw this... I'm wondering if Uterus Cannon is something to do with Mrs. Duggar?
  8. New episodes are back on TLC on Tuesday evenings. Last night was a double. Christina Applegate searched for her paternal grandmother who disappeared and left her father to be raised by others (Trenton, NJ YAY!). He was able to get some much needed closure. Chelsea Handler's maternal grandfather was a German soldier during WW2. Chelsea was worried because her father is Jewish and she and her siblings were all raised Jewish. She had happy memories of her grandfather and was worried that he was in the SS or something. Turns out he was a run of the mill draftee who was taken POW by the Americans in France. She did come across a report of sorts written by her maternal grandmother who wrote about the hardships of life in Germany after WW1 and gave insight into how someone like Hitler could have risen to power.
  9. Previous thread here: This last season ended with Jinger's wedding and honeymoon, where she and Jeremy had some PDA in the kitchen, and Jeremy got hit with a boomerang. We were also introduced to Joy's friend with fellowship, Austin, who has now become her fiancé. This is the show that doesn't end... (I had that song in my head, and I just had to share the gift LOL)
  10. Joe is officially courting Kendra! http://people.com/tv/joseph-duggar-officially-courting-kendra-caldwell/ ETA: Sorry I posted in the Counting On thread. I don't know how to make new threads, or if this would warrant one, but maybe should have been put in the Duggars thread. Sorry mods! Feel free to move if need be.
  11. Last thread here: Title is from @BadMurphy noticing the glare hiding Josh from view on the show. TLC, we know he was there, so you might as well be honest about it. This last episode was two hours of crap we already saw, and it was even more boring the second time around. Pretty sure at this point that the network's trying to bore us all to death. Make it stop, TLC!
  12. Last thread here: To recap: Duggars are still boring, Jessa took over the decoration of Jinger and Jeremy's apartment (and no one was shocked), and Jeremy thinks that the lesson a newlywed couple can take from going to an escape room is learning how to shift blame. Can they get any more awkward and boring? Do we even need to ask?
  13. Last thread found here: We're watching the process for Jinger's wedding (that we've already seen), Ben got excited about a water gun at Flame's concert, and we talked about burning food. May this show bore itself to death, but for now...we're counting on!
  14. for the end of the Duggars by getting The Willis Clan? Just watching this and one of them makes a point about saying people want to know if they "are weird and not allowed to date" The mother says they are making sure that their kids meet others in social situations so that they can meet as many people they possibly can and there are potential spouses in their lives. Can you imagine the Duggar boys without shirts? The girls in jeans? SHORTS??? Is this family 'normal' or is there going to be revelations that will happen to make them another object for snarking?
  15. Part 8 is here: Thread title is courtesy of @Buzzard, who I can't seem to tag right now (boo!) There haha! For those unaware, no Duggar started a courtship, got pregnant, adopted, or had anything life-changing, other than suddenly all the Duggar kids want to adopt children out of nowhere. Most forgettable episode yet. May it be the last.
  16. Part 7 is here: From TLC, the people who are masters at reusing old footage when their show has become too boring, comes new heights of ridiculousness. They have stooped so low as to reuse footage from only 3-4 months ago, and to once again use a family's pain for ratings. Supposedly, there's some life-changing announcement this next week, but unless it's that they're going to use all-original footage in the season finale, or that all the adult children are going to form a commune and become flower children, I will not be surprised.
  17. Well, Ben showed something all right, but it wasn't any rapping abilities that I could see. Also featured in the episode and the previous thread: Ben thinks he is a white savior for the inner city (he's really, really not). Even Jessa couldn't keep from laughing at Ben's terrible rapping. Flame can't take negative comments, and aside from Anna, Ben and Jessa, no interviewed Duggar could say what hip-hop or rap even was. We needed to see yet another video chat between Jill and the rest of the family. Next week: the girls' getaway that gets awkward because of Josh (even though he isn't there). Also, possibility of blind dates? This can only go well. And we begin to count on...another awkward and cringeworthy episode.
  18. Discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25153-jill-jessa-special-sunday-december-27/
  19. Discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25098-jill-jessa-special-sunday-december-20/
  20. Discuss the shit-spewing here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25017-jill-and-jessa-duggar-special-sunday-dec-13-merge/?page=1
  21. Breaking Amish

    Anyone else watching this? (It's on TLC) If this isn't a total sham, they've got to be New Order Amish because even your typical Old Order Amish wouldn't agree to be on camera (the one young man's family was shown). ETA: The one young woman is a Conservative Mennonite.
  22. I'm not sure which forum to put this in, but TLC talk seems to be here. A friend of mine is a little person. He married a woman who is average height. They have a handful of kids, a couple little like him, the rest typical. He's been on talk shows in the past. They want him to do a show with the angle of little person, tall person. I'm disappointed that he's seriously considering it. If the price is right, he's going to sell his and his kids' lives, and his life is on board. Freak/Normie. So fatty/skinny next? Neocon/Liberal? The all-the-family's-the-same routine might be about over.
  23. http://www.rawstory.com/2015/05/tlc-pul ... sh-duggar/ "TLC has pulled the plug on its long-running reality show, “19 Kids and Counting,†over revelations that stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up their son’s molestation of his sisters and other girls. The network has canceled all airings of the program from its schedule after Josh Duggar – the eldest son of the 21-member evangelical Christian family – admitted this week to “inexcusable†actions 12 years ago, when he was a teenager."